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    First poster on LTT V 2.0
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    Swimming in my tub of posts
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    Aerospace Engineering, RCAF
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    I was born, I was a kid, I go to school
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    Intel i5-6500
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    8GB HyperX Fury DDR4-2133
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    EVGA 1060 6GB
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    NZXT S340 Black
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    750GB 7200RPM HDD
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    EVGA GQ 650w
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    LG 24' IPS 1080p
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    Intel stock cooler
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    Azio MGK1
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    Logitech Gaming g402
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    HyperX Cloud Core
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    Windows 10

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  1. Clanscorpia

    Scrapyard Ward 9

    My guess is after the Christmas season.
  2. Of course, but you saying $21 threw your argument off.
  3. then why would you want to work for a small buisness? Whats the point if you know you'll get paid less. Of course 7.25 is too low, but 21? Thats ridiculous. Increasing ours by 30% had a big impact on growth in Ontario. I couldnt imagine a 200% increase.
  4. No, just... no. Living wage is 18.21 Canadian in Toronto. If you cant afford to live in a big city dont live there. 21 dollars an hour is absolutely abhorrent. My grandpas butcher shop almost closed down when our minimum wage was hiked to 14 dollars, I couldnt imagine what would happen to small business if it was hiked to 27. It's like people want corporatism
  5. https://www.theverge.com/2018/4/16/17243026/amazon-warehouse-jobs-worker-conditions-bathroom-breaks
  6. Clanscorpia

    Techquickie idea- why linus wears sandals with socks.

    https://www.adidas.com/us/ultraboost-ultraboost_uncaged You can loosen these and just slip them on no problem, and theyll be the most comfortable shoes youve ever worn
  7. Clanscorpia

    Techquickie idea- why linus wears sandals with socks.

    Why not just get a decent pair of highly breathable running shoes, which almost always have a more comfortable sole.
  8. Clanscorpia

    14 or 15 inch Notebook

    Just tell her its 15 inch
  9. Clanscorpia

    Battlefield V

    This is the time to buy EA stocks. If I had real money and not just money in my practice account I would totally buy shares now. Theyre at a 1 year low and will almost surely go back up after the release
  10. Clanscorpia

    [Non-Tech News] Louis Rossmann injured in Accident

    The bad part about that speed is bikers start swerving in and out of traffic though, and that where a lot of accidents happen.
  11. Clanscorpia

    [Non-Tech News] Louis Rossmann injured in Accident

    It is over in america where the majority of city roads have no space for a biker. Think of it like a highway. A car going 80 in a 100 zone is a lot easier to pass then a car going 40 in the same zone. Traffic just runs a hell of a lot smoother
  12. Clanscorpia

    [Non-Tech News] Louis Rossmann injured in Accident

    Theres definitely some like that but the small bike seat is definitely there for a reason. The problem with people going slow is they do get in the way. Most roads only have space for a car and maybe a bike and a slow biker just completely holds traffic up, and in my experience is much more unpredictable that a biker that is going a reasonable speed.
  13. Clanscorpia

    [Non-Tech News] Louis Rossmann injured in Accident

    I just had to reply to this. The reason is that there should be almost no weight on the seat. If the seat hurts your crotch its not in the right spot. Ideally you shouldnt feel any pressure from the seats. The padding in the shorts is usually very minimal compared to a padded bike seat. and properly conforms to the body unlike a padded bike seat, which are usually so big you have improper form. As I biker myself I honestly hate bikers on the road. The majority are either idiots who should be walking instead of biking because they go so slow on the road. Or entitled roadies that group up and take up literally the whole road, which is illegal in most jurisdictions. And the bikers who swerve though traffic and run reds are the absolute worst. Honestly there should be a license for being able to bike on a public road. It would solve a ton of problems with people who dont know what theyre doing and dont respect the law. There really needs to be rules about aptitude too. If you cant keep a solid 20 km/h on the average flat city road you really shouldnt be biking on it
  14. Youre promoting small business in one comment then saying something that is detrimental to it in another. I work for 2 small family owned business and they've both suffered heavily from the wage hike here.