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  1. Rant: Watch Collecting

    Its because they dont know if youre just checking the time or not. Its not the fact that you are doing it, its that you might be doing it.
  2. Rant: Watch Collecting

    I dont think its the whole checking the time thing, but the fact that a lot of people when checking the time on their phones will drift off and look at other things. In something like a buisness meeting, many would find it very unprofessional
  3. Rant: Watch Collecting

    Because checking the time on a watch is much more proffesional then pulling out a phone
  4. Sure its unethical but that doesnt mean they shouldnt be allowed. Lots of things are unethical but that doesnt mean they should be illegal because it might not be unethical to everyone or for every case. And its not that its not allowed they just dont do it.
  5. Okay... And why is that a reason to ban it? If you dont agree with it dont buy it
  6. Why? Whats the purpose of banning an item you dont like
  7. Why would you ban them? Its not like preordering hurt anyone. Why get the government involved into something it doesnt need to be? Like seriously, what benefit comes from the government banning preorders.
  8. This is the key thing many people are missing here. It is a private service. You have no right in the Constitution to have access to an ISP, as you said, its just a service. While I dont agree with ISPs limiting content at all, they are a private business supplying a private service that you pay for, something you dont have the right to.
  9. Flying car named "Blackfly" a game changer?

    The difference between the US and Europe is the distance the trains are taking. The US is only slightly smaller than the continent of Europe, meaning the trains are going much much greater distances. You also have to take into consideration where the population is. On both sides of the US theyre generally in between mountains and the ocean, with little room to grow except up. This means putting trains in is almost impossible because of space limitations. Same thing on the west coast, where there is huge spans of mountains separating everything
  10. Flying car named "Blackfly" a game changer?

    Because the geography of the US makes is literally impossible to do, and the fact that it would cost trillions on trillions of dollars to route it in a way that didn't destroy property in the process
  11. Why do people buy iPhones?

    Because not everyone wants to customize their phone. I thought I'd want to change everything, but really everything is so much easier when it just works, and it works amazing. Sure theres a few flaws, but considering I used my iPhone 4S up until 6 months ago, those flaws are a lot less apparent then a Samsung phone from the same time. The camera thing is also quite true if you go back a few years, which most people are at unless youre rich. My friend has an S7, and his photos look god awful compared to the camera in my 6s. iPhone cameras are very forgiving, and make life very easy. Apple just works, and thats why everyone who has no interest in diving deep into their phones gets one. Also the thing about specs... it really doesnt matter with an iPhone, because everything is so well optimized, you dont need to throw in 6 gigs of RAM because you'd never use it, and the iPhones have never been generations behind Androids, with the only real reason being the different release cycle between them.
  12. The whole point isn't that it doesn't limit things, its the aftermath of the war and the consequences that would come with them. A country isn't stopped right when it break the convention, it's the aftermath that causes actual impact. There's a reason there's such a massive reaction to any use of chemical weapons. Any formal breaking of international law would cripple any country like China that is still trying to get a hand in the world stage. The US has never technically violated the Geneva convention. China using a weapon that purposefully blinded people would get a very harsh reaction.
  13. Because China is a permanent member of the UN security council, they have a veto on any type of military action the UN might take. Basically they can shut down anything that happens in the UN that has to do with the military. You might remember Russia using this power when the UN was going to take action in Crimea. They would lose this power which is a huge asset. The Treaty of Versailles ruined post war Germany, making them pay extreme debts, and limiting any type of economic activity they might try. China would surely lose their spot as one of the top economies in the world with the amount of sanctions that would be against it for breaking such a universally accepted treaty.
  14. Violating the Geneva Convention would also mean extreme post war retaliation, likely far worse than the Treaty of Versailles to Germany. Because they are international law, they'd be extremely strict about it, and likely strip all of Chinas advantages in the UN such as being a permanent member of the UN security council.
  15. Dudeeee how far were you digging lmao