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    Insert Cheesy Quote Here

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    New England, USA
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    Music Production, and Lights!
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    Music Production


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    i5 4440 @3.2ghz
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    MSI Z97 SLI Krait Eddition
  • RAM
    24gb DDR3 1600 2x4+2x8
  • GPU
    XFX Amd Radeon R9 270X
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    Thermaltake Chaser A31
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    2x Samsung 850 Evo 128gb
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    Raidmax Vampire 700W 80+ Gold
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    3x 24inch 1080p Westinghouse TVs
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    Corsair K70 RGB
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    Logitech G502
  • Sound
    Logitech z603
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    Windows 10
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  1. TheNuzziNuzz

    LED strips count as peripherals, right?

    Yes. I use these kinds of strips all the time. You can buy ends for them too if you wanted to attach pins to the side you cut.
  2. TheNuzziNuzz

    Help with creating Raid

    There was an incredible deal on 860 evos. I got 2 1tbs for $130 each and a 500gb one. See i currently have a 500gb 860 evo im booting windows on. I have a 1tb hard disk for all my games and media alike. The idea was to boot of a 1tb and create a stripped array in windows with my current 500gb drive and the new one, and put the extra 1tb in another computer of mine desperate for an upgrade. However i'm wondering if I should get more SSDs, and debating what raid array makes the most sense. Without a raid card, would it be possible to raid 0 two SSDs and then Raid 1 the Raid 0 and the tb hard disk to help with the reliability of raid 0? Or do I need another 1tb HDD so I have four disks? I really have no idea so i'm all ears. Should I get a raid card? Is it worth booting windows 10 on a stripped SSD raid? Also, my workload for the drives includes a few games, my music production files (All syncing with the cloud), and a cache to hold and edit media with adobe off of before I send them to cloud and delete them locally.
  3. I have a Moto X Pure edition. The LCD is perfect, however the glass is significantly damaged the the touch screen does not work around the cracks. The majority of the touch still works and the phone is still usable. I have anew phone on the way, but I wan't to make this one work again if I can. Thanks for your help. I've looked through many different options on amazon and I don't know what to pick. Do I really need a new LCD if mine is fine? and I imagine i need a new Digitizer but since most the screen still works could it just be the glass?
  4. In store purchases, and my friends and I send each other memes with it, they will be disjointed to find out I can't anymore. I guess what I'm asking is which is more bang for the buck, Pocophone or Oneplus 6T
  5. Just found out it doesn't have NFC, that would be an adjustment to live without. Hmmm
  6. What do I loose on the Pocophone compared to Oneplus 6/6T?
  7. How does it compare to Oneplus?
  8. I currently have a Moto X Pure eddition. I've had this model for almost four years. The $350 phone plus the $50 outstanding warranty has stuck with me through three replacements all covered in warranty. This means I've had three completely separate moto X Pure's for $400 in the last four years. I absolutely love this phone, and its very difficult to consider something new. I have yet to find a phone that at the same price has both a beautiful screen, duel speakers, the incredible warranty, and so much more. But recently, the X has not been keeping up. Apps crash constantly, things are getting less stable. I havn't been getting security updates and i'm missing the latest features of android. Battery life sucks, and the phone can't do more than one thing at once. The turning point was today, I was tyring to listen to music at the same time as using Google maps to go home, and I had to pull over three times to restart the phone because google maps kept freezing. TLDR, every app constantly starts to crash and nothing works its very very annoying. I've already tried rooting, custom roms, tweaks, resets, everything. ANd its got me about an extra year out of this phone.. But its time is coming... I wan't an upgrade, but I want one that's as practical as this phone was. THe closest i've come is the Oneplus 6t, but i'm hesitant at the over $600 price after warranty for the base model! I'd love to pay for something that's worth it, but $600 is 1/4 of what my car cost.. Anyway, I think I got a really good deal on the X, and I get that i'm probably never going to get that again, so any advice? Thank you for your help, and sorry motorola but its just not okay to not have a fingerprint sensor going into 2019.
  9. TheNuzziNuzz

    Making disk raid array as fast as SSDs

    The free server has 2012, what would the benefit of buying 2016 be?
  10. TheNuzziNuzz

    Making disk raid array as fast as SSDs

    Yes I understand that, I do have other backups physically elsewhere. Tbh i don't think ill have to worry about more than one disk failing at a time. So now I am leaning towards raid 5. What do you mean "Parity raids are muich hardware on disks"? Windows server 2012. I don't know the hardware for sure yet because I may be receiving a used server from a company. The server is mine, the company just doesnt need it anymore, long story. If I don't get that server ill be buying a new one that fits my needs so I am not worrying about how many drives I can fit. Budget is as much as a need, but not overkill.
  11. TheNuzziNuzz

    Making disk raid array as fast as SSDs

    Okay. How will that effect reliability?
  12. TheNuzziNuzz

    Making disk raid array as fast as SSDs

    I am planning to do a raid 10
  13. TheNuzziNuzz

    Making disk raid array as fast as SSDs

    Gigabit is only 125mbps, I am looking for 500
  14. TheNuzziNuzz

    Making disk raid array as fast as SSDs

    I have Cat5e throughout my house, I have a 10gig switch and network cards.
  15. TheNuzziNuzz

    Making disk raid array as fast as SSDs

    I have a windows server. At the moment my plan is to put 4 180mbps HDDs in software raid 10, share it as network drive.