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  1. I think I have discovered my issue. I am running a fairly old and cheap WIFI card (Asus PCE-N15). I turned off WIFI and my computer ran like a gem and LatencyMon showed now issues at all. I think its time to upgrade my WIFI card.
  2. I was reading through that other thread and ran the test they were discussing before I went through the hassle of another windows install and this is the result I got from that latencyMon. It was running perfectly fine until a stutter happened and then it crapped its self. I have disables armoury crate but it does seem to be a driver issue as you mentioned?
  3. Hi thanks for the reply. I'll definitely disable Armoury Crate. With the automatic drivers will that impact any of my peripherals?
  4. I just ran 2 graphic benchmarks on Civ 6 aswell to and ive attatched them Benchmark-20200107-232632.csvBenchmark-20200107-232420.csv
  5. So about a month ago I upgraded my computer from an I5 to an I9. It worked perfectly fine for a couple of days and then started stuttering randomly during games and while idling and just moving the mouse around. I fixed it this time by updating my Bios as I had an over voltage error because I have a 9900KS and my motherboards bios was dated before the launch. PC has been fine for quite some time now and just recently in the past couple of days the stuttering has returned. Windows is up to date, NVIDIA drivers are up to date and my bios is up to date. When I play MW I have it running at 144hz and it dips down to around 132hz. But when it dips its like one of the frames fully freezes for a little bit. I also have my CPU and GPU times displayed and I have noticed that when it stutters my CPU time goes from 4ms to 5ms-6ms. When it stutters my audio also has a hiccup too. It also happens in GTA V but i dont have any stats for that game. I had my task manager up and looking at my logical processors and one of them seems to jump up to around 80% usage when it happens while running MW. I know its not a thermal problem aswell as I used an application to monitor the temps while I was gaming and they were very low temperatures. Here the things I have tried and tested: 1. Used the ram diagnostic tool to see if it was my ram 2. I have trend micro and ran a full anti virus scan 3. Reinstalled windows since rebuild and reset windows once 4. Reset CMOS multiple times 5. Disconnected my hard drive and only booted with my SSDs 6. Ran crystaldisk and everything is good 7. Disabled windows Game bar overlay thing Problems still persist. I hate to say it but I'm at the point of taking it into a computer store and getting them to fix it My specs: CPU - 9900KS (Triple Fan thermaltake AIO water Cooler) GPU - MSI 2080 Trio Ram - Corsair Vengence 32GB 3200Mhz Motherboard - Asus rog maximus xi hero SSD - 240GB Kingston M.2 SSD - Crucial 500GB HDD - 1TB Baracuda I also have a PCIE Wifi card and Elgato HD60 Pro
  6. My point isn't about the quality or anything like that but the fast that Apple is charging like 1000% more when the most used component isn't top of the line. I'm just disappointed
  7. These are just rumours at the moments so take them as a grain of salt So I just read a post put out my 7NEWS Melbourne (I'm in australia) about leaked iPhone stuff blah blah. I went down to the specs to have a look at the "Next Generation" to find ANOTHER LCD DISPLAY ON A FLAGSHIP DEVICE? I mean this triggers me if it is true just based off the fact that companies like Samsung are getting OLED screen in a $199AUD (A20) phone?Like how is apple not being scolded by everyone about this? PS. I'm not an apple user and am not in this for an apple vs android war just some reasons as to why you guys think that Apple thought this was a good idea.
  8. I just realised what sort of video watching sites existed, but I was referring to YouTube and Netflix ???. Thanks for the response
  9. So there has been quite a few posts about this but I can't seem to find the answer to my biggest question, what happens with watching videos on chrome when it becomes unsupported, from my understanding it requires flash player?? ps. I know next to nothing about html and how adobe flash player works Thank in advance guys!
  10. What software do you use to do that because my fan control in my bios is very restrictive and doesn't have an option for 'turn off until _' and the lowest I can set them to is 50% @ 40C. There is a grey square which I have no control over which I'm assuming is the below the bottom one I set and it is stuck at 60%
  11. So when I remove the fan splitter and just have my CPU cooler and the 2 other fans they all run normally? Could this be that the Fan Splitter is not PWM? I also changed the fan curve so that is more liner and not as aggressive and it didn't fix change anything
  12. Not too sure how to use this software but AUXTIN2 is a bit of an anomaly?
  13. What should an ideal fan curve look like?
  14. Hi, So I just upgraded my system fans to Corsair ML120 Pro Blue and they are running very loudly. I did some research and adjusted my smart fan mode rpm%s and the fans are still running at 1400RPM my other system fans and CPU fans are running between 600-800 rpm. I have 4 system fans and 3 motherboard headers. One of the ML120 fans is on a splitter with the cooler master fan and the cooler master fan is running fine. Can anyone offer a solution so that they run at a lower RPM? Specs CPU - I5 4690K GPU - MSI RTX2080 Trio Fans - ML120 pro, (and a bitfenix and coolermaster fan that I'm not sure what the name is) Mobo - MSI M Power Z97