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  1. the one thing Apple will always do better than android. androids greatest feature is its biggest flaw. its too customizable to be optimized to apple levels apple products are optimized and made to be as user-friendly as possible
  2. its 30 bucks(30 bucks USD) on Steam and 2 copies would be 60 bucks USD maybe key sites like g2a(personally i wouldn't use it though as they have questionable business choices)
  3. from the looks of it, you aren't asking for a cpu just asking what do you think will be better so just wait for benchmarks
  4. I believe you guys are being very misleading It is not guaranteed he can overclock it as high as an 1800x That's the wonder of silicon valley everyone's mileage may vary So it's not guaranteed and even if it does work he may have to put the voltage very high and get a better cooler.
  5. I say GPU. But you should wait for the prices to drop again if you want to play native gsync 165hz you r gonna have to lower settings by a considerable amount but just save up and buy them both at the same time(or just wait for a sale on either one) buying that monitor and using a 780 is a waste of the monitors potential because you will have to compromise a lot to get the results you want from a monitor like that. Upgrading the GPU is a waste of the GPU's potential as the 1080 TI will literally wreck any game of today no problem but the 1080 TI should be able to handle that monitor very well though to keep it at a constant 165hz at 1440p with gsync will be very hard so most likely you won't be able to max out every game and get the most out of your monitor on triple a games
  6. "don't overclock it to avoid overheating" -Intel
  7. yo, pass me the good shit you're smoking dude. Where do I find your dealer?
  8. has equal or more power than a gtx 650 but doesn't require extra power for 30 euros? thats gonna be hard good luck on that
  9. personally imo x299 is shit(like wtf was intel thinking) I don't support their business practices. and Ryzen is good and you don't have all the stupid things that x299 has so I say Ryzen But honestly I don't know atm which one will have the better upgrade path I can't predict the future so yeah
  10. ebay if your careful r/hardwareswap classifieds on forums like this one we do have a classifieds btw
  11. intel's late to the party AMD Ryzen brought the 8c-era intel mayhave had good 8 cores at first but those cost too much AMD brought 8 cores to the mainstream
  12. yes I'll be using it to buy battleblock theatre and castle crashers so me and my friend can jam during the summer
  13. hold your horses my dude quote from the website thats for amd frontier you know their super expensive vega cards that are supposed to compete with nvidia equivalent(I cant remember at the moment) "As for the power consumption, I don’t think anyone expected it to be lower than Frontier’s, which has a board power of 300W (air-cooled) or 375W (liquid edition)." here a link to amd frontier http://pro.radeon.com/en-us/frontier/
  14. will slick ever come back to host I really liked him and you linus also have you ever thought about having a whole range of hosts? I know you might get some backlash but having alot more people host would be a nice change from linus and weird thumbnails Also whenever brandon hosts a video its so crispy(you need more of that) I mean technically having taran for the bike videos brandon for like 1 camera vid every like year and edzel randomly is a thing but I would like more of a rotating cast of hosts I guess(I also want slick back)
  15. i meant gpu when i said card but yeah it doesnt have to be the same exact card
  16. no you can only crossfire with the same card so no you can't you could do 2 r9 380's or 2 r9 290's if you really wanted to
  17. deport dennis before you leave berkel