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    royalba94 got a reaction from TheRandomness in M.2 M-key to PCIe x4 adapters?   
    Sweet, thanks for the verification!
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    royalba94 reacted to TheRandomness in M.2 M-key to PCIe x4 adapters?   
    Nope. I'm currently using it with a graphics card, and it's working just fine With a riser too, of course.
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    royalba94 reacted to Slottr in Useful less known programs   
    I'd like to add "search everything"
    Super quick search function for windows - incredibly faster than windows explorer. 
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    royalba94 got a reaction from Slazyel in Best bang for the buck monitor (4K vs 144hz ultrawide)   
    You'll probably be pretty happy with the Ultrawide that you listed, esp. since it's got the higher refresh rate and freesync which will be nice for gaming since your card can take advantage of them
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    royalba94 reacted to jones177 in Best bang for the buck monitor (4K vs 144hz ultrawide)   
    For your card the Ultrawide would be better but I think you would enjoy a 3440X1440 100hz monitor more.
    Vega 56 = GTX 1080. My GTX 1080 was a poor 4k card. 60fps was not reachable with high quality settings. The games look better at 1440 ultra. I can only recommend a GTX 1080 ti or better for 4k gaming. 
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    royalba94 reacted to Slazyel in Best bang for the buck monitor (4K vs 144hz ultrawide)   
    Thank you guys ^^
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    royalba94 got a reaction from Slazyel in Best bang for the buck monitor (4K vs 144hz ultrawide)   
    Based on those 3 choices personally I'd probably go for the 32in 4K one.
    BUT having said that I would definitely recommend looking into a 3440x1440 34"+ ultrawide - I've got the Acer x34 myself and I love it
    if there isn't a higher resolution ultrawide in your price range (seems like LG might have some options) then since it's mainly gaming it'd be worth considering the ultrawide - personally I prefer a bit denser PPI on my monitors tho.
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    royalba94 reacted to Ashley xD in making a server out of my old pc   
    for file server use you might want to run Linux... just because Linux won't reboot your pc without your permission like Windows does. i don't think anyone wants a file server to restart on it's own...
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    royalba94 got a reaction from that1shyguy in Inaccessible boot device   
    Sounds like the boot partition/section on the drive got corrupted to me - has happened a few times when I'm building systems and the only fix I've done is a new windows install/clone.
    If you have data (documents etc.) you want to keep from it I'd plug it into another computer and copy it off to another drive first and then do a full clean install just for completeness sake.
    Good luck!
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    royalba94 reacted to Blasteque in still severe lack of 4k monitors in 21-23 inch size range.   
    Have you considered mounting the monitor on the VESA mount and not using the stand?  Most 27" monitors are less than 16" high without the stand.  I picked this at random from Newegg:
    Without stand it's only 15" tall.  Obviously, it depends on where your monitor space is relative to you as to whether this will work or not.  Just something to consider if you haven't thought of it yet.
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    royalba94 reacted to TVwazhere in 1 pair of headphones, 1 mic, 3 devices   
    I'm using this mixer right now. I do not recommend it.

    There's no ground. Occasional static occurs in the ear pieces. Output is Mono, only going to the left channel/earpiece. This is okay for me since I'm listening to a podcast on my phone (which is the same audio in both ears) and PC sounds (like notifications for emails) but for anything else, it's not great. (I've tested the cables and the 1/4" to 3.5mm jacks, it's not those) It has a lot of potential but falls short.  
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    royalba94 reacted to FRNND_P in 1 pair of headphones, 1 mic, 3 devices   
    Thanks for all your help, the devices are a PC, PS4 and a Nintendo Switch, for the consoles I intent to use an 3.5 to usb adapter and for PC just the 3.5 plugs, the headphone amp just looked like it received 1 and out puts up to 4, besides cheap i would like to keep the set up simple, if possible of course, also for the mic I don't really intend to use a mic to output on all 3 at the same time, I just want an easy way to switch between all 3
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    royalba94 reacted to Jurrunio in Memory Lanes and Motherboards - Need Help for a new rig for school!   
    doubt it. currently the 16core 1950X cost $712 while 12 core 7920x (I want to compare with 7900x, but prices of that seems to have gone mental) cost $1000. If i9s will be 'cheap', Threadripper will be 'cheaper'. Intel just won't win the battle of computing power for your money. That's why the only situation you should go for Intel is that your apps run well with Intel and badly on Ryzen.
    Threadripper all get 64 PCIe lanes while Intel only offers 28 on Skylake-X i7s and 44 on the i9s. Can be useful when you have more of these PCIe cards
    Oh, and X299 boards dont support Xeons on the same 2066 socket. You can forget about getting cheap or super high core count Xeons like on X99
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    royalba94 got a reaction from Locke434 in Memory Lanes and Motherboards - Need Help for a new rig for school!   
    Out of AM4 vs 2066 I'd definitely go 2066 in your case as there are more PCIe lanes and everything.
    I see no problem running dual channel and then adding a couple more sticks later on.
    yes - Depends on the timings, you want low CAS latency combined with high MHz, a lot of the time the "faster" sets will have higher MHz but also higher CAS latency which essentially makes them the same speed as "slower" MHz sets with lower latecy. back when I got my ram I settled for DDR4 3000 with CL14 as the best speed for the money - You'll probably be fine with 32GB unless your audio application uses a lot of RAM.
    If you're looking at a high end board and want to use so many PCIe devices then I'd actually steer you towards a board like the ASUS X299 WS SAGE since it's got 7x PCIe slots which you could use later on if you did end up watercooling the RAID and GPU to make them single-slot. it also has a Thunderbolt header if you want to add a Thunderbolt add-in card. (it does have one type-c port like your current mobo - it's USB 3.1 gen2 like yours. I you most likely have no use for actual thunderbolt ports currently)
    Also using this board you for the most part won't have to worry about things like SATA ports being disabled because of the onboard PLX chip. I'd still recommend getting a 44-lane CPU tho eventually.
    I've loved having an NVME drive as my OS drive so I'd go for the NVME drives. I'd probably keep the RAID card though and still use those other drives for a quick scratch drive in adobe or something tho.
    I agree. However some brief research into the programs he'll be using (thx to Puget Systems) they do tend to favor higher frequency/IPC rather than just more cores so he might actually benefit more from X299 for the faster speeds.
    As Sakkura mentioned there is not Thunderbolt currently available on TR4 but I don't think that would be a big deal as he's likely not using it currently (his current mobo doesn't have it)
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    royalba94 reacted to WereCat in Memory Lanes and Motherboards - Need Help for a new rig for school!   
    DIY Thunderbolt on TR... 
    But I am not aware of any x399 boards with a Thunderbolt port
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    royalba94 reacted to Electronics Wizardy in Memory Lanes and Motherboards - Need Help for a new rig for school!   
    Rember you also need backups, raid can still have data loss
    nvme can be much faster than any sata drive raid array, Id go nvme here.
    If you want thunderbolt go 2066 and get a card.
    You don't seem to need too much cpu power, so dual channel will be fine for now and you can upgrade later. Id probably go 2x8gb if you plan to upgrade soon.
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    royalba94 reacted to Jurrunio in Memory Lanes and Motherboards - Need Help for a new rig for school!   
    hmm what "homework" are we talkling about? though your other stuff is reaching pro level.
    Actually going 2066 just for the sake of reusing the cooler is a super bad idea. TR4 stuff cost so much less than 2066 (of comparable performance), it will more than compensate for a new cooler.
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    royalba94 reacted to Den-Fi in Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!   
    Test Lab Setup:
    QNAP TS-431XeU w/ 4x Seagate Ironwolf 8TBs
    Asus 1U rack server
    Unifi 24 Port PoE Switch
    Unifi 16 Port XG 10GBe Switch
    Unifi USG Pro 4
    Cyberpower 700VA
    I have a 10in monitor that's going in the empty space at the top of the rack for diagnostics when needed.
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    royalba94 reacted to Slottr in 144hz and 60hz dual monitor setup   
    You'll be fine
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    royalba94 reacted to RumSwift in help me to find an good monitor please   
    Good choice.
    Although if you're willing to sacrifice the 4K you could go a step down and go for the PG279Q. Saves a lot of money for the sake of it.
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    royalba94 reacted to MaratM in Options for watercooling Zotac 980ti Amp! extreme?   
    What about traiging zotac for FE 980ti and get a waterblock for 980ti there are plenty of them on ebay
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    royalba94 got a reaction from Lord_Karango17 in rm650x cables on cx750m?   
    This should help you out: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gmcJhcKG7-YQLi7PTewGQpco9dpk61m_3pu2tyl2TTk/edit#gid=1029128925
    Got it from Reddit and the pretty sure the user said its from Corsair: 
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    royalba94 got a reaction from Damascus in 180mm series rad performance vs 120mm series rads   
    I like the way you think
    We'll see if I can pull it off
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    royalba94 got a reaction from Damascus in 180mm series rad performance vs 120mm series rads   
    ModMyMods has pretty much all of these I think.
    EK sells some 180mm series rads (used to sell fans too) on their site
    Alphacool and Hardwarelabs both have 92mm and 80mm series rads on their sites as well
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    royalba94 got a reaction from rjfaber91 in [CIP] Black Matter   
    all your image links on the second post show up broken