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  1. So I just finished my upgrade and platform switch from my R3 1200 to the i3-9100f earlier today, was so frustrated that my ingame FPS actually worsened after the switch, decided to reinstall Windows even though I was cynical about it,never thought it would actually do anything (or at least very little) MY FPS DOUBLED LOL
  2. Thinking it might be a year or two before I could afford paying for the data recovery, thanks for the information!
  3. Hey, so my hard drives broke recently and I had a data recovery company check how much it would cost me to recover the data off them and it's quite expensive, so I'm storing my hard drives for now. Would leaving them in storage for a long time reduce the chance of a successful recovery?
  4. Update: there's almost no ant left in / on the hard drive from what I can see, it seems like they have sent / hatched male / female winged ants to breed and find a new nest (from what I watched in an ant documentary, that's what they do) The winged ants can be seen hanging around on my 2nd monitor here I still can't go to a hard drive repair center / service because it's sunday, but I've prepared my hard drives to be brought there
  5. I was surprised myself lol, it's a hard drive that's been running in my PC for a few months now, but the ants weren't there when I moved it to a new case about a month ago. The ants are leaving the hard drive in drove now that I disconnected it, probably because the temperature dropped after I disconnected it
  6. Damn is it possible that they didn't get to the platter and just the outer casing which contains the other things?
  7. I'm not sure how this happened, I totally never ate ontop of my PC but there are ants inside my hard drive for some reason. https://gyazo.com/18abd4732d408d7b6a8c8021f8d7bde4 So earlier today 2 of my drives broke, I thought it was caused by a cleaner guy who was cleaning my room yesterday, and that he tried to tilt the PC to clean the floor underneath and put it back too hard or something. I'm not ruling that possibility out, but now that I see the ants I'm hoping it's the ants and not the cleaner guy (I'm assuming the ants just ate out the cabling and caused mechanical failure, and that the platter is still ok, compared to impact damage by the cleaner guy which might damage the platter) What do you guys think?
  8. I never said I'm glad about his stance, opinions or views on everything, just this particular issue, which is quite clear from his actions and how he talked about it. Perhaps my wording wasn't explicit enough when talking about it, if it wasn't then I'm sorry for the confusion
  9. Honestly, I wouldn't. But the way he talked about the issue in the video indicated that he's a moderate or neutral and that he's against censorship (or big companies monopolizing the marketplace which are used by certain entities to effectively censor opposing opinions), which is what I'm referring to when I said I'm glad that he's willing to take a stance. It's around 25:50 in the video after he put on a recent video by Jordan Peterson
  10. I assume talking about the issues is what he meant by his "political views" (I could be wrong though) but people do tend to draw parallels between people's stances on things with their political leanings, so even just focusing on the issues and having a stance on them is almost synonymous with preferring certain political side these days, at least to my understanding. Edit: I don't necessarily see it that way, but I think a lot of people do. Edit 2: Picturing Linus dressing smart like Steve Jobs for the cover of his book
  11. So I just watched LTT's Jan 4 2019 Livestream and was very pleasantly surprised that Linus is willing to take a stance on an ongoing cultural and political fiasco against entities (don't want to name names for those who might not know what I'm talking about and don't want to know or have anything to do about it) who, in the pursue of their interests, might directly or indirectly, voluntarily or involuntarily, hinder people's freedom of expression (among other things) There's just so many layers to this whole ordeal, and I'm not gonna talk about all of it here, if you really don't want to know or have anything to do with it you can stop reading here. I mostly don't want to have anything to do with politics myself but a lot of people are basically forced to, because the thing is there are people out there who label even those who are politically neutral as things that they are not just because they don't agree with their obvious, blatant political agendas (Battlefield fans and gamers who are labeled "Sexists" and "Racists" just because they don't like BFV, for example, among many other fandoms and not just in gaming) These people are willing to, and have, pushed clearly dystopian means (censorship, outrage culture) and sacrifice people's freedom of expression and freedom in general to forward their political agendas. It's really scary stuff and many have been affected by it, even the types my little brother watch and no one thought might ever get entangled with politics (PewDiePie, which made him talk against them, Ninja). So when Linus is willing to talk about it (I hear this is not the first time?), even as someone who's neutral but against the dystopian things I mentioned, I'm really glad because this brings the issue to many mainstream audience who might not be aware of the very real danger of it. I've always liked Linus, I think he's pretty entertaining and knowledgeable, but this elevates him in my eyes that he's willing to take some risk and not just gonna stay silent and let the civilized world as we know it go down the drain. You can even see Luke fidgeting a bit and kinda implied and tried to advise Linus why it might be a bad idea when Linus started talking about writing a book with his political views in it, it is that scary.
  12. It's mentioned in this page https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Cases/SPEC-OMEGA-CONFIG/p/CC-9011121-WW could they possibly put the wrong specification? Edit: It seems like they confuse the 3.5 bays with the 2.5 bays there and vice cersa, nvm then, it does only have 2 HDD spots that sucks.
  13. I like the aesthetic the top of the HDD bays has this extrusion though; And the back has 3 SSD caddies but I don't see any 3.5 spot.
  14. Hey, so I'm thinking about buying this case, the website says it has 3 3.5 HDD space but I only see 2 3.5 HD bays in the case. Anyone knows where I could possibly put the third one?