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  1. Tanaz

    Omron switches rant + advice needed

    Sorry for waking this old topic up but I have some news. This issue is happening due to static electricity buildup inside the switch. It is usually caused by low humidity. I literally unplugged the mouse to use my back up and a few days later tried it out again just to see what happens .Lo and behold the mouse worked again and it worked perfectly until the weather got chilly and I had to turn my AC on. A few days went by and the problem returned. At this point I realised it simply HAD to be a non-hardware issue and I found a lot of people claiming that the omron switches suffer from this static build up and the only way to fix this is to unplug the mouse and press all the buttons in order to allow the static to discharge. After I did that my mouse worked again! Now I am almost certain that my previous mice had the same issue as well and would have probably worked had I unplugged them and let the static discharge. What a weird weird querk..
  2. Tanaz

    Omron switches rant + advice needed

    Because they advertised their "new" switches with the G900 and G502 hero that are supposed to have 50 million click durability. I fell for set advertising thinking they'd be using the Japanese omrons which they're not. It's my fault I admit and it won't happen again.
  3. Tanaz

    Omron switches rant + advice needed

    It's not a clone. They are both made by Omron but the switch itself is different. As you can see in the picture the button is metal instead of plastic and the plate beneath it is more solid. The chinese Omrons cost 1/3 of the price of the Japanese ones. I think other than the price most gaming mice are made with the chinese switch simply so they avoid shipping from Japan which would add to the cost.
  4. Tanaz

    Omron switches rant + advice needed

    Zero drops and zero harsh treatment towards mine. And usually the left click goes on mine which is particularly weird because I play MOBAs and my right click is much more abused.
  5. Tanaz

    Omron switches rant + advice needed

    https://www.aliexpress.com/item/5PCS-LOT-New-Authentic-OMRON-Mouse-Micro-Switch-D2FC-F-7N-Mouse-Button-Fretting/2026708442.html I guess that's a misprint. If you disassemble any Logitech mouse those are the switches you will find there. There's a picture of the difference inside the switch between the Japanese and Chinese ones.
  6. Tanaz

    Omron switches rant + advice needed

    Exactly right. From what I've read the Japanese Omrons are actually extremely high quality.
  7. Tanaz

    Omron switches rant + advice needed

    Just googling "logitech doubleclick" returns hundreds of support tickets to logitech and forum threads. You could say that's not an accurate measurement of percentage failed mice but it still shows it is a fairly common issue. I see you're a mouse expert I'd be really greatful if you gave me a list of mice that don't use these switches.
  8. Tanaz

    Omron switches rant + advice needed

    The sheer volume of complain threads on new Logitech mice especially is staggering. I feel like at this point a mouse costs them so little to make that they'd rather live with the costs of replacement mice than improve the quality. I think the ROG mouse that has the hotswappable switches + a bag full of switches is my most reasonable choice at this point.
  9. I've gone through 500 dollars worth of Logitech mice in the past year and a half.Two G900s, G403 and a G502 hero. Always the same issues : doubleclicking, switches getting soft and less crisp and overall switch quality is idiotic. I've exchanged more messages with Logitech customer support than I had with my highschool crush. Please for the love of god I need someone to give me a list of quality mice that do not use these terrible switches. I will not give any more money to Logitech just to be sold hot garbage. I've tried googling " mice that don't use omron switches" but it doesn't seem to help. Any ideas?
  10. WOW.What a douche move xD.Well I am never buying an enthusiast laptop ever I guess until some kind of standard has been set for upgrade paths it is a hefty investment that would make me feel that I'm losing A LOT of money every day.Anyhow, thanks for the quick answer.
  11. What I'm mainly interested in is what happens to all the GT80 owners?As far as I can remember in Linus's original review of the GT80 he stated that it will recieve hardware upgrades within the next few generations of GPU's.Looking at how different the new one looks internally makes me wonder what will happen to the few who had the crap ton of money to spent on the original model and now are stuck with 980's inside.If there isn't an upgrade path that would be pretty scummy of MSI imo.What do you guys think?Anyone actually own this beast?
  12. I have a two monitor setup.The primary is a 1440p 165hz 27 inch Acer connected via DP and the secondary is a 1080p Hp 60hz monitor via HDMI) on my gtx 1080sc.The problem appears when I view flash content or online video content on my secondary monitor.For example when I scroll through facebook or twitter and an auto-play video is in my feed my monitor blinks black as if it turns off and on again.This happens only on the secondary monitor and only in those specific situations but since that's almost all I use it for (internet browsing,watching streams etc) it is incredibly annoying and I can not seem to find the issue.I tried different HDMI cable but there was no difference.I am running Windows 10 with the latest Nvidia Graphics Drivers.Also I have no problems in Microsoft Edge. It's only a Chrome issue but I can't find why it's freaking out.If anyone has any clue.If anyone has had this experience and fixed it please feel free to enlighten me.Thanks! edit:As it turns out it is actually a Chrome bug with smooth scrolling. I went to chrome://flags/#smooth-scrolling , disabled it and it doesn't bug out anymore.It's kinda sad that the most popular browser has as significant of a bug. edit2:It is fixed when I scroll but it still bugs out when I close a tab.So annoying.
  13. Tanaz

    Monitor £700

    I have THIS baby and it's the best damn purchase of my life.1440p is the sweetspot for quality gaming while keeping consistent FPS and the 165hz+ ultra low response time make my 75hz laptop monitor look like it's lagging.Also it's 100% sRGB so it's good for creative work. edit:Oh snap you have an AMD card so G-Sync would be useless on you.THIS is for you sir.
  14. So I just bought a 24 inch 1080p monitor and I put it next to my 27 inch 1440p in an effort to extend the displays so I can game on the primary ( 1440p) and watch multimedia on the secondary.The problem is that when I move windows or apps from one display to the other they appear much larger on the 1080p because of the resolution.Is there anyway to make things smaller on the 1080p display?I'm using Windows 10 and it seems like there's only the option to enlarge stuff.I've tried setting custom 1440p resolution on the 1080p monitor but as most of you might guess that didn't turn out well and it looked fuzzy as f..k.Any ideas/suggestions?
  15. And many people have complained on the Nvidia forums but it's deserted there almost nobody responds so I decided to take my business to the Linus community in hope that someone has fixed the issue for themselves.I still blame it on Chrome and something deep inside it's code but it's a very specific situation running a gaming laptop with an external 1440p monitor so I doubt google will try to fix it anytime soon.BTW I have reinstalled windows after I bought my monitor in hope that it was an OS problem but it has not worked for me.I have the feeling that 8.1 might work but I really really don't want to go back to the stupid interface.