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  1. Hi there fellow gamers. I will not waist your time so I will jump right into it. Since I have become a gamer it was hard form me to find what I would see as a practical for all my needs gaming desk. Some were too small, some too big and some just straight up too expensive, because of that I am here to design and later ship out the perfect gaming desk possible for under £200. But this is not possible without you. I have a vision on what I want the desk to look like, the dimensions and other aspects but this is only me and my, per say, selfish desire. I want to hear you, the consumers, the group of people that collectively know what suits their needs the best. So here is how you may help me to aid such "perfect" gaming desk. Referring to the desk that you are using now. What do you like about it, is it just the perfect dimensions? does it suit your height? What may be improved about it, perhaps you may not be a fan of the support beam going too close to the edge preventing stuff like arm wrests being mounted? is it just too heavy for it's size? What do you hate about it, Does it literally never have enough space no matter what you are doing on it? Did it completely bow your budget? These are the kind of questions that you may be asking yourself AND more, they sound simple and very picky, but they mean a world of a difference. Once most of them are answered they can make a huge difference and ease your day to day tasks as your desk is fitted to YOU. My original plan is to make a set of 3 pieces. The Compact, for the person that still enjoys high life on his PC but just has not enough space. The Normal, for the person that has plenty space. Last but not least The Corner, for the person that likes his games against 2 walls at once. If you have made it to the end you are a boss and I would like to thank you for reading. Leaving a comment down below about this topic which would be most appreciated and and will definitely help the development of the desk. I will do my finest to finish it as soon as possible for the general public to use but at the need of the day I need your help. I just would like to apologise for any grammar or spelling mistakes I have made in this but English is not my first language and I have never been good at it.