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  1. SpotMini reminds me a little bit too much of the robot dogs from the black mirror episode "metal head".
  2. The game list felt more like browsing through the previously used games/unsellable games sale bin rather than the "new and hot games" self.. Many recent games.. Yeah right.
  3. I second that. I've managed to play AAA-titles on ultra settings remotely with moonlight on my macbook.. Without any major issues.
  4. Cool. Can't wait to play some FPS-games with my apple TV remote. It's no fun if it's too easy right?
  5. 'Member when this thread was on topic? This thread is so off the rails the last pages are in another galaxy.
  6. Imagine if RGB wasn't the most important thing. Then we could have had a nice looking case also with a nice looking base instead of a ugly transparent plastic base! All for that maximum rgb-ness I guess.
  7. Good. But it doesn't protect people with said apps already installed. Unless they have some sort of pop up warning people that the app is transmitting data to third parties without consent? But I digress. It's a good move.
  8. Not true here in Sweden. Apart from a small "startup" fee (around $25) you pay the exact same amount for a 6/12/24 month plan as you would if you payed upfront. With my lcarrier I even managed to pay $200 less for my last phone with my 24 month plan.
  9. I know. But yeah I have a vague recollection about some news story about Apple and location tracking from years ago. Can't recall the details of it or even the source. But my recollection of it was that Apple was basically tracking your every move. But it could easily be a recollection of a misinformed mornic article written by a non-techie. Anyways I tend to assume the worst about big companies, even Apple. That said even the pessimistic side of me don't believe for a second that Apple is gathering data secretly on the level of Facebook or Google.
  10. I would call the iPhone SE a middle range phone. Sure it's more than £/$/€ 150-200 but not close to £/$/€ 500. On the topic.. I don't think this is the whole truth. Somewhere there's a apple server with all my iPhone activity logged minute for minute. Right next to the Facebook, Google, Microsoft servers.
  11. Gonna be interesting to see if Arez will be rolled out or if Asus is gonna silently revert the rebranding. /tinfoil hat mode on A part of me suspect this will mean nothing more than GPP is dead on paper but in reality it's still very much alive. I mean they did come to an agreement with the big brands, I have a hard time seeing that these agreements just went out the window..
  12. Slowing down batteries? Nope. Slowing down the phone because the battery is dying to prevent unexpected shutdown? Yes.
  13. Safari is better than chrome on ios . Because chrome is a reskin of safari on iphones. I switched from safari to chrome a while ago to try out the experience. And while chrome has some nice additions it's a pretty sluggish experience. Especially swiping forward backwards between pages. Just look at the image I attached. Chrome shows a gray screen with a icon. Safari shows the actual page you were at.
  14. I don't buy the "people buy iphones for a status symbol" argument. I have no idea how the US market is tbf but here in Sweden half the people run around with an iPhone, many with current gen. Who buys something extremely common as a status symbol? Better to buy something a little more uncommon no?
  15. If the DCMA-strike was about showing an article on WAN show, or quoting said article, why haven't the people responsible for the report of this DCMA-strike sent some messages to the admins of this forum? I mean 99.9% of stuff talked about on WAN show is from posts on the forum.. If the issue would be taking away from the original article/original site imo this forum is way worse. I read most threads in here, but I rarely open the original article but instead only read the quoted pieces in the OP.
  16. Yes I read this. Best Regards The swedish Linus Yes I drop things all the time and I wear socks and flipflops way too often. Questions?
  17. Do you have a source for that? Because I find your statement to contradict everything I've ever learned about copyright laws.
  18. You are correct. Alexa is not working that well here in Europe. Atleast not in Sweden.
  19. Are we back to calling it 1180? I thought the rumors were 2080 and if I recall correctly there was also a rumor with a more confusing naming scheme similar to intels naming schemes?
  20. Hardstyle, hardcore, trance and the many subgenres within these genres. And the best festivals in the world! On topic: I bet EA and valve will just pay some fines or find a loophole. Not sure about pubg and rocket league though. Wasn't even aware you could buy things in RL but I haven't played that since the very very early days.
  21. Biggest issue with Apple music is that the desktop application is iTunes. Pretty much the worst desktop app ever created. And the ios app is not much better. If apple had invested some time to create an actual useful app to use apple music with I could see apple catch up with spotify. But as it stands it will never reach outside the apple-bubble in any significant way. And I consider myself to be almost as pro-apple as our beloved Doctor.
  22. Well one of the cards in the op is labeled arez strix. So amd will be Arez strix and nvidia will be Rog strix. From the looks of it atleast. Edit: and people in the comments on the article will be boycotting Asus......... And instead buy asrock cards. ?
  23. I think this wouldnt work as shadywebsite.org gets to store your fingerprint in a database. But rather similar as the system we already have here in Sweden. We have an app called BankID that you use to be able to sign in to most government sites, banks and the like. The standard way is that you choose to login by BankID, type in your SSN and then the server sends a request to your app promoting you to enter a six digit code. But you can also toggle a setting to instead use touch-id. The page you try to login to have no information about your passcode or touchid only that the app sends back a "Auth.ok" to the server. Much like the login by Facebook/Gmail buttons you see everywhere. This seem like the most logical way to implement this.
  24. I remember a time when the only difference between premium and free was the adds... These days the free version seems pretty awful.. But I started my premium experience almost ten years ago and have never looked back. With the introduction of the family plan it became dirt cheap, so why people still bother with the free version is beyond me.