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  1. Its obvious they ripped off Fallout Shelter and most likely looked at the code they wrote for that game. I'm just saying that the bug could very well be because the same people worked on both games. Humans makes errors and writing two pieces of code with the same logical error resulting in the same bug could very well happen. I think Bethesda will win this easy and not only because of the bug, but there is still a probability they ripped off the game without copy-pasta and re-wrote from memory, its extremely small and highly unlikely but still plausible.
  2. The westworld game wasn't released this week tho? I remember downloading it months ago and trying it out. Stopped playing after a short while when I realised it was just fallout shelter in another setting. I just checked and I can see patch notes and reviews going back to February in the iOS app store. But most games in the app store these days are just copies of other games so didn't think much of the blatant ripoff.. But if the same bug appears in the code of both apps it's likely they just copy-pasted the same code. But considering the same developers worked on both apps, it could also be that one developer actually wrote two pieces of code producing the same kind of bug. Not really likely but there is a slight possibility that happened.
  3. Hehe wiki works real fast. Only minutes after the Icelandic goalkeeper saved a penalty kick from Messi (world cup. Fotball(soccer)) someone added that information to his wiki page.
  4. Youtube autoplay makes sense compared to this. This feature of playing something as soon as you open the app seems dumb and annoying.
  5. Eh. I don't get it why would one want this autoplay feature in any app?
  6. https://thenextweb.com/eu/2018/06/20/eu-votes-for-censorship-machines-and-link-tax-what-now/ Here is an English source (the only one I could find)
  7. According to Aftonbladet(a swedish newspaper) it passed.
  8. Mexico - Germany.... what a fucking game.. Insane..


    1. FloRolf


      What was insane about it? The only insane thing was how insanely bad Germany was. Mexico had so many chances and missed almost all of them. It was a shitty game tbh. 

  9. It's not an Australian exclusive brand. I own a shit ton of various Ryobi One+ tools and I live literally on the other side of the planet.
  10. That was actually a quote from a song from an ancient wow-video (MC Raiders from illegal danish) But yeah the community these days is trash. I've been playing on and off the last ten years and it's not the same game. I believe the introduction of automatic dungeon queue+transport system, player item-level and achievements, cross-realms and even the cess pool of Looking for raid is mostly to blame. Back in the days you had a server reputation to uphold, these days it's pretty anonymous. You could spam dungeons all day and not having to actually talk to anyone apart from insulting the more inexperienced player that makes a misstake. You don't have the most bad ass raid achievement, a itemlevel 1000 levels higher than possible and try to run a level 10 dungeon? "Fuck off you pos".. This Classic wow could potentially create a more friendly community compared to the "instant gratification, rush everything and be a dick to everyone with a smaller e-peen than yours" toxic shit of community Wow has created.
  11. I know you wanna spend your weekend with 40 people you don't know and some guy named "puff" telling you what to do!
  12. No available iPhone can hold 250GB of images though. And you should be able to set a timer for when URM should kick in. Personally I would want it the same moment as my phone is locked.
  13. great game???!??!! IT WAS FUCKING INSANE! holy shit.. And yes. I follow the world cup and I'm planning to watch all the games. Missed the Egypt - Uruguay and Morocco - Iran today since my girlfriend graduated today, but other than that All the gamez!
  14. Look back to page four. Linus already made one of these videos. It's a year old now but still. LTT can't make one of these every single time someone throws around accusations.
  15. Apps must ask for a permission to your contacts before they have access that data. Personally I would never give access to my contacts but considering who has my number I'm still fucked. Good thing apple is putting a stop to this at least. Also it's not that far fetched to belive that Google play store apps are able to do the same thing. So we are all fucked iPhone and Android users alike!
  16. Time for the world cup! Yay! 

    1. Canada EH

      Canada EH

      never liked soccer, but I will drink to anything ;)

    2. Cheezdoodlez


      Well let me tell you a secret. Nobody likes watching fotball.. It's just an excuse to drink ;)


      So I would recommend you to start practicing your fake enthusiasm, some fotball terms and stock up on beer! It's gonna be a great month!


      Missed some great Putin moments today! :P 

  17. Remember the small "we use cookies" pop ups? I used to be annoyed by those. But now I miss them. The GDPR pop-ups are horrible on many sites. Re-directs you to a different page and blocks half the page..
  18. GN are also lawyering up according to a tweet I cant find right now. Wonder if anything will happen with the lawsuit or if it will be thrown out. IMO these accusations seems equally lame as the random "Linus is a Nvidia-shill" comments on youtube..
  19. I'm all for USB-C on everything. It would be great in so many ways. Would eliminate the issue with incompatible chargers when visiting friends for starters. And if Apple would start pushing USB-C hard it would quickly grow in popularity. But I have a hard time seeing Apple ditching lightning anytime soon. The switch from 30-pin to lightning was a bit painful for people invested in the Apple-ecosystem. But the switch from lightning to USB-C would be even worse. Almost everything Apple makes have a lightning port these days. It's kinda the USB-C dream we all have only limited to Apple products. They are far too invested in lightning to suddenly ditch it. Not to mention there is no real benefit to switch connector since lightning is fine as is. On the other hand ditching the USB-A connector on the other end of the iPhone cable makes perfect sense. They are walking away from the USB-A connector on their computers so why not make the iPhone able to connect to your new macbook straight from the box? Not to mention it would kinda fit in a "USB-C all the things, except our cables have a Apple-only end also".
  20. Just as I typed that message I picked up my phone and the push notification was there... So I guess Apple saw my post My brother refuse to upgrade beyond iOS 9 (IIRC). Gonna message him and ask if he just deals with the notifications daily or if he has found away around it... If I get some useful information I'll PM you!
  21. My iPhone is still not on 11.4 and I've yet to see a push notification about updating to 11.4 ??
  22. Shouldn't Epic be the ones to blame? It's their game and aren't accounts created via Epic on console? Sorry but I cant see how Sony could do this all on their own?