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    I live and breathe technology pretty much. I study at Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Information Technology.
    I'm a Microsoft Technology Associate since 1/2018.
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    Student @ Brno University of Technology


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    AMD Ryzen 7 1700
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    ASROCK Fatal1ty X370 Gaming-ITX/ac
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    G.Skill Ripjaws V 2x8GB 3200MHz
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    MSI R7950 3GB
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    Antec ISK600
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    ADATA SX8200 480GB NVMe SSD + Western Digital Black 500GB
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    Corsair CX500M (green label - 2015)
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    HP 22xi
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    Windows 10 Pro + Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

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  1. Interesting presentation of a dead RAM stick, experience++
  2. Well, then it really is the monitor. Sorry, I'm not qualified enough to help you And I don't think it's going to be an easy repair.
  3. Can you test it on a different monitor? This seems like a GPU problem rather than a monitor problem.
  4. I'm surprised that a BIOS update helped with a non-booting system (that worked before) but at the same time glad that I helped you with it
  5. That's a valid point, but I'd still get the 5500 XT over 1660 - I like AMD feature set more (what a surprise). I only considered RTX2060 because of the RT cores but it didn't make the budget. I believe in AMD FineWine which will probably close the gap between the 1660 and 5500 XT.
  6. I'm not sure if I googled the price right, but I'd choose RX 5500 XT. I'm aware that my link is slightly over 350$ but I think that you can find better prices than I can through Google from a different country without any knowledge of the market
  7. No, you can leave everything connected. Strictly speaking, CPU power and ATX power are the only power input connectors on a motherboard, but I think you meant to say if you can leave other components connected to the motherboard, so this is an answer to that.
  8. I won't be giving you a direct recommendation but definitely look for a used/refurbished laptop. For programming, I'd concentrate on having a decent CPU and enough RAM. Since you will be taking your laptop with you a lot, I'd go for a thin and light with at least an Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 CPUs. With Intel, don't get anything older than Skylake (Coffe Lake would be great because of increased core counts, but that is too new probably). A slower CPU won't prevent you from accomplishing your tasks but you will get slower compile times and if you decide to run some VMs, that could be painful (you need to allocate whole cores to a VM). If you are not gaming, stick with an integrated GPU. With a laptop, you will often find ones with a decent CPU and features but disappointing RAM and storage. Don't let that stop you. Look for maintenance manuals to see if RAM and storage can be upgraded. Ideally look for a laptop with an M.2 slot and a 2.5 inch drive cage, usually the M.2 slot will be empty and you should be able to get a cheap 120GB boot SSD (this is a must today). RAM is cheap, so get at least 8 or 12GB ideally (you might get lucky enough to find a laptop with one 4GB stick and one empty slot) - I find myself with many browser tabs with stackoverflow, standards or language references while coding. So make a list of laptops with good CPUs and then see if they can be upgraded. For useful features, I wouldn't be able to survive without a backlit keyboard and an IPS display, but that is not really that important, you still need to hit your price point. Good luck
  9. Maybe I'd go with AMD RX5500 when it turns up - it has the same performance as an RX580 and a lower power consumption. The key difference is that it's based on the new RDNA architecture, while RX580 uses an older (but recently vastly updated) GCN architecture. While this might not be a huge difference now, the driver support should be longer for RDNA than at this point very old GCN. I'm NOT saying that you won't get driver support now, GCN is not marked as end-of-life, but in 5-8 years, I think that GCN might stop being supported due to AMD's product stack getting too big. Take this prediction with a grain of salt though, there are discussions suggesting that RDNA is not a new architecture, rather just a rebrand of GCN which is possible given the time from GCN5 to RDNA, but AMD might still use this as a cut-off point for driver support in the future. RDNA also has more features over GCN4 in RX580 - primitive shaders, updated processor design... It might not be a win for now, but you will probably get the AMD FineWine technology in the first years coupled with the fact that game optimizations are usually done for newer cards which have a newer architecture.
  10. I have no experience with StoreMI, but if you look into the Device Manager, can you see some kind of a virtual StoreMi drive? Since it is a virtual device, uninstalling it will maybe remove the drive from the Disk Management. Also, when you're talking about IDs of drives, be aware that partitions and disks have separate IDs.
  11. So, what IS the system doing? Are the fans spinning? Is there any beeping? Can you hear any sounds confirming that the OS booted? (If you wait for a couple of minutes, you can press Shift five times to get a dialog for turning on Sticky keys - it makes a sound)
  12. For starters, you didn't specify your motherboard model, which is the most important specification. Luckily, in your earlier post, you indicated that you have a MSI B450 Tomahawk motherboard. While some people might be able to help you straight away, either because they build PCs for living or have a similar motherboard to yours, I cannot imagine that most of the good people here are in that situation, so they look for the manual. I did that and here is a solution for you: Updating BIOS with Flash BIOS Button Before updating: Please download the latest BIOS file that matches your motherboard model from MSI® website and rename the BIOS file to MSI.ROM. And then, save the MSI.ROM file to the root of USB flash drive. Important Only the FAT32 format USB flash drive supports updating BIOS by Flash BIOS Button. Connect power supply to CPU_PWR1 and ATX_PWR1. (No other components are necessary but power supply.) Plug the USB flash drive that contains the MSI.ROM file into the Flash BIOS Port on rear I/O panel. Press the Flash BIOS Button to flash BIOS, and the LED next to the button starts flashing. After the flashing BIOS process is 100% completed, the LED would be off simultaneously. For more information on where to find the button and the LED, refer to the manual. If you don't understand the instructions, tag me and specify which part yo need to clarify. Good luck
  13. I wouldn't classify it as malware, it is just a misuse of a legitimate feature of modern web browsers because technically you had to click to allow the notifications. Happens to everyone once in a while And don't feel like an idiot, I was at the same place you were like 2 months ago when I first saw this on a friend's PC and did all the same steps as you - adwCleaner, AV scan... Then it hit me that these are Windows notifications from Google Chrome - my friend was streaming movies from some shady websites that were requiring to allow desktop notifications to watch the movies. You would've found out on your own too... Fun fact: Yesterday, I saw a webpage claiming that you need to allow notifications to verify that you're not a robot In the age of Adblock, websites finally found a way how to reliably circumvent it...
  14. Oh, it's Google Chrome, it's written in the notification... *facepalm* Go to your Chrome settings, choose Advanced > Privacy and security > Site settings > Notifications. Scroll through the allow list and delete any sites that you don't recognize. This usually happens when you click Allow on a dialog box without reading it... Watch out for the notification requests, ads served through notifications are becoming more common!