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  1. Completely understand! Feel free to check out our website - if you have any questions, even in the "info gathering" stage, we are here to help. Happy researching
  2. Hi all, thanks @thegreengamers for giving us a shout-out. We do indeed offer custom CNC machining - with no minimum orders whatsoever. It's difficult to provide pricing and other details unless you have a design or vision in mind. But our team is ready to answer your questions and provide quotes! Best way to get connected with an account manager is to email info@protocase.com. Our website has info about our CNC machining, although we are in the midst of updating it with a lot more content.
  3. Ha! Honestly don't know how we missed your original post - shame shame shame on us! Shipping is included in all Protocase orders. So, I'd recommend checking out Protocase Designer and building a 3U chassis with the approx. size, look and cutouts you'd be looking for. You can do Instant Quoting anytime while you're designing to get a sense of the cost for your case. The price you're quoted is in USD, so you'd just have to convert to Euros/zloty. The only other cost you'd need to factor in is import/custom fees - this is a cost you would likely incur once the order is shipped to you. We have no view into how much that will be without a sense of the box dimensions and weight for your shipment. You can get a rough quote using FedEx online, but you'd have to guess at the box dimensions and weight. Hope this helps!
  4. Hi - you might've gotten the answers you needed already, but just wanted to mention that we do ship worldwide
  5. Thanks @1080 for the shoutout! Linus did use SketchUp for his case design. You can design custom rackmounts (between 1U and 10U) in our free CAD software, Protocase Designer. Give it download and check it out...
  6. Thanks @W-L for the mention! @Problader, we are based in Nova Scotia (but we offer free shipping everywhere!). Feel free to email info@Protocase.com with your design to get a quote. There may be some local shops that we can't beat on price, but we do offer all kinds of finishing services like powdercoat, graphics, etc. All built in 2-3 days! Let me know if you have any questions
  7. You bet! That's definitely the most cost-effective option
  8. Thanks for the shout-out! Wanted to also mention that our Design Services team provides CAD services for a reasonable hourly fee, if that's a route you wanted to explore. Feel free to email info@protocase.com with an idea of what you're looking for, and an account manager can give you a quote.
  9. For more than a decade, our How to Design Custom Enclosures for Motherboard-Based Systems has been a solid resource for designers looking for guidance on things like mounting the board, vent cutout placement, PCI card tabs, etc. We recently published an updated version to make it more clear and even more helpful. Plus, we've made several key additions and changes: • Added Micro ATX boards to the document • Added height constraints • Changed mounting fastener configuration • Changed PCI slots so they don’t restrict protruding connectors • Added new detailed illustrations and diagrams I shared this as a reply to one particular thread earlier last week, but wanted to share it as its own unique post, in case it would help you on your next design. Check out the new version here, also available to download as a PDF. Happy designing!
  10. New version of the How to Design Custom Enclosures for Motherboard-Based Systems guide is now live! Here are the major updates: • Added Micro ATX boards to the document • Added height constraints • Changed mounting fastener configuration • Changed PCI slots so they don’t restrict protruding connectors • Added new detailed illustrations and diagrams
  11. Thanks @Enderman for sharing our PDF! Hope it's useful to you, @Potentate18 - we are actually very close to publishing a new and improved version of this doc (it dated back to 2007 ). I'll share the new link once it's available, hopefully later this week.
  12. Oh that's excellent! Glad you got all of the info you needed. I'll pass on your feedback to the team - you've made our Tuesday already
  13. That's me! Thanks @W-L for the mention. @Gich165, I can't confirm off the top of my head if we'd be able to do it, as I don't have the specs of the panel (do you have that info? Feel free to post here, or send me a message). We have fiber laser and CNC routers here onsite, so it may be doable. Just can't say for sure until I run it by our engineering team. If you've already emailed info@protocase.com, you should be hearing back from us soon anyway. Let me know if you have any other questions, or run into issues.
  14. Awesome - very excited to see your build once it's complete! Keep us posted