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  1. DocSwag

    550 Watt Psu enough for RX590 and my system?

    Yeah it should be more than enough. Only thing I ask though... why an 8700k+B360 board instead of, say, an 8700+B360 board or 8700k+Z370/Z390?
  2. DocSwag

    New iPhone 11 Launching Q3

    Guys, I have some insane news you guys are not going to believe it. Apple's next iPhone is going to launch in the same time frame it always does. I know it's very surprising and you guys probably aren't gonna believe it, but trust me, it's true.
  3. And unfortunately only 10 series and 20 series cards are supported. I was excited since I have a freesync panel and a 970 until I found that out. Feelsbad
  4. Well shit there better be some way you can patch this via software
  5. DocSwag

    BlankMeidaGames data breach

    Well crap. I don't really want to change my password yet though... It sounds like they haven't increased their security so I could theoretically get breached again. Luckily I changed the password for all the websites I use the most recently and didn't change mine for BMG so it shouldn't be TOO big a deal
  6. DocSwag

    Is this a good gaming pc,?

    I'm not sure about prices for you. Between an i5 8400+B360 board combo and an R5 2600 + B450 board combo I would just get whichever would end up cheaper.
  7. DocSwag

    Is this a good gaming pc,?

    As others mentioned get a lower wattage but better quality psu. Also, that cpu cooler is quite weak... if you want to OC I would suggest getting a better cooler or if you don't either go for an i5 8400 + B360 board or R5 2600 + B450 if you want to save some money or get an i7 8700 + B360 board for around the same price which would be better
  8. DocSwag

    Experiences with non-techies

    2400 MHz is your memory not GPU core lol. You can see from the userbenchmark thing it says CLim (which I'm assuming is the core clock speed) is more around 2100
  9. DocSwag

    The LG 38GL950G; The new God of the gaming 21:9

    I WANT IT SO BAD too bad I would have to sell my kidney for one
  10. Dang... I know someone with a 6T. The next time I see them I'll see if I can try it out. It won't get locked, the mods will just move it to a different sub forum if they feel it's not following the guidelines and once you edit it to be fixed they'll move it back. I personally think your post is probably fine since videos are usually a bit unique in that you can't exactly quote text or anything
  11. DocSwag

    Steam scammers on the rise

    I had a steam friend recently message saying this site gives you free games or whatever and if I got any good ones to sell them to him. I was like whatever and checked it out and it told me to link my steam account. I was getting ready to type in my credentials when I realized something felt off. Checked the url and it said about blank; if I moused over some links it gave a strange url and none of the links on the "steam" site did anything. I almost got caught by the phishing scam. I'm guessing my steam friend went to the site and got hacked by it and they sent messages to all of their friends.
  12. If anyone is interested in buying a pixel 3/pixel 3 xl or knows someone who wants to buy one I have promo codes that give you $100 off a pixel 3 or $150 off a pixel 3 xl. On top of the promotion going on right now this means you could get a pixel 3 xl for $600. Also if you use it I get $100 free google store credit


    Pixel 3 code: B-DJ1MQ5QYDRH2NRK9NMMKFBV

    Pixel 3 XL code: B-DJ41KBJSV3WBCHFATUY6DBM

  13. DocSwag

    Am I An Idiot?

    I'm sorry my friend but you should've done some research first. Rainbow 6 is a game known to have horrible SLI scaling: it's normal to see the negative scaling that you had happen. It really is that bad. You would've been better off just selling your 1080 and buying a 1080 ti/2080. At this point if you want better performance I would recommend you sell the two 1080s and buy a 1080 ti or 2080. THAT would at least give you a 30% ish performance improvement
  14. DocSwag

    RX 580 performance Very Poor

    Huh 100% utilization should usually be fine, but 50C is really low. What clock speeds is usually around when gaming? You could try using DDU to uninstall the GPU drivers and then reinstalling them
  15. DocSwag


    The cooler and thermal paste are unnecessary. Also, is microATX something you need? Ideally you should get a motherboard with VRM heatsinks that aren't just blocks of metal on top of the VRMs, but it appears that all the microATX boards with good heatsinks are much more expensive... however this ATX board is pretty good and is pretty much the same price https://pcpartpicker.com/product/PCKcCJ/asrock-b450-pro4-atx-am4-motherboard-b450-pro4
  16. DocSwag

    RX 580 performance Very Poor

    50 degrees sounds like the GPU isn't being fully utilized. Could you check CPU usage during games? Something could be using up your CPU
  17. DocSwag

    Cloning OS/Files

    You'll probably need to make one for it. It might be an issue if you clone onto a new pc in which case you'll have to reactivate probably unless you tied the product key already. I'm not really that sure tbh . Apparently there are issues that can pop up with it though so you'll probably have to do some research in that deparment https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/making-sure-windows-7-will-boot-after-changing-the-motherboard/ It appears that the upgrade still works even though it's unofficial. https://www.zdnet.com/article/heres-how-you-can-still-get-a-free-windows-10-upgrade/
  18. DocSwag

    Cloning OS/Files

    I'm guessing that would stay with cloning. The only problem would probably be windows since it usually links itself to your motherboard but if you link it to your microsoft account it should be ok
  19. DocSwag

    i5-8600k Vs. Ryzen 7 2700X

    I would probably say 2600/x tbh, a 2700/x probably wouldn't give much of a benefit except in VMs due to the extra cores so unless you really need more threads for that I would go a 2600/x
  20. DocSwag

    i5-8600k Vs. Ryzen 7 2700X

    What are you using the computer for? It really depends. Most likely though I would actually suggest an R5 2600 or 2600x instead. They're a lot cheaper and most likely you won't lose out much.
  21. Right, it's not like China already has policies that are more capitalist than communist in their own society where you get more money if you're higher status lol. While I obviously don't agree with the other points I at least understand why they might decide to take actions against games for those things. But this is just stupid
  22. What? What is wrong with "rewards given based on rank"?!? Does that like not align with communist ideals or something?
  23. It sounds like I'm in the minority here but honestly I would prefer a teardrop notch like what the 6T or PH-1 has. By leaving space between the camera and top that's display you're increasing how much vertical space has part of it that's covered. The difference is minor but if we're already talking about bezel vs notch it is something worth mentioning. While there certainly are people out there like you that have expensive audio gear requiring a headphone jack, the fact or the matter is that that's a very small minority of users. For the vast majority, the loss of the jack isn't that big of a deal, because they'll either just use the built in adapter (and really, the only disadvantage to this is not being able to charge and use the jack) or just buy Bluetooth headphones.
  24. Is that CPU usage as a whole? It sounds like for bo4 you're hitting a cpu bottleneck for sure so that's probably what's limiting your fps. That's probably why changing settings to low doesn't do much because your CPU is the bottleneck. Usually changing settings doesn't make it much harder for the CPU but it does make it harder for the GPU but if you're CPU bottlenecked already lowering settings won't increase fps much. For OW, check to see if one or two cores might be hitting 80-90%+ CPU usage because if that's the case those cores might be bottlenecking.