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    That guy who makes way too many puns


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    i7 6700k
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    MSI Z170A KRAIT GAMING, aka that sucky mobo with basically no LLC options, and that boosts voltage to 1.24 when I set it to 1.1
  • RAM
    16gb GSkills Ripjaws IV 2666mhz ddr4
  • GPU
    EVGA GTX 970 SSC
  • Case
    Fractal Design Define S
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    SanDisk SSD Plus 240gb SSD (I was dumb)+Western Digital Caviar Blue 1 TB 7200rpm HDD
  • PSU
    EVGA 650 G1 (I was even dumber)
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    LG 29um67
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    Dark Rock Pro 3+ 2 be quiet! Silent Wings 3 140mm High Speed + 2 be quiet! Silent Wings 3 120mm High Speed
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    Logitech G710 Plus Brown
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    Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum
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    Creative fatal1ty headphones
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    Windows 10 Home 64 bit
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    Silicon Beach!
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    Computers (duh)
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    Once upon a time, in the American States that are United, there lived a young Dr. Swag, ignorant of the wonderful pcmasterrace. He lived his daily life and was happy, but not as happy as he would have been if he was a part of the pcmasterrace. He liked math and science and whatnot, but was ignorant of the wonderful pcmasterrace. He wasn't as bad as some techies, as illustrated in Experiences with non-techies, as he knew the monitor wasn't usually the computer and what RAM did and that it really made a difference to your PC if your RAM usage was at 100% (though we cannot confirm if he knew that more RAM isn't always better), but he wasn't that much of a techie. He thought that jigahertz was the only thing that matters in a CPU, and had no idea what the term "CPU core" or "dual core" or "quad core" even meant. This was the reason why he thought Apple was absolute trash, as the CPU in their new tablets and phones were still way under 2 ghz while some Android phones had CPUs over 2.5 ghz! Then, one day, his friends at school began playing a game named Team Fortress 2. Because of that, he started playing it too. It was a 3d game, and since it needed a lot more horsepower than Minecraft, his mid-2012 Unibody Macbook Pro couldn't run it that well. He dealt with it for a while, but eventually it became too annoying. He decided that after the next school year started he would get a gaming laptop. However, after the next school year started he realized his laptop was enough, and he didn't really need a laptop. Then, young Dr. Swag recalled that he had two friends that had built their own PCs for gaming. Why couldn't he do it too? He decided that he would build a gaming PC. He created the PC on pcpartpicker. It may not have been the best PC at the price, and looking back now he definitely has some things he would like to change if he could, but it was still a good PC, and hasn't run into any issues to date. Dr. Swag ran into some issues building it, but he solved them all either by himself or with the help of some helpful members of the LTT Forum. It was quite fast, even though it didn't have an SSD (which he is planning on putting in his desktop very soon). After building his PC, Dr. Swag didn't just begin to abandon the pcmasterrace, like many of his friends. Instead, he began to become more and more interested by how PCs worked, why they worked, what the different parts of the PC did, how those parts worked, how the communicated, etc. He began watching many videos from not just Linus but other youtubers too. He began reading very informative reviews from sites like Anandtech, which caused him to learn very much. He has learned a lot in the time since he built his first PC, but he still doesn't know that much. He is currently beginning to look at CPU architectures and how they work. Today, Dr. Swag has become an active member of the LTT Forum, and has helped many people with planning new builds, figuring out what GPU or CPU to buy, and troubleshooting problems with their PC. In his journey to becoming one of the pcmasterrace, Dr. Swag has learned very much, and he hopes to, in the future, learn even more and, after he eventually gets a degree in college, possibly design GPUs or CPUs for companies like AMD, Nvidia, or Intel.
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    Making Puns

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  1. Corsair VS EVGA

    If you're going 1080 ti SLI you definitely should go at least 850w
  2. Corsair VS EVGA

    EVGA generally has better CS, but the corsairs are higher wattage and more quiet Up to you if you want warranty or noise/wattage
  3. Monitor 144hz vs what Gpu

    The MSRP was supposed to be $379
  4. Monitor 144hz vs what Gpu

    Are you in a rush? If no, you may want to consider waiting for partner vega 56 cards. Otherwise just go 1070. I have to disagree. Fast/enhanced sync really only helps that much when fps is above monitor refresh rate. When below you get tearing or stuttering depending on whether v sync is enabled or not, which does not happen with freesync/g sync. If you can run the game fps above the refresh rate then they're fine but if not it's not any better than normal v sync/tearing.
  5. How to remove bottleneck?

    They stated in this thread they can't afford rx 580s/gtx 1060s and are looking towards stuff like the 1030, 560, and 1050 ti. Could I have a source? I see no reason why DDR4 would be needed for "performance stability." What does that even mean?
  6. Monitor 144hz vs what Gpu

    What games specifically?
  7. How to remove bottleneck?

    Considering the specs of their whole pc I don't think they have that much cash, and for a low-mid range system an i7 2600 is still totally fine, especially if you OC it a little bit. No game "recommends ddr4 for performance stability." That's not how it works.
  8. How to remove bottleneck?

    Your CPU shouldn't be bottlenecking your gpu, it's the other way around.
  9. NVIDIA Titan V Benchmarks

    Yeah but that doesn't mean tensor cores are some godly thing that improve everything. At their core they really are just machines that do matrix math. More specifically they perform fused multiply add operations with 4x4 FP16 matrices for the multiply ops and 4x4 fp16 or fp32 matrices for the addition part and then return a 4x4 FP32 matrix. While this can be very useful for DL (I'm no DL expert so I'm basing this on others words) these cores are super fixed function and so aren't necessarily good for everything. They may be great for DL but that doesn't mean they're good for other things too.
  10. 4.5 ghz base on 12 cores is absolutely not realistic. Higher clocks and maybe more cores is realistic for 12nm Ryzen but this is ridiculous.
  11. What 1080p Monitor should I get?

    That monitor is freesync though, so you could get an amd gpu.
  12. First Build

    Get some cheaper ram as 3600 MHz is hella expensive (3000 or 3200 is fine), and a normal 500gb sata ssd should be ok. The case is a bit expensive and I would get a better psu (look for evga g2/G3, corsair RMx/rmi, whisper m, and focus plus gold). I think if you went for a cheaper cooler, motherboard, ram, and case you might even be able to squeeze in a 1080 ti. I personally don't see the point of an R7 CPU for 1080p gaming. Plus 1800x is bad value compared to a 1700
  13. I know that, what I was saying is that because android is open source it's easier for people to find bugs because they can just look at the source code to help them, whereas on iOS you can't do that
  14. 1080 TI STRIX low performance problems.

    Install MSI afterburner and see if you can run some logs while gaming and then send them to me (if you can't figure out how I can show you)
  15. Apple has acquired Shazam

    Looks like Apple is going for google now on play