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  1. AmTomori

    Screenshot Not Working on Android

    Did you hold down power+home while screenshotting?
  2. AmTomori

    Galaxy Note 5 dropping cell reception

    Probably. I don't face this problem, so swapping it out is your best option. Although, you can try factory resetting to see if it resolves that problem.
  3. AmTomori

    What phone are you rocking (and specs if you can)

    Note 5 Duos (Black Sapphire) - 1440 x 2560 pixels (~515 ppi pixel density) - Exynos 7420 - 4 GB of RAM - 32GB storage Currently liking this phone, since I upgraded from Note 3. Don't really think I will flash Cyanogenmod (If there is one in the future) as I would lost some features that came with the phone. Alot of people bash on this phone for it's non-removable battery and no external sdcard expansion, but I don't use more than 16GB of storage and I don't really see any purpose for me to remove the battery when I have a portable charger in my bag. There are still some bloatware which I prefer it be gone totally than me disabling them, but they have lessened the amount of bloatware since the Note 3.
  4. AmTomori

    Nexus 5 not switching on after charging

    Alright, thanks for taking your time to solve this with me.
  5. AmTomori

    Nexus 5 not switching on after charging

    While connecting to my pc, it just says the "USB device has malfunctioned" I also have removed the battery, performed the "Freezing the battery" test, but it was not effective. Perhaps replacing the battery could fix this problem?
  6. AmTomori

    Nexus 5 not switching on after charging

    It was a Note 3 charger. I didn't had a free port so I just used my note 3 charger at that time to charge my Nexus 5. I been doing that for a few months though.
  7. AmTomori

    Nexus 5 not switching on after charging

    It was on when it was charged It was laying on it's back side (Meaning screen upfront) I live in a tropical environment (Singapore). Probably the dumbest move I did, using a Samsung charger brick while using the Nexus 5 usb cable. I had it for a year.
  8. My Nexus 5 is not switching on after I charged it overnight. No matter what I do (Disconnecting the battery, holding power + both volume keys), it wouldn't switch on. I still feel warmth near the camera while charging the Nexus 5. Any idea what could fix this issue?