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  1. Thanks for the comments though even though it seems I stirred up some kind argument lol. It's actually been insanely helpful and currently I'll wait for stocks till next month before deciding since most of the ones you guys mentioned aren't in stock Thanks everyone !
  2. Yeah basically any turbo boost on the CPU just makes the case way too hot. And without OC'ing anything. You can tell there's minimal airflow just by hand (?). I'm no expert so I don't claim to know much. For all I know the recommended cases might be worse, but i got this case 2 years ago and this was a problem since day 1. I'm sitll looking up the recommendations and checking which case to go with.
  3. That's the case I currently have and I wanna change because there's basically no airflow whatsoever
  4. And how does it compare to 500 one? in terms of air flow and I heard it has some flex and loud noise from the front fans?
  5. I REALLY like this case but unfortunately there are no stocks (white) at all for a quite a while in australia and no retailers have any ETA on when they would. What would be a good alternative in the same price range (and has to have a white version
  6. @icy1007 yes it would fit as I checked out the dimensions, however as others pointed am not sure about the airflow. Currently I have no problems whatsoever with my 0280Ti thermals, it's actually running quite cool and the i7 8700k. But they do go up in temp when in high load and was wondering maybe I should just change the case to something bigger and add more fans.
  7. Thanks @ItzUknown, also would you say a i7 8700k would bottleneck the 3090 on a 1440p?
  8. Thanks @Stahlmann98 and @gloop for the response ! Which case would you recommend? (Preferably white)
  9. Yes I'm one of those crazy people who will be buying a RTX 3090 (No I'm not rich). But I am wondering if my current case, NZXT H500i would be too small for a good air flow? I've got 4x120mm fans. I currently have a Gigabyte windforce 2080ti and the 3090 is bigger in every aspect XD I believe the design of the fans is because otherwise it would be blocking a lot of airflow but not too sure how their new design would work out in such a case. Any thoughts?
  10. Haha thanks @Jurrunio u saved my ass my 2080ti has a usb c port
  11. Hello, So i bought this camera: https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B08B5XFTW3/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I have Z390P motherboard. What's the best way to have a USB-C port, is it possible with this case and motherboard? Can't use an adapter as the camera doesnt work well with adapters. Thank you for any help.
  12. @minibois @DoctorNick thank you so much for your detailed explanations. Awesome news ^^
  13. Thank you for your responses, could you clarify what you mean by GPU run at 8x? 8x what O.O @DoctorNick @minibois
  14. Hello, Not really an expert and I already have a 256GB 970 EVO and was wondering if the Z390P can fit one of these: https://www.ple.com.au/Products/634648/Samsung-970-EVO-Plus-1TB-M2-NVMe-SSD For a total 1.256gb SSD.