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  1. Yeah yeah, right, silly. What next? You're gonna tell us more cores are better than rgb? I'm sure DDR5 will be great but let's not get ahead of ourselves.
  2. It doesn't seem to support WebOS though, right? That's sad, I have an ethernet cable that goes into an LG B7 and I'd love to be able to stream to it.
  3. Last try, does nobody know what the issue might be? It won't go away, it's incredibly frustrating not being able to watch anything without having to pause and play every few seconds...
  4. Anyone? Please! Help! It's quite an annoying problem.
  5. Video and sound start to desync progressively on youtube videos on my PC, and that's been happening for a month now. I've seen people suggesting to change audio settings etc but it just doesn't work on any setting (always used 32 bits 192KHz before, never had a problem). I suspected Chrome was the issue so I installed FIrefox (I'm loving it btw, not ever going back to Chrome) but, nevertheless, the problem is still present. Any help would be extremely appreciated, thanks in advance!
  6. Hey, thanks for the reply! I already ordered a pack of ML140s after taking a look at some reviews. Hopefully they'll do the job.
  7. The stock fans are too loud. I'd appreciate if anyone could tell me what's the best fan to replace the stock ones, cooling better (or at least not worse) the radiator than the SP140Ls and being silent at high-ish RPMs. Thanks!
  8. Summer is coming, and it brings the temperature paranoia back all over again, lol. I've been searching for these answers but couldn't find anything that could put my mind at ease. Today was a hot day, and while gaming my H115i was running at max 45C. I found a couple of forum posts that said that the max safe temperature for AIOs is around 50C. Should I be worried then? What's the problem here, by the way? Pump, tubes, radiator? Also, keeping the water temperature in mind, is a max of 77C while gaming expected from a 7700k cooled by the H115i? I know it's a hot cpu, and I'm considering delidding, but as computer parts here are generally 3 times or so more expensive, you can see why I'm hesitant, as I really want this build to last for a while.
  9. It's a big card, so before buying 2 of them make sure your case and motherboard has the correct spacing and all that. I have one and the pcie that can be used for a second card is blocked by the huge heatsink. It's mATX, sure, but be careful and check everything first anyway, you don't want to spend all that money and not be able to use them. As for cooling, I have a custom fan curve so I can maintain the core clock at 2GHz without any drops at full load, it reaches max 65C. At default, without extra overclocking, the fan curve is VERY nice. I have my PC sitting at less than half a meter at all times and I couldn't hear it spinning over the other fans on my case, and the temperatures are low enough for you to simply forget about it (about 67C). But with 2, it would be nice if you could have a good amount of space between them, two fans supplying fresh air for both and maybe you have to adjust the fans to a higher RPM since inevitably the one on the bottom will make a difference. People have different tastes, and some tolerate noise more than others. Personally I get annoyed a little bit (only when I'm not using headphones, because if I am I couldn't care less about it) when the fans on the strix reach 70% (that's 2600 RPM) as I am sitting really close to it. But even then, compared to my old PC, it's nothing and should be considered nitpicking. Still, you'll have to play with it to find a balance that works for you. I'm extremely satisfied with my purchase and I doubt you won't be, if you do all this you should be fine.
  10. Well, if you want to fix it, buy the game. That only happens to the cracked version. Lol
  11. Yeah, I thought that made sense, but I just couldn't believe this crap Intel has been doing would affect it to such a degree (no pun intended).
  12. Yes, I really wanted to mount the radiator on the front but unfortunatelly there wasn't enough space, so I have to deal with the GPU heat affecting it. Running aida64 without the GPU stress test gives me a better temperature. However, I don't see that as being the reason for the difference between the average and peak, as the CPU itself is affected indirectly, because what is being heated by the GPU is actually the radiator and therefore the liquid. Once those temperatures have stabilized, those spikes should be the CPUs own "fault".
  13. My CPU temperatures reach a max 70C while playing BF1, I expect that to be about 75C in the summer (southern hemisphere), and the average I found on full load through aida64 was 66C on the hottest core. Which is more important? I ask because I have a hard time believing that it's a huge deal when the CPU reaches a certain high temperature for just half a second or less. If it is, why exactly? Also, even though I am paranoid myself currently with my new pc, aren't we all a little bit too concerned about it? I have a notebook that reaches 105C on full load (like watching a video on YouTube, it's pretty old) and never goes lower than 85C on idle. That has been running for a decade (!).
  14. ...Ahnn....Ok, thanks for stating that...lol
  15. Damn dude, I thought Barnacules died. That's gross btw
  16. Not at all. I have to run some resolution scaling (135%) on Battlefield 1 at ultra 1440p just so the game doesnt go above the G sync limit which is 144Hz, that's how stupid powerful it is. I just upgraded from a 1080p 60 Hz screen to a 1440p 144Hz G sync one, and G sync is far from a waste of money. I can actually see the frames being displayed, no tearing, no v sync input lag, feels great, I would never ever go back. Free sync does the same for cheaper though.
  17. Thank god. Friend codes are laughable...having to ask your friends to give you their 12 digit number is so archaic it's depressing.
  18. Also I just want to remind you that they're still using friend codes, which were already bad in 2006. Goddammit Nintendo.
  19. I love Nintendo but this kind of BS is unfortunately not a surprise at all. This is the expected level of online interaction on their consoles.
  20. Ok, thank you both! I will try to stop being paranoid now lol.
  21. That...doesn't really answer what I asked. And yeah, it would be a concern if it was at 70C or so...but what I want to know is if it's problematic to have the radiator/liquid running at ~41C, if it damages the AIO or the tubes.
  22. So, I finally decided to try and customize the fan curve on my h115i. As a result, the bloody thing is finally very silent, and after playing BF1, which is a CPU intensive game, for a bit more than one hour, the temperatures on the processor stayed at about 65C with a maximum of 70C. The radiator is mounted on the top and I'm not running a blower fan graphics card, so that is making it run a bit hotter (see Kyle's video if you don't know what I'm talking about). But as a result of turning the fans down considerably, the radiator temperature rose to 41C max. Is that a problem? If it is, what temperature would be ideal for this AIO? Thanks
  23. Just an update for those who might stumble upon this topic: apparently this issue is caused by the bios version 0906 on the Z270G Strix. If you also have this motherboard do not update to this version, as it will cause this. Either wait for the next bios that will probably fix the issue or use the version before 0906.
  24. Yes, I have. The cpu works just fine when I disable xmp, so does the memory, but it runs at 2133 instead of 3200. And well... I paid for 3200 MHz so I should be able to get that... I'm trying a bunch of different things in the bios but nothing so far..edit: typo sorry, very tired lol.