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  1. thats.... greatly disapointing
  2. heres a time spy i did http://www.3dmark.com/spy/13475775 dunno if itll help
  3. fixed my post, im playing stuff in 1440p
  4. so i finally splashed out for a 2560x1440 144hz monitor and.... I'm unable to hit 144 on most games (yes even doom 2016) specs are: i7 8700k msi rtx 2070 32gb corsair vengeance 2666 what the hell is going on? main games i was hoping to play are black desert online (some stuff is tied to client fps) call of duty modern warfare and other triple A games I'm genuinely at a loss as to why I'm unable to hit these framerates thanks in advanced stef
  5. So that's the weirdest thing, I think I'm actually looking at that one myself (UK too) also I heard things like pairing a curved panel with a flat panel is bad, how true is it
  6. So I'm looking at getting a new monitor, my specs are I7 8700k 32gb 2666 ram Rtx 2070 Ive been looking at 1440p 144hz The main games I play are Black desert online (for some reason certain abilities and skills are linked to framerate) Minecraft And maybe final fantasy 14 A few questions, can my rig actually manage to keep at 144 in 1440 or is it worth dialing back and going back to 1080p which I don't really want to do