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    Gadgets, Anime, Manga, Video Games
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    I'm Egyptian who looking to improve of the media about Tech and gaming in the middle East
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    Trading Manger


  1. it's not only this problem i got reciving securiy mails from google and things shouldn't this happens also i just noticed witht someone using PAYPAL acount from 2012! Google messed up gmail
  2. Hello Iam using Gmail as the main email account, use it for paypal, Apple store, Domain and Hosting Account, Facebook account, Even here on linus forums But it was a huge mistake !! Google let people get my gmail account used with other way? Recintly i got emails says that i registered to account from Dropbox, but i have Dropbox already! and called me a name that it not my name! when i mailed to Dropbox support they said : The emails you received were for username@gmail.com and not user.name@gmail.com . While those addresses are the same to gmail they are different to Dropbox, so those accounts are separate and not related. that's really makes me afraid that a lot of emails of mine could be recived wrong?! when i do some research i found those links https://support.google.com/mail/answer/10313?hl=en https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/gmail/V8JwA2uZ4Jo[1-25] http://gmail-miscellany.blogspot.com/2012/08/wrong-email-gmail-dots-issue.html i feel like i have shared email account or something?! this is scarry really although i checked the security activties and seems fine. is some one had this problem before?
  3. this cpu will be great for Video Editing and fun for overclocking
  4. This Card looks like pretty would be pretty quait when over clock it for sure i love to have it
  5. My favorite thing is the camera it's interesting to veiw pictures with nice unique effects!
  6. i wish i got 1 TB hard drive at least, haha may be it's impossible for me but i like to share it : Twitter : https://twitter.com/Evil_Hunter/status/340911829394022400 Fb : https://www.facebook.com/EvilHunter/posts/10200701035985007