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  1. The Zenbook has a 48 wHr 3 cell battery. I do not know how long it will last inside the laptop however.
  2. Hey all, I am currently trying to choose between the Asus Zenbook UX310UQ and the Dell XPS 13. Weight & battery life are my two big concerns, performance is a bonus. Currently I am leaning towards the XPS due to the increased battery life, though I am tempted for the Zenbook for that 940 MX. The big problem I have with the UX310UQ is that no matter how hard I search, I can't find any reviews that specifically looked at battery life in a real-world scenario. Is someone able to link me to a site? Or if no one can find anything, can someone with the Asus Zenbook UX310UQ let me know what kind of battery life they get with the graphics card enabled, and also the battery life they get when its disabled. If the battery life is alright (6+ hours) on the Zenbook, then I'll have my mind made up. Otherwise it'll probably be the XPS. If anyone has any other suggestions, or information then feel free to let me know. Thanks in advance,
  3. Entry. The reason i want it is because it is so small, i wasn't aware that you could fit all of the stuff that you guys have inside of a box that small! Very impressive.
  4. Weetbix39


    Built, minecraft server. Don't have any old games to use on a gaming emulator. Hmmmm..... home theater PC. Will look into it, though it would have to be small the PC's i have are rather large.
  5. Weetbix39


    Um.... is it possible for people to change what I have written? I wrote "m8.... i'm 13." and when i came back this morning it had been changed to "m8... i'm less than 16yo." Anyone know whats up with this, changing my password again now.
  6. Weetbix39


    In all seriousness any other ideas?
  7. Heyo, 13 and kinda the nerd myself, Somthing i enjoy. (not sure if he will) is building stuff and getting it to work. One of the best gifts my dad got me were 3 old computers from his work that they were going to throw out. I had a blast taking them apart, installing OS and other random software before converting the whole thing into a NAS for the whole family! So if he's into making stuff give him and idea for a project, maybe use money as an enticer and get him interested in something that could translate into future enployment. If he becomes good at coding or software matience he could work as a coder. If he enjoys wiring stuff up and plugging it all in before booting up the system he could become an electrical engineer. At his age it is good to be already thinking about what you want to do when you are older, i know i am already giving it some serious thought and am working on certain skills to give me a head start in the market. Thanks for reading this and i hope my 2 cents made a diffrence.
  8. Weetbix39


    Heyo all! Holidays for me! Want some computer projects to work on for the rest of holidays so far I have done 3. 1. Built a computer from scratch 2. Messed around in linux on the computer 3. turned that computer into a working NAS. and currently working on creating a digital photo frame from scratch from some old laptops. Does anyone have and other good projects the I could work on? (preferably ones to do with computers.) I have many old computer parts lying around that i can do stuff with, just bear in mind that they aren't powerful, I am willing to shell out about 30$ for a project but i could do more.
  9. nas4free is an earlier version of freenas. The differences are nas4free is basically community maintained and nas4free supports UPS while freenas does ZPS.
  10. I recently built a NAS for my family, i used the software NAS4FREE does everything i want it too. The specs of the system I put together are: Intel core 2 quad 2.83 ghrtz 4 GB DDR2 RAM Dunno on the graphics card, bought it for 5$ on trade me. (the equivalent of trade me) x2 280 HDD's on raid1 System works fine, i can upload and download files easily, and nas4free barley even scratches the system, could probably gone with much lower specs without issue. However, word of warning, I am not sure about other NAS software, but I do know that nas4free did require a lot of configuration. P.S. nas4free is basically and earlier community maintained version of freenas, the differences are that it uses less system resources and UPS file setup, rather than ZPS.
  11. Thanks, was wondering if there was some discrete difference that I was missing. How do I mark this thread as answered?
  12. Thanks everybody so far. But may I ask what is the actual difference between them?
  13. Heyo all, First post, and was wondering as i have recently built my family a NAS from a couple of old computers and hooked it up with nas4free. All is going well the specs are: Intel Core 2 quad 2.83 ghrtz 4 GB RAM 5$ card, dunno what it is, but i bought it off trademe and installed it, didn't really care what it was. 2x 280GB HDD's in Raid1 for storage. 1x 180GB HDD for other stuff. I can see it on the network and it functions as intended and all is going well so far. However my older brother is saying that a dedicated NAS box is FAR better and that the system I have put together is not actually and proper NAS and doesn't work like one. Is there any difference besides a slight performance increase and less power usage? -Thanks EDIT: oh, and the whole system cost my 5$ in total (GPU). Although price doesn't matter in this case.