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  1. a 200mm intake and a 140mm exhaust. seems okay. maybe i'll do this for now then just upgrade the intake in the future. are be quiet purewings 2 140mm good?
  2. lol that setup is pretty awesome but im on somewhat of a budget. nothing too fancy. just something that'll do the job well
  3. i would do an aio but i only have an i5-6500 so not much to cool there so it woudnt be worth
  4. i have a gtx 1060 6gb mini and a hyper 212 my current pc only has one stock 200m fan so im thinking of replacing it. maybe 2 intake fans and one exhaust just wondering what are some good fans for this situation? are be quiet purewings good? im on a budget
  5. Come on dude really? The rx 470 seems like a great bang for buck gpu
  6. Watched it but want linus' opinion Here in the uk theres a 50-70£ difference but im not really a fan of amd
  7. Im really interested in the rx 470 so it would really be helpfull if they did a review on it. Do you guys reccomend the rx 480 for the few extra frames or is the rx 470 a good enough card for 1080p 60fps
  8. Im looking to buy wireless keyboard and wanted to ask you guys if wireless is shit even for casual gaming? For example the tecknet wireless slim keyboard. Do wireless keyboards have noticeable and by that i mean not quite a lot but some. Its a temporary replacement Just playing rts, rpg, sp etc. stuff like that nothing competitive
  9. Fsp or vs550 are my only options. So vs550? They say its a notoriously bad psu.
  10. Im building a pc but my options on a psu is Either an FSP PSU Or a vs550w from corsair I have a gtx 1060 and an i5 6500
  11. Im thinking of buying this monitor and i want to know if this is a good one. or Is Samsung S24E390HL a better choice or Should i go with AOC I2481FXH
  12. I want to upgrade my os to an ssd. Is it possible to move the os from my hard drive to an ssd or do i need a fresh install
  13. What do you guys think about DinoPC because im looking to buy a pc from them. For those who have bought from them, what do you think of their service and quality? Building the pc myself is not an option