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  1. Horrible hissing noise from Studio monitors

    It was a ground loop. I'm still working on a permanent solution, but I was able to figure out the issue was a ground loop by testing the speakers with ground lifted. It worked that way, but sketches me the f**k out, so im going to try to find a less sketchy way to solve it. Ill post a final solution when I get one setup
  2. Horrible hissing noise from Studio monitors

    already am. I ended up calling some sound friends from work and they helped me out. thanks though.
  3. Horrible hissing noise from Studio monitors

    That's basically the concision I've come to, but I wasn't sure if anyone had any ideas as to how to remove it, or if there was another possible problem.
  4. Horrible hissing noise from Studio monitors

    Will it still produce a variating buzz if its a ground loop? Things that I have read showed a ground loop being a constant tone. If it is a ground loop though, how would I go about getting rid of it?
  5. Horrible hissing noise from Studio monitors

    The imput volume can be all the way down and it will still buzz
  6. So I recently got an amazing deal on some M-Audio BX-8's (way overkill for my purposes, but hey, go big or go home, right?), but they are hissing horribly. (attached is an audio recording of the sound) My current setup is I have a M-Audio M-Track 2x2 connected to my PC through USB. I then have my studio monitors connected to the M-Track through basic TS 1/4 audio cable. I know the speakers aren't damaged themselves. I hooked up my phone 1/8 in port directly to the speakers and there is no hissing. I have done some troubleshooting and will continue to and update this post as I do, but this is what I have found so far. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with my PC. It only makes the hum when my PC is powered. They are both on the same circuit in my apartment, and unfortunately are basically have to be due to the way the circuits are slayed out in my cheaply made apartment. That being said, I don't know if its an issue with my PC having a grounding issue and sending bad power back to the wall, or going through USB. I also tried bypassing the M-Track and conecting my PC directly to my speakers, but that didn't change anything, still had hissing. The Hissing is various, so I don't think its a ground loop(everything I've seen on that is a constant buzz around 60 hz). It also is not constant volume, so as i adjust the volume on the speaker itself, (knob on the back) the buzzing gets louder and quieter respective to which way I adjust the volume. I am fairly new to the world of audio, and I've been slowly trying to get into it, so if there's some obvious trouble shooting step that I haven't mentioned, feel free to comment, i probable haven't tried it yet. memo_voice_29.m4a Update: i ran the audio cable down to my kitchen and powered my speakers from an outlet down there and the buzz was still there, so its not an issue with the power coming from the outlet.
  7. It didnt get much news, but for a short while, steam talked about a portable steam handheld device. (at least I don't remember it being talked about much) When I saw it, I thought it was a neat idea. Having the entire steam library in a portable device would be pretty neat, but shortly stopped hearing updates from it. That being shortly after having released the steam machines, it may have been drowned out buy articles on that. That was in December of 2015. Now lets talk about Nintendo. For the longest time, they were a video game platform that mostly sold games made my them. (If not all) Pretty much the exact opposite of what made Steam, Steam. When they announced the Nintendo Switch, October, 2016, 10 months after the steamboy announcement. It announced with a couple big title Nintendo game, typical Nintendo thing to do, but also in the official Nintendo announcement, showed off other games that were not made by Nintendo. Pretty neat. Shortly after release, there are more and more non Nintendo games on the the switch. Of the top 15 of the top selling games on the eshop, Nintendo only has 3. This showing that Nintendo does not have the top selling games on the switch, and that there are a lot mores games on the switch made my non Nintendo developers. Many games that have been made popular on steam are hitting the Switch. I know, its not the entire steam library, but games like Skyrim, Overcooked, Minecraft, and Hollow Knight are having Nintendo Switch Releases. So, Is the Nintendo switch what the Steamboy should have been? I think so, but that's just my opinion. What are your guys' thoughts. Does this change how you viewed the Switch?
  8. Probably a simple question about WiFi printers

    Thanks! That really helps and makes sense.
  9. Hello, So I am a college student currently living in a dorm where several of the other students have WiFi printers. (I do not) Many of the other students in the dorm complain about these printers claiming that they slow down the internet, and are starting to get obnoxious about it. I'm pretty sure that this is less of an issue of the printers, and more of the issue of slow sh*tty WiFi. Is this true, or am I completely wrong? I wouldn't thing that these printers are the cause of the issue because they seem to run on their own network, and also have very little traffic on them since your only printing maybe a few things at a time. The printers show up as a separate network, so I would think that they won't affect the network the internet runs on, but maybe I'm just completely wrong. Either way, I figured one of you guys would know much more about this and how they actually work, so I figured I would ask here. Thanks!
  10. So I recently got a new laptop which has a M.2 Slot. I was planing on installing an M.2 SSD, but the laptop does not include the standoff and screw. My question is, are the screws and standoffs standard? The laptop uses a custom motherboard. If so, does anyone know their specifications? Thanks!

    Would love to get the new Razer Blade for some sick mobile gaming!

    Would love to get the Razer Blade for some sick mobile gaming!

    Would love to get the Razer Blade for some sick mobile gaming!

    Would love to get the Razer Blade for some sick mobile gaming!

    Would love to get the Razer Blade for some sick mobile gaming!