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  1. I built a pc to my sister and it has only Rasdeon HD 6950 and core 2 quad 9400. Both of those GPU:s are a huge upgrade.
  2. My basic reason why i need a new keyboard is because mine is simply worse. Mouse would be also nice but i have logitech g502 and i think it's going to be good enough.
  3. Can i get the answer for the question i answered. Wich mobo should i get. (:
  4. i7 5960x is the i7 version of the e5-1660 v3. And btw all E5-16xx Vx cpu:s are unlocked (i own e5-1620 and it is unlocked)
  5. Also good overclocking would be nice because that cpu is unlocked.
  6. I'm going to get a Xeon E5-1660 V3 and i have few options for mobo. Asrock Fatal1ty X99X Killer (246€), MSI X99A Mpower (252€), MSI X99A Gaming 7 (264€) or Asrock Fatal1ty X99X Killer USB 3.1 (270€). My requirements for mobo are ATX form factor, DR. Debug, red/black/(yellow) theme and a good mic output. My absolute max budget is 270€.
  7. Also Xeon E5-16xx v3 CPU:s are unlocked so you can overclock E5-1620 v3. For me that would be easy choice.
  8. I would go with Xeon because it is a bit more powerful than i7. Remember that you need a mobo that supports Xeons so it needs a C-starting chipset. Luckily there are new ones from Asrock and Asus. I5 is not a choice. I have i5 6600k oc:d to 4.5 Ghz and it is horrible experience to do video editing. Luckily i'm upgrading to Xeon E5-1660 v3.
  9. Quad core with HT is not enough for me because i multitask a lot. Also i need 40 PCIE lanes because i'll get two more furys in future and i also use pcie wifi. I need min. 6 core with HT but best is 8 and above.
  10. There is no option for E5-2650 nor E5-2660 v3 (that i would buy over any of these)
  11. I mainly play on my PC but also stream, do video editing and 3D rendering. Wich one of these xeons is the best choice? Please don't say that get an i7 5820k and oc. So choices are E5-2650 v3 for 280€, E5-2676 v3 for 320€, E5-2670 v3 for 360€, E5-2683 v3 for 370€ or E5-2667 v3 for 400€? My absolute max budget is 400€ but i would like to go under 350€. My main requirement is good gaming experience. BTW my gpu is R9 Fury. I can't find much gaming benchmark scores for these CPU:s so if you know any (not game debate) tell me. (:
  12. I have only one 250gb ssd and two crappy 5200 rpm hard drives. And my ssd is full and i don't want to put anything to hard drives because it takes ages to load anything from there.
  13. Try changing the post FX value in the settings from ultra to very high or if you have very high turn it to ultra. That setting sometimes causes random low fps and maybe low gpu usage.
  14. Mobos have usually old bios when you buy one so if you haven't manually updated BIOS then it could help. Also have you oveclocked your CPU because sometimes ypu get unstability when overclocked amd have old bios.
  15. Have you checked your cpu usage because for example in WoW in world i have about 60% CPU usage in my i5 6600k and 100% GPU usage in my r9 fury. During raids my GPU usage drops to 80% and CPU usage goes to 100% during that time my framerate drops a lot to around 30-50 fps from normal 100-150 fps. 1080 p needs more from your CPU than 1440p or 4k because it needs more draw calls for your GPU. If your CPU is 100% when playing GTAV then its bottlenecking. You can overclock to try to remove bottlenecking but for me it's time for cpu upgrade because 4 cores is not enough for video editing and i get too much stutter while gaming when i have too many programs running in the background.
  16. It says that stepping code is R2 that works and that ES has SR203 so it should work because the S means stepping code or does it?
  17. I saw an article about lga2011-3 ES xeons and it seems like all MSI and Asus mobos work with no problems (: That means i got e5-2667v3 for 1500€ under normal price!
  18. I've heard that some ES xeons are a bit picky with mobos. But those were old xeons so i'm not sure avout newer ones.
  19. Does someone knoe ehat mobos work with E5-2667 V3 ES? Also you can tell other LGA2011-3 ES chips that you have used and also tell ehat mobo did you use? Please dont tell that i shouldn't buy ES chip. Thanks (:
  20. Even Intel ark says that SR204 is normal cpu not ES. Intel says that q-starting cpu:s are engineering samples.
  21. I'm going to buy a xeon E5-2643 v3 and the seller says it's an engineering sample. He showed me a picture of cpu-z that shows (es) after the name of the cpu. One thing that bugs me is that the sSpec of the cpu is SR204 and that shouldn't be an engineering sample. Is it or not? I'm thining is cpu-z wrong or is the lable in the cpu wrong. If it is an engineering sample i might still buy it just because it's so cheap.
  22. I would love the Kova because i dropped a heavy book to my old R.A.T 5 and now right klick is stuck and i can't afford another gaming mouse so i'm using 5€ mouse right now.
  23. I consider e5-1620v3 because it's 110€ cheaper than i7-5820k. Are any of e5-2xxxvx series cpus overclockable?