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  1. 200 inches + bluetooth + portability = awesome Good luck guys
  2. I5 5200u + GTX 960 at that size !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! B) HTPC + Gaming Rig next to my TV :blink: Good luck guys
  3. I use the old chromecast and bought the new one , so far no difference in quality. There are some features in the new one like casting Spotify, the old chromecast needs a third party app to cast Spotify from android devices (at least for my nexus 4). The new chromecast says in the box youtube 1080 but only casts 720, even trying forcing it with the chrome cast app. The only good thing on the new one is the hdmi conector that doesn't require the adapter, not worth 30 dollars. Regards
  4. The headset looks amazing No alterations in the sound plus wood chambers 50mm drivers Good luck guys
  5. I usually see that problem with the logs of Kaspersky, you can use treesize from cnet to find the culprit. To gain some space just run %temp% and delete all those temp files. Good Luck
  6. Just refresh your windows, that will solve the problem. Good Luck
  7. I have Netgear Readynas Duo v2 with to 2TB WD Reds , best bang for the buck. Just stick with basic functions, as soon you start playing with it you'll have problems. Running steady for 2 years, decent 90 MB/second reads and 40 MB/second writes on gigabit network.
  8. Got it from internet. type in google : trem77 site:youtube.com/all_comments where trem77 is the user, the query will give you all his comments in youtube Good luck
  9. Launch cmd as administrator and type a netstat -b This will tell you what app is using your internet the port and ip Look for something strange.
  10. If it's a desktop I will say is the video cable and if its a laptop is the internal LCD cable try out opening and closing the LCD screen. Good luck.
  11. AMD was really good in the athlon days, the 950 Ghz was really amazing !!!! beating up Intel in price and performance. Sadly Intel now destroys AMD in performance. I bought a A8-5600K APU, Black Edition 3.6GHz w/ 4MB Cache no so long ago just to try it out, the thing just performs worse than a Core 2 Quad of 2.1 Ghz !!!!!! (I used to have one) like really that bad , and forget about the overclock feature uselesssssssssss. I have a i7 4770k and a i5 2500k and a laptop with i5-3317u and I use to be a fanboy of AMD On video cards I own two Ati 7870's, the drivers sucks, there's a issue with the mouse disappearing using crossfire, they don't know or they don't care to solve the issue. On the other hand Nvidea drivers are way better at least no issues at all and I have a GTX 560 ti and a GTX 770. On video cards there's much more than raw power to be considered. It's just my opinion
  12. Ok , maybe this will help. Put old processor , download the bios software to configure in windows , yes in windows , there is an option to disable the build in video of the processor (you will see that only in windows software). Disable it, make sure your video card works. Change the processor and pray
  13. Ok found : Optimizing wireless speeds from 144.5Mbps to reach the maximum speed of 300Mbps/450Mbps link : http://www.asus.com/us/support/FAQ/114481/ Tell us how it goes. Good Luck