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  1. At this rate, maybe they’ll even release a 128 core 3999X!
  2. Didn't expect this to get posted here .. but Facebook is literally the worst streaming platform you could stream on, you have to use your actual Facebook account to watch so someone can just (afaik) click on your name and see a lot of stuff. I've watched Toast for a while, he's a pretty smart guy so I'm sure he's thought this decision through but it's still surprising nonetheless
  3. I've heard that lifestyle changes in cold weather can also contribute to the speed at which viruses spread, i.e. spending more time indoors means viruses can spread much faster. Mmhm, our brains do an immense amount of visual processing to make the thing that we actually 'see', colour vision involves guesswork (esp. around edges of our vision). A significant portion of our brain activity is devoted to just visual processing. My addition to this is that our bodies don't actually sense absolute temperature, but temperature differences which is why if your hands are cold enough, they will sense cold water as being warm! Pretty cool
  4. As technology advances and more and more components are miniaturised, user serviceability will be (and currently has been) sacrificed
  5. This actually looks amazing. They stuck to the original screen and just replaced the entire thing with a screen, no crease too! Too bad it has a SD710 and it's $1500.
  6. I wasn't referring to the silicon exactly, more the keyboard I don't know what they were trying to achieve with the butterfly keyboard (thinness?) and how they thought it was a good idea when they could've done this instead
  7. This literally should have been the MacBook Pro they launched back in 2016. I guess the next best time to launch it is now Huuuge upgrade but I wonder what was the point of releasing the 2019 15" MBP if they were going to redesign it just 6 months later?
  8. Big thumbnails means more incentive for clickbait thumbnails
  9. No, not at all. For almost anyone who uses a computer, PCIe 3.0 is perfectly fine. Perhaps in a few years when 3.0 starts to see bottlenecking we'll see, but 4.0 is still only available to a very limited selection of motherboards (which are AMD only too) and the high cost of those mobos and SSDs (which AFAIK are the only current uses of PCIe 4.0) make it only appealing to someone who's doing absolutely I/O intensive workloads.
  10. I always thought people expecting a full redesign of the iPhone with no notch to be stupid. They've stuck with this design for 3 generations not only because FaceID tech is currently infeasible to put under the display (this is the main reason why notch-less iPhones aren't coming anytime soon) but also because how iconic the design is. When you see this picture you can only think of the iPhone: Such is why they stuck with the previous rectangular design for so long.
  11. If someone's gonna challenge the dominance of Android and iOS, China is sure as hell best equipped to do that. I wouldn't doubt they have long-term plans to license this OS to other Chinese smartphone manufacturers, like Xiaomi, Honor, etc. since Chinese companies are so interlinked with one another.
  12. This business about Cloudflare blocking 8chan sets a pretty scary precedent not only for 'controversial' websites, but for the entire Internet in general. The companies that control how network traffic is routed across the world have no doubt known for a long time they have an immense amount of authority and with that they no doubt have also realised, is a lot of responsibility. 


    Now with the events of the past few days, it will undoubtedly cause a ripple effect to other CDNs and other companies who maintain the backbone of the internet that they should use this authority to check the content of the websites they service. I won't be surprised if they conduct 'background checks' on websites soon. Imagine that, having to get your website 'vetted' before it can be hosted by a company. 


    Reminds me when they were talking about the Red Scare in history class, except now we've swapped communism with terrorism. All of these events are whirred along by the constant fear of 'radicalisation' and 'hate'. Unfortunately, in the current state of affairs, it is all too common to have content that is perceived to be overly controversial to be eradicated under the guise of it being 'offensive' or 'hate speech'. We've accepted that gender can be a spectrum, but I don't understand why we can't accept the same for opinion and belief.