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  1. Didn't Netflix also bypass Apple's IAP system too hmm ... not sure if Spotify's going to do the same but as far as I'm aware, Apple doesn't usually like apps which redirect payments to an external platform
  2. Soppro

    Tesla Unveils Model Y

    Hopefully they'll be able to escalate production a lot more quickly this time (which I am inclined to doubt, we'll see), but they are going to face a lot more competition by the time deliveries start as they're going to be up against much more mature German rivals ...
  3. Soppro

    Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti Launch Review/Benchmark Thread

    I still have absolutely no clue why they called it the 16 series instead of the 11 series.
  4. Wow, this thread has really formed a strong opinion on this topic, I guess I'll throw my response into the mix ... Personally, I don't think this is newsworthy at all, the usual creating drama from something nothing type of thing. The article definitely downplays the educational aspect of the 'field trip' in favour of "Apple is exploiting the vulnerability and immaturity of children for their own economic benefit". Maybe they really are trying to indoctrinate our children, but maybe, just maybe, there is also some educational benefit to this:
  5. I can literally taste the copious amounts of sodium chloride oozing out of their metaphorical mouth
  6. The Panasonic Toughbook or a VAIO ... those are interesting products that don't get much coverage. https://business.panasonic.com.au/computer-product/products-and-accessories https://us.vaio.com/
  7. Soppro

    Many IoT devices can be easily hacked

    It is unfortunate that consumers are all too willing to trade privacy for convenience. This is an area where HomeKit's approach to security easily outshines any other platform.
  8. Soppro

    New iPod Touch might be in the works for 2019

    Nice to see them finally giving some attention to the iPod line, which has been mostly dead (and likely will still be even with a new model) but hey, I'll take a refreshed model over the current one any day. Who cares if people are just getting phones nowadays ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. I suspect you may have been confusing the mSATA slot which could be used for a secondary drive that only supports SATA II. The 2.5" bay on the other hand is perfectly capable of SATA III - I've done this upgrade myself and you will get the full performance of your SSD.
  10. Soppro

    Looking for new work laptop

    If you're getting a Dell, I'd suggest getting a Latitude over an Inspiron, I've only heard good things about them, especially in terms of their reliability. Plus it's a proper business machine, instead of the Inspiron which it part of their consumer lineup.
  11. Damn, I feel bad for Samsung putting in so much effort developing this screen technology and seeing it being so easily stolen. It’s not surprising that their IP is being targeted, especially by Chinese companies, but it sucks nonetheless ...
  12. People covering their webcams, especially on laptops ... I fail to see its effectiveness at all, especially when literally everyone also carries a camera around in their pockets all day. I don't even know what kind of information people want to gain from accessing my webcam. Heck, they're better off accessing the files on my computer than my webcam. I think there's very few people trying to hack into people's webcams and so there's little reason to cover it up. People's paranoia is better off somewhere else.
  13. Any other ideas as to how I can get to the recycle bin?
  14. Damn, the recycle bin folder is hidden so it doesn’t show up ...
  15. I’ll see if this works!!