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  1. Oops, brain fart.... I have heard of it and I have seen it in some youtube videos. Although I have never played it as I have never pc gamed.
  2. And would this get me through games at 1080p with setting at medium or higher?
  3. The basement has been repaired and measures have been taken to make sure none of this will ever happen again. This happened near 6 months ago.
  4. I do, and I checked if they would cover it. They used some bullshit excuses and refused to cover any of the tech. They covered the water damage on the house. I will be switching insurance.
  5. Well as the title said I had my basement flooded. I have $1500 USD to get myself some new gaming tech. Only things that remain are 4 Xbox One games, (Assassins Creed Unity, and Black Flag, along with Theif, and Destiny.) I am trying to decide what way to spend my money, and I would like some advice. I've never had a true gaming pc and I'm intrigued about going that direction. I would also be interested in just re purchasing a Xbox One, and getting a TV. Although I know nothing about TVs at the moment. Maybe if I get a cheaper tv in the 500-600$ range I could also get myself an Alienware Alpha? What would you guys do? Please try to sway me one way or another. (disclaimer: I am not the most knowledgeable about an optimal pc build and what a good monitor, mouse, or keyboard would cost.)