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  1. 4460 is fine, even for a 1080 950 is a good card for prebuilts, very power efficient and quite powerful.
  2. i would recommend to not care about such things. you don't need to hold it. static discharge lasts about a microsecond. less than a microsecond actually.
  3. you don't even need to touch it if you actually have static build up. just get close enough to it. just ignore static, use simple tips and don't try to intentionally kill anything and you will be fine. kitchen. also carpet isn't that big of a deal either unless you intentionally try to slide around on it.
  4. if he could get an anti static bag or a box or a locker or a home I'm sure he wouldn't be asking here in the first place. and even then, static is like a unicorn by now
  5. where can he get one? normal plastic bag is more static than anything else.
  6. static is not a nuclear bomb.
  7. Very possible because of the placement of the bumper, but I doubt it, Luphie is a semi-known brand, they wouldn't make it if it was completely broke.
  8. well if they both offer 5960x the price will drop, that's how it always works, look at how GPU price/performance is increasing over the years that's what I mean by shove, more consumers will have powerful hardware.
  9. good news if it does. that means industry is getting a serious shove.
  10. 1080 was claimed to be as fast as 980 sli, not titan x. And it is. 1070 was claimed to be as fast as titan x, and it's not out yet.
  11. Wait nevermind, not bluetooth.
  12. reduce background noise where you record stuff, sit closer to the microphone and reduce gain. it's just how condenser microphones are, they are really sensitive.
  13. spotify has a sick deal on, check out their website. 

  14. doesn't matter, as long as there is paypal it can be even freak fetish pc part store and it would still be fine
  15. it's not ips. you yourself linked Acer page, it clearly says TN. also ips is never 1ms. (neither is TN, but they do manage to get away with it)
  16. AC outlet seems very silly for a power bank. Unless it was huge power bank, like generator size.
  17. battleborn suffers from visual diarrhea, way too much shit on the screen.
  18. both coming at the end of the year
  19. mediatek has bad gpu performance generally.
  20. no, wait for zen and next intel gen
  21. same cache? why are you question marking it? http://ark.intel.com/compare/88193,88180