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  1. http://pcpartpicker.com/product/zzyxFT/sandisk-internal-hard-drive-sdssda120gg25 http://pcpartpicker.com/product/BNGj4D/sandisk-internal-hard-drive-sdssda240gg25
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    feels like LTT is developing a severe case of CLICKBAITUS TITLEUS. 

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    2. ZetZet


      leafyishere is not a tech channel, it's a shittalk channel

    3. ZetZet


      @Comic_Sans_MS no because corsair doesn't make gpu's they only rebrand them

    4. comicsansms


      True, but you could say that about lots of brands (Including AMD)

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  3. you are overestimating how much stock there is. it's much more dynamic nowadays.
  4. hof has been doing that for like 50 years.
  5. prices will go down like 5-10% at best. probably won't change.
  6. peltier device doesn't cool it just transfers heat to another place. for computers quite useless.
  7. ebay is always trustable, just make sure you pay via paypal.
  8. it's not very enjoyable to spectate.
  9. That's overall wattage. Look at one port watts. Anker does 2.4 amps max, no quickcharge 2.0 Aukey has quickcharge so it will obviously be the fastest.
  10. it probably can compete in power draw. performance though...
  11. Zen could easily do it. This isn't Zen, we haven't seen what Zen can do. We haven't seen what Intel will respond to Zen with either.
  12. exactly. Ever since Iris Pro AMD was left behind. Just because this graphics oriented chip beats Intel's CPU oriented chip doesn't mean much.
  13. if you can get that for 700 then it's pretty good, unless you want to play games, then it's useless.
  14. 1070 is literally 2 times faster
  15. y700 is better since it's new, quite a few issues addressed
  16. Nah, I would settle for the more basic laptops with 960M's for college. Lenovo Y700 for example. http://www.notebookcheck.net/Lenovo-Ideapad-Y700-15ISK-80NW-Notebook-Review.155878.0.html very good battery. also my buddy has one, it's a very solid laptop.
  17. nah I found laptops around that on newegg, Asus ROG and some Gigabyte ones. Sager gets you 965m http://www.sagernotebook.com/Notebook-NP7258.html
  18. If you want wireless G602 is fine. If you want wired then it really doesn't matter, just get whichever is more comfortable for you.