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    Xeon 1230v2
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    Asrock B75 Pro3-M
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    4x4Gb Crucial Ballistix 1600 cl9
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    Msi TF gtx 760
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    Fractal arc mini
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    Crucial M500
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    Cooler Master G550M (5 year warranty stronk)
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    Hyper 103(blue led and a very solid mount)
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  1. RX480 is the same price as a 970 now, that's dissapointing.

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    2. The Realist
    3. minibois


      Oh, I thought since you said $, you were from a country that uses that.. Anyways, prices in the EU are weird. In the Netherlands and Germany the price are about 270-280 euros for either card (or 220-230 for a 4GB RX 480), but in a lot of other places the prices are (much) different. For example in India the GTX 970 is cheaper because AMD prices are insane there and in many other places it's the other way around

    4. The Realist

      The Realist

      I just said $ so it would be easier for you guys to understand and not say some unspellable currency and make you suffer by translating it