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  1. yes but if I'm in disk management what do I do, since nothing says format, when I right click it only says convert to dynamic disk, mbr disk or new simple volume
  2. I tried to get into bios but my keyboard does not go on until windows has been booted up.
  3. yes, but where do I go to since it is not in devices and drives, it is only in disk management and it says convert to dynamic disk or convert to MBR..
  4. Yes I installed windows onto the ssd
  5. So today my new ssd and new hard drive arrived. I configured my ssd as my boot drive, and it is showing up in devices and drives. I plugged in my other hard drive after windows had downloaded on my SSD. Now my hard drive does not show up in devices and drives. I went to disk management and my hard drive reads Disk 1 Basic 2794.39GB 2794.39GB Unallocated Online What do I do so my hard drive will show up? Help much appreciated, sorry storage noob here
  6. . I also heard that ASUS mobos had terrible software...
  7. When I was putting my new cpu into it it would not boot up, sent it back to asus and they said the mobo socket was faulty, they said they could offer a refund or a replacement, I asked for a refund due to I could get a just as good motherboard (or a better one) for a cheaper or more expensive price. That hopefully answers your question.
  8. Hi, I'm looking for a upgrade for my Asus Z97 board, which sadly died on me a few days ago I'm not sure if I should get the MSI Z97 Gaming 3 (which is cheaper than the RoG board) or the Asus RoG Ranger? I don't care about flashy LEDs I care about price to preformance. I'm running a MSI 970 and a 4690k if you want to know.
  9. Hello, I would just like to check if the NZXT X41 140mm Kraken Water Coolerwould fit into my NZXT H440??? Thanks for helping out in advance!
  10. Personal Preference. If you are buying a new 3 way monitor build go for the ASUS RoG Swift 1440p monitor. It is a bit pricy but my gosh is it a beauty and is the best monitor on the market.
  11. A ssd is a drive which is faster and has no moving parts, which means it is very very likely not to break. On your ssd you would keep windows. This is due to if you keep windows on with all your games on one drive your pc would take long to boot up. Only put windows on your ssd. On a hard drive put all your games. Try to go for a 1TB or 2TB hard drive that is 1000/2000GB. Merry Christmas!
  12. I have it. Sorry I forgot to mention
  13. Ho ho ho. I have £19.99 on my wallet and would love some suggestions for steam. I have portal half life, and lfd2. My favourite games have to be binding of Issac, just cause series and fallout series. Yes I've played skyrim. Any suggestions?