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  1. mainstream movies are made from the standpoint of making money. it's very much the "Big blockbuster you MUST SEE". non mainstream movies are generally made primarily for the artistic qualities of it, they're usually indie films, though their have been ones made by large companies before. A good way to think of it is Mainstream Movies are things like Transformers: they're big, flashy, expensive, and designed to appeal to the largest market possible. Indie films tend to be a story or an idea the director wants to share via film, Tarantino is a mainstream example of a non-mainstream director. He doesn't have that much mass market appeal, and most people find him too gory or otherwise distasteful, but he tells the stories he wants to tell regardless of the money he could be making if he had that appeal. (sorry if that didn't make sense, it's like 2am lmao)
  2. What are you using the camera for? What lenses do you need? Do you have lighting, audio, and other equipment?
  3. Oh! Nevermind guys, false alarm. Turns out it DOES have an aperture lever, and it just got stuck on something with the 28mm and that's why I could see the change then. Sorry guys!
  4. My camera was before they started doing that, but I suppose I should probably check if the lenses are on auto edit: checked it, lenses won't mount if it's on auto, so that can't be it
  5. its a 35mm film camera, so no f-stop buttons or anything, and it's just photos. Im definitely noticing sharp changes in amount of light with the 28mm, whereas the other lenses don't really seem to change at all.
  6. I've noticed that only 2 of my lenses actually allow me to see the effects of adjusting the aperture, and I'm not sure if the aperture is broken and not actually moving at all, or if it's just not showing up for whatever reason. Adjusting the aperture still moves the light meter aperture circle, but not the needle and I can't see it getting darkened on any lenses except my fisheye lens and my 28mm prime. All the others appear to be stuck at between fstop 4-5.6. im only really unsure because 6 of my lenses are like that, which seems like a pretty high failure rate.
  7. Panasonic has announced the follow-up to the Lumix GH4 (Which is the B cam LTT uses) at Photokina earlier today. Not much is known yet, as they're going to be releasing more about the camera later during the event, but so far we know a few things. 6k/30p burst mode. 4k/60p video 4k/50p video 10 bit 4.2.2 4k Video. It's slated for release in Early-Mid 2017. source:http://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2016/9/19/12971066/panasonics-lumix-gh5-4k-60p-video-6k-photos-mirrorless-camera
  8. I had a huion tablet, I think it's the H550, it's an older generation but about that same price point. I would go with an equivalent Wacom option, the huion won't be any better, if at all, and the Wacom will have better driver support and will be made better (I had to bend the pins of the charging connector several times, and the pen was constantly having issues). Honestly, I would really just advise that you get a tablet and practice. It's not going to matter so much what you get, so long as you have the talent and the knowledge of digital drawing techniques.
  9. Yeah, I figured I was really overthinking. Thank you!
  10. I've managed to completely confuse myself as far as buying a camera. I was originally sure I'd get an a6000 after my first round of research and review checking, but at this point I'm having a fair amount of issues deciding. I'd really like to take suggestions and advice for this. Priorities for what it needs to do, in order: 1. Shoot clear, high quality video. I want to do small cinematic projects/short films, so something that is good for amateur film projects is the goal. 2. Be something I can take with me everywhere somewhat easily. This is why I'm leaning pretty heavily towards mirrorless, because I'd like something that I can carry with me just about anywhere, and I'd like to take it with me places as much as possible. 3. Take good stills. While my focus is on video, I still enjoy still photography, and I'd like to be able to use this for things like portraits and such. Things like 4k are a definite bonus, but I don't plan to export video in 4k, I'd use it more for crop stabilization/reframing and such, and therefore its not an absolute priority. I have a decently large stock of FD lenses, so as long as I can adapt those to the lens mount I'm fine (I plan on buying at least one general purpose lens for the camera, but replacing the 10 or so lenses I already have would be way too costly) I have a budget of around 500-600 for the body, although I'm going to be buying it around black friday, so I'm very open to suggestions in price ranges that are slightly above that, since I may be able to find them for discounted prices My current list of cameras that I'm looking at mostly are: Lumix G7 (Seems to have the best video quality at the price range) Sony a6000 (Seems to be a balanced overall package, with good video, stills and form factor) Rebel t6/t5i (I'd be able to get more lenses for this, since its the cheapest base and comes with pretty low-cost kit lenses) Pentax KS-2 (Also has decent kit lens deal, though I can't find much about its video performance) Sorry for asking so many questions, thank you guys! <3
  11. Yeah thats always a worry. I'll def try best buy, but I'm probably going to focus on online stores since Black Friday is a bit chaotic around here