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  1. Mikensan

    Network layout showoff

    Isn't the opposite true - if a client sends a jumbo frame to the switch set to 1500, the switch will cut it up into 6 pieces (9000/1500) and send them on their way? I thought it would also gather up frames of 1500 until it has a frame of 9000 and send that down the pipe, where a client set to 1500 would have to deconstruct it?
  2. Mikensan

    Network layout showoff

    Given the nature of the nexus I don't think it would drop the MTU size whereas a normal switch might should that be the case. It's ok for now, I'm getting close enough 10GB speeds in the end to not worry. Think I got around 800-900mbyte/s and I'm content lol. I've never tried going ipv6 internally (or at all for that matter), may be a fun project.
  3. Mikensan

    Network layout showoff

    I'm using 1GB ports on it still, figured it would cause a lot of fragmentation at the devices who are all 1500? Is that right or am I crazy (novice networking guy)?
  4. Mikensan

    Network layout showoff

    Ah ok, still a pretty solid deal. Currently running a Nexus 3048, also loud and power hungry lol. Wish I knew I couldn't set the MTU per port before buying it however.
  5. Mikensan

    Network layout showoff

    How much did the C5010P set you back, if you don't mind me asking?
  6. Mikensan

    FreeNAS raidz1 expansion

    on a 1gb network and no iSCSI/NFS shares, I don't see a SLOG/ZIL device being useful. Even then you would just partition out maybe 20-60gb of the SSD and maybe another 100 for l2arc to get the most out of your SSD. However using the SSD as a normal vdev in a pool, mapping it to plex, then storing transcodes on there - would be useful if you're going to transcode multiple 1080 streams.
  7. Mikensan

    DFS Replication with Dropbox

    I assume you're paying for dropbox since their free tier is rather small. Compare pricing to S3 (not that bad for warm storage) which offers the ability to just create shares which would play nicer. https://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/whats-new/2018/06/aws-storage-gateway-adds-smb-support-to-store-objects-in-amazon-s3/
  8. Mikensan

    Decent server deals [Link]

    Oh that's interesting to hear, guess it really varies by country not distance. Had a friend mail < 5lbs of paperwork to SE asia for $40 lol.
  9. Mikensan

    Remotely connecting to another PC? The good way

    By default it is supposed to atuo-adjust the quality, but you can always set it manually. Sometimes when I have "spikes" of lag that it doesn't handle well, I'll manuall drop the quality just to keep thing smooth. I have however streamed movies/anime over teamviewer quit nicely.
  10. Mikensan

    Remotely connecting to another PC? The good way

    Personally teamviewer untattended works really well, even over mobile. What kind of problems were you having? RDP / Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Protocol - works very well. If you're going to use this over the internet there are risks (if you don't keep your computer up to date for one) which may allow somebody to gain access to your system.
  11. Mikensan

    DFS Replication with Dropbox

    So if server A has dropbox point to the DFS and syncing, Server B will pull from DFS and always have a live copy. Should server A die, you'll have the most up to date copy at the time of death, on Server B. If at that point you want to sync it with dropbox then I would. Otherwise having dropbox syncing the same folder on two different servers may cause some weird issues - there's no real need. Just setup dropbox on Server B when the time comes.
  12. Mikensan

    Decent server deals [Link]

    60lbs across the blue, may end up costing as much as the server >_<. Really hope they're reasonable.
  13. Mikensan

    Need help Cross Signing between 2 RootCAs

    Microsoft just recommends issuing certs from a CA cross multiple forests without the need to cross sign / trust. https://serverfault.com/questions/703829/cross-forest-certificate-authority https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/previous-versions/windows/it-pro/windows-server-2008-R2-and-2008/ff955845(v=ws.10) https://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/14715.test-lab-guide-mini-module-cross-forest-certificate-enrollment-using-certificate-enrollment-web-services.aspx
  14. Mikensan

    Decent server deals [Link]

    Just thought I'd share a site I came across while browsing reddit. Fairly comparable to Ebay prices if not cheaper (depending on the day), definitely cheaper than servermonkey. Have seen a couple people on reddit (/r/homelab) mention buying from them - I will likely too. https://techmikeny.com/collections/configure-to-order-servers/products/dell-poweredge-r710-6-bay-gen1-2u-server?variant=9017475891260&amp;ctohash=53e57db005319284e22037952d3ba2f9 Apples to apples, $413 vs $655. Price difference really takes off when you add disks (3TB $60ea vs $90ea)- but those prices change so often I don't fault ServerMonkey (much). 2x x5670s, 128gb (8x 16GB), no disks, 2 PSU, Enterprise iDRAC/IPMI
  15. Bought two x5670s for $70 last year, currently $20/ea. Cheapest 6380 I see is around $50/ea. 6378 is better priced at $30/ea. Market is flooded with Rx0's and D3x0's, they're crazy cheap and plentiful - I rarely come across something as popular running Opteron. In my environment the faster processors are making a difference, not exactly running a couple apache servers and git servers though... iSCSI takes maybe 5 minutes and you portion out what you want for the extent, not the whole volume...... So easily able to create SMB shares... I run 10gb across 3 nodes connected to a switch at home as well - not sure how this changes anything? You keep saying you wouldn't use vnics for a router but do not say why. Performance is great and Cisco/VMware trust them enough for their virtual routers... I don't see where any of this requires an expert, it is all well documented. Overall I feel like you're quick to judge using your own logic vs having actually tried any of it. I think if you had (or do in the future) you'll find yourself surprised. Otherwise people who actually have tried wouldn't be replying saying so. Anywho, you've made up your mind and OP has chosen his path. OP will be happy and have extra funds for more stuff as a result, no use beating a dead horse as they say.