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  1. I finished all tubes and changed the connection from the pump to the rad in the front. Before running the first test I polished the cpu block a bit. It's not perfect, but still alot better than before. After that I tested the loop for a few hours without leaks so far. I'll continue tomorrow , but so far it looks good. Also added some dye.
  2. To me it looks like you're not doing the crimps right and therefore ruining your cables. Don't put your crimper all the way up to wings on the side as this will crush the two tiny wings facing upwards. Maybe have a look at this vid:
  3. Got some new pictures for you . Finished drilling all holes for the pass-through fittings, pump and reservoir. Took quite some time to measure everything out so it will fit. Really liked the drilling template EKWB shipped with the pump mount. Then it was time to start doing my first bends. Nothing special, they're all just single or double 90° bends. So far I like the results, only the front ( connection from pump to radiator and drain valve) doesn't convince me 100%, but I haven't found a better solution so far. Also did some details like removing the ugly stickers from the ram and cutting two cable holes in the case for the SSDs (painted the cut edge later on) I hope I can finish the remaining bends tomorrow and start leak testing
  4. Today I'm gonna start sleeving the important cables. To get started I already sleeved all the Sata data cables yesterday and I'm happy about the quality of the sleeve as well as my work . For the 24-pin and both 8-pin cables I'm using the following design Further I was able to fit the backplate back onto the graphics card with some longer screws. Still have to remove those ugly stickers, but I think it's already looking better. I replaced all green o-rings of the fittings with black ones and used some pipe cleaners to visualize the layout of the loop a bit better.
  5. Time for a update Simple test loop to check the gpu block Installed the new case feet. The Cover for the rear of the case is finished. Well almost,still need to make the cutout for the fan. The layout for the loop is pretty much final too. But if you have some brilliant idea, let me hear
  6. Yeah it's a small company. Can't wait to see how it performs. Thanks for the reminder Glad you like it . There's still a lot of roo for improvement though. Hope I can post an update this evening.
  7. Awww yess , look what was in the mail today: I was waiting quite some time for it, but the waterblock is finally here. To fit the backplate back on I propably need some longer screws, but I'm gonna solve that the next couple days. Later I'm gonna run a leak test to see if everything is ok and working. I think I'll install the new case feet too. Now that I have every component, I can start planning my loop more precisely and measure every tubing run between components.
  8. Today I got a big package from Gosumodz The crimping tool is really nice The cnc milled case feet
  9. On one side of the pump top I used 600 (to get rid of some deeper scratches), 1000, 2000. I would have used 1500 in between but my local store didn't have that. For the other sides I'm gonna start with 1000.
  10. It does indeed . I also tested polishing my acrylic parts a bit, starting with the pump top. But I have to do that again as I noticed after polishing with paste that I didn't use the 2000 grit long enough as there were still some marks from the lower grit visible. Man this is going to be time consuming .
  11. So you guys propably thought this build is dead... but it's not . I'm still missing the gpu block, but it should arrive soon, just like my sleeving equipment (if you got some suggestions for sleeving patterns let me know ). Today I drained my old loop, it was a bit of a hassle because I didn't have a drain valve, but in the end everything was fine. No problems with gunk or something else. CPU block almost looks like new and those few spots that were visible, were easily removed with nevr dull. This week I also got some packages with pass-through fittings and some tools like the monsoon bending kit .
  12. I just ordered it with the other stuff, because it was cheap xD. I won't use it in this project.
  13. Got the last electronic parts today (at least think they're the last ). So at the Weekend I can hopefully tinker around with that stuff. Breadboards, jumper wires, ir remote (just to play around a bit), level converters, pins, etc. WIFI ?! Yes WIFI ! Maybe someone recognizes the chip