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  1. Yes. I ran a stress test with AIDA64 and FurMark at the same time for an hour. Everything was fine.
  2. So I've just ran AIDA64's GPU, CPU and RAM stress tests for 30 minutes and I've had no issues. This is perplexing : /
  3. Yes. FurMark, Heaven all in full screen, 2560x1080, on the highest presets. Could be running them for a few hours with no stability issues
  4. It's every game. Batman, Evil Within, I've checked integrity of all the files, it's even for non-Steam titles
  5. So I just tried that--No dice. Any 3D game crashes anywhere from shortly after starting, or 10 minutes. There are no error messages other than the usual "This Application Is Not Responding", though, like I said in my original post, sometimes it doesn't even show that and goes straight to the desktop.
  6. Some background information first. My Windows 10 install originally has had its hayday. I was having many issues, lockups, Windows updates not installing, etc. Years of Windows updates, along with graphics card changes (Onboard -> R9 270 -> GTX 1060 -> GTX 1080). My Strix 1080 is acting a bit odd. I can run benchmarks just fine, (Heaven), put it through the ringer, have temperatures all the way up in the 70s, and everything holds fine. However, if I try to play any game, (through Steam), the application flat out locks up, crashes, or just vanishes like it was never running. I chalked this behaviour to be because of my incredibly atrocious Windows 10 install. I just reinstalled Windows 10. All of the previous Windows quirks are gone, but this one remains. Everything is up to date. I've tried reseating the card but to no avail. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this, or how I could further troubleshoot this? Edit: No it is not overclocked, and temperatures are range from, 50s to low 70s when it crashes. Thank you kindly
  7. Hey all, About 3 weeks ago I posted a topic about some potential bad RAM that I may have. This is a new build: Intel Core i7 6700k (With Dark Rock Pro 3 as the cooler) 32 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX (2 x 16 GB) ASUS Z170 Deluxe ADATA Premier SP550 120 GB SSD LSP Ultra 750W So, expanding on the old topic--at the time I was getting RAM errors with Memtest. I've RMA'd the RAM as I've said, and have updated the BIOS today to the latest version. (1402 I believe it was). Now, on top of Windows Setup not booting, and the RAM errors in memtest, I'm getting Qcode errors 61 and 62, which are NVRAM Initialization and Installation of PCH runtime services, respectively. Rebooting sometimes gets me out of that Qcode loop, and resetting cmos gets me out of there all of the time. Running memtest overnight gave me an "Unexpected interrupt - Halting CPU2". I've also tried re-seating the CPU, making sure that there are no bent pins (or that the CPU isn't bent), and making sure that the cooler isn't on too tight. I've screwed it in all the way but didn't force the screws further than they would go with just turning it with a light grip. I've tried various RAM stick combinations in different slots, with the same result. I'm also using onboard HDMI out for now as I can't afford a graphics card just yet. I'm wondering if this is a bad CPU, or if my motherboard needs to be RMA'd. I'm confused and frustrated, and out of ideas. Any help is appreciated. Thanks guys. Edit: Is it possible at all that the giant CPU cooler damaged the CPU and/or the socket? It was working for a while and then stopped while I was installing software, which prompted me to assume Windows just crapped itself, and reinstall it.
  8. I think I'll end up doing that. Thanks for the assistance, and Happy Holidays!
  9. I don't appreciate the snarky attitude, and it certainly isn't making me feel very welcomed here. I came here asking for help, because, two heads are better than one, and I expected courteous, and at the very least respectful responses from members here. Needless to say I'm very, very disappointed. I wanted some ideas as to what could be causing these errors I'm getting. A bad CPU? A bad motherboard? Could any of those be contributing factors? I certainly didn't expect someone to come out and give me Grinch attitude. I don't think Linus would call these forums less hostile than others on the internet if it wasn't true, and will just attribute your sour attitude to the time of year. Now, I did try different slots, and all that seems to do is give me different errors in memtest, during different test every time I run it. I'm thinking it's any of the components I mentioned previously, which is why I need some help figuring out what's going on and why. I apologize, but I don't see the connection to my monitor when my RAM seems to be having funky times, and I would love to hear your reasoning.
  10. My graphics is onboard, provided by my Intel 6700k CPU. I don't see how that would be giving me RAM errors, PAGED_IN_NON_PAGED_AREA and telling me that Windows attempted to write in a read-only area of RAM. My PSU, again, is LSP Ultra 750W PSU, that I tested using a PSU tester before I purchased any components.
  11. I'm using the onboard HDMI out, to my monitor, both of which work fine. I don't have any other graphics cards to try, although with this being a memtest and RAM issue of some sort, I don't see how another monitor plays into this? I forgot to mention that not even Safe Mode works in this situation.
  12. CMOS has been reset, and AHCI is set by default. It still blue screens.
  13. I'm no longer using my old drive. Again, as I mentioned, I'm using a blank SSD that I'm trying to install Windows on. The BIOS is set to load optimized defaults, just as it was when I was able to successfully get into the Windows Setup.
  14. I wanted to see if I could recover any files off of it. As I mentioned in my first post, I'm no longer using that drive to try to boot into setup. I only brought it up to bring up the fact that I was able to get into Windows Setup, but now I can't.
  15. The system runs fine in the BIOS, and I can run Memtest without any lockups. As soon as I try to boot into Windows, it blue screens and resets. Thermals are showing up as 26 C idle for CPU. My PSU is LSP Ultra 750W. Not the best thing in the world, but before I bought these components I tested it with a PSU tester and everything came in okay. Edit: Running RAM in the furthest slot yields the same results. This time memtest gave me errors in test 2, at that point I cancelled out of it. The RAM also runs at 2133 and not 2400, so I'm not sure if compatibility is the real issue. It's also perplexing as to why my initial successful attempts at booting into the Windows Setup ever even happened considering I can't even get in now.