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  1. Epiclol86

    Memory usage way too high

    So I'm running windows 10 and I have 16gb of ddr4 memory installed and somehow at idle i'm using almost 9gb of it. Nothing is running apart from what would normally run like steam in the background but that alone can't be the problem here can't it? I've checked what was running in task manager and can't seem to find what's using so much and i'm not the type to install a thousand programs running in the background... You would think that it would be malware but my cpu usage is like 1% at idle so I don't think that's the problem here... What do you think is causing this?
  2. Epiclol86

    1080 Ti SLI or RTX 2080 Ti Single?

    wait a couple of weeks until the RTX reviews are in and you can get an idea on the performance gain from the new cards.
  3. Epiclol86

    How to Program / Manufacture RAM?

    if you know how to you can always order a printed pcb from a number of places around the web.
  4. Epiclol86

    Using good DAC for Monitor Built-in Speakers

    Honestly getting some separate speakers and using that instead of buying a DAC will most certainly produce a way better sound
  5. well, for the audio problem you probably need to download audio drivers...
  6. Epiclol86

    Which PC is Better for bugdet Gaming?

    oh yhea. But you should know that both your p=options are pretty bad
  7. Epiclol86

    Which PC is Better for bugdet Gaming?

    the first one for sure
  8. Epiclol86

    Corsair Link on Windows XP. Is It Possible?

    IT is but it causes XP to have memory problems, so not reccomended.
  9. Epiclol86

    No post after RAM upgrade

    It's very possible. Happens more often than you would think to get DOA RAM.
  10. Epiclol86

    really long time to wake up

    I have found what's probably the problem. I have run a benchmark and the seq write speed is down to 24 Mb/sec...
  11. Epiclol86

    really long time to wake up

    So I have a laptop (GE72VR 6RF) from MSI, and have had it for a little over a year now. Whenever I close the laptop, let's say to bring it to uni, when I open it up again it gets stuck for a long time on the windows screen, then when I click to show the box where you write your password it takes even longer for it to show, then allow me to type anything! It didn't do that until a few weeks ago, and considering there's a NVMe M.2 SSD in there I would expect it to reopen up a lot faster than that! Also It's super slow after opening the session for like 30 seconds then everything is back to normal. Is something wrong?
  12. So I have a motherboard with an lga 2011-3 socket on it. What would be a good cpu for gaming that I could use with it? (No need for high core count, but high core clock is preferable). Budget is anything reasonable (you know, 1000$ i9's are not reasonable). Also, what does the 3 at the end of 2011-3 mean? Thanks.
  13. Epiclol86

    CPU's for lga 2011

    Thanks to everybody! I think imma get a 6800k.
  14. Epiclol86

    R7 370 4GB overheating

    maybe download MSI afterburner and crank up the fan curve. Then if that makes no difference then you're sure that you have a problem.
  15. Epiclol86

    Is 8ms response too slow for gaming?

    8 ms is on the higher side for modern panels (normally, an IPS panel will be around 4 and a TN around 1. In comparison TV's are more around 15 and higher), but I think It's still very acceptable. If you found a deal on this 8ms panel then get it, and don't think twice. Especially If you don't play a lot of intense FPS games.
  16. Epiclol86

    Small blower card?

    Hey, I'm going to build a small form factor pc in the near future (as a living room gaming pc, console replacement type of thing) and I was wondering If you guys knew of a small blower fan graphics card that i could use. Preferably something of this generation, but i could go with last gen too. no price restriction (I mean, be reasonable, no multi tousand dollar workstation gpus please!).
  17. Epiclol86

    Small blower card?

    i was thinking about that. It would be a lot more complicated but If I do that I could use something like that flat 1070 (the katana i think?)
  18. Epiclol86

    Small blower card?

    I'm building the case myself to be as small as possible. That means full size is almost certainly out of the question...
  19. Epiclol86

    Small blower card?

    yhea that would be nice thanks! I was thinking about a blower style because i thought that maybe directing the hot air outide of the case would be helpfull especially in a small case... but if it doesn't exist i'll go for small cards
  20. Epiclol86

    CPU Voltage Quite Low

    you are right that's low, are you sure your stress test is running?
  21. I have laptop with windows 10. I realised that with nothing open my pc uses 6.5 Gb of Ram (I have 16 btw). I'm almost sure that's absurdly high, and i've sweeped my PC for viruses, i found nothing. I checked all the active processes but their memory usage does't add up to 6gb, it adds up to a bit higher that 2! i have no idea what's happening, please help! also, pc specs, if it helps : 16 gb of unpecified ram i7 7600HQ 250 gb kingston m.2 ssd (main drive) 1tb HDD of some sort (storage) gtx 1060
  22. nah i have the only account on my laptop but It did come with an unusually high amount of bloatware preinstalled so...
  23. oooh that actually makes a lot of sense! Thanks!
  24. Epiclol86

    Console Killer

    CPU Intel Pentium G4560 3.5GHz Dual-Core Processor $59.99 @ SuperBiiz Motherboard ASRock B250M-HDV Micro ATX LGA1151 Motherboard $66.98 @ Newegg Memory *Avexir Core Series 8GB (1 x 8GB) DDR4-2400 Memory $47.92 @ Amazon Storage Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive $49.33 @ OutletPC Video Card Gigabyte Radeon RX 460 2GB WINDFORCE OC Video Card $89.99 @ Newegg Case Deepcool TESSERACT SW ATX Mid Tower Case $38.99 @ SuperBiiz Power Supply SeaSonic S12II 620W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply $49.90 @ B&H Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts Total (before mail-in rebates) $413.10 Mail-in rebates -$10.00 Total $403.10 *Lowest price parts chosen from parametric criteria Generated by PCPartPicker 2017-03-14 15:58 EDT-0400 copied from r/pcmasterrace...