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  1. Informative
    Zenedge reacted to Stefan Payne in Xbox 360 power brick compatibility   
    You can see that with the Power COnnector.
    You need the one exactly for your Version of the 360.
  2. Informative
    Zenedge reacted to Ertman in Xbox 360 power brick compatibility   
    As previously mentioned, the connections are different to be forwards compatible. A Xenon PSU can be use with a  jasper, but not the other way around.
    I have used a Xenon PSU with a Falcon and a Jasper, if that is any comfort.
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    Zenedge reacted to Mira Yurizaki in Xbox 360 power brick compatibility   
    The plugs on the original model 360s are physically different, so they won't fit in each other

  4. Informative
    Zenedge reacted to tatte in Xbox 360 power brick compatibility   
    You're correct, they pull the amperage they need, and as all brinks designed for the phat are 12V, it's all good. The plugs are also designed so that you can't create an incompatible pair. S and E use a completely different plug, and as Jasper is the final iteration of phat, that's all you need to get right. Just be aware that the bricks liked to go bad as well, so you shouldn't just rush and buy the cheapest brick you can find.
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    Zenedge reacted to spydyt in ddr2 board revival   
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    Zenedge got a reaction from GrockleTD in Razor Cynosa (2016?)   
    yeas... they have similar feelings from the start until the middle... except at the end part.. when the key finally bottoms out.. they feel different.
  7. Informative
    Zenedge reacted to AluminiumTech in To upgrade or not to upgrade   
    depends on the price of a 4th gen i7. If it's really cheap (e.g. $100 or less) then I'd say yes. If it's closer to $200 then at that point it might be worth it to start saving up to buy Ryzen 5 and a new motherboard and new DDR4 RAM.
    DDR3 is still "good" and isn't irrelevant yet. It's only "good" if the CPU you're using requires it.
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    Zenedge reacted to Jessop in Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2016 or Razer Ornata Chroma   
    I have two Corsair keyboards - a K70 Vengence ( 2014 ) and a K70 Rapidfire RGB - both great keyboards with Genuine Cherry mx switches
    I also have a new Blackwidow Chroma V2 with the new Greetech Green switches and I can honestly tell you there is NOTHING wrong with the new Greetech Razer Greens .
    I have to admit that the Cherry MX switches do feel more sturdy with slightly less key wobble but the Greetech switches are miles better than the original Khail switches in the first gen Blackwidow Chroma keyboards.
    I would recommend the new Blackwidow Chroma  V2 to anyone
    The quality of the new Blackwidow Chroma V2 is right up there with the best - great design and great software - the keyboard feels solid and heavy and the switches have a very even feel and click right across the entire keyboard -
    Time will tell if the switches hold up as well as the stated 80 million key presses but if they even last me a few years without crapping out like the original Khail Greens I'll be more than happy .
    Great keyboard all around and a pleasure to type and game on -
    but a word of advice - if you planning on just gaming a linear ( non - clicky ) switch might suit you better - especially for FPS type games - although I myself don't mind the clicky noise , if you gaming at night with other people close by they might complain as the Green switches are quite loud -
    but the greens are by far the best typing experience and the most satisfying to use
    I've used many types of switches but when I think mechanical I somehow associate that with Cherry MX blue and Razer Greens .
    the click and tactile feel of the Blue / Green switches is what it's all about -
    the ideal situation is to have a few keyboards and change them every few days to keep the typing / Gaming experience fresh
    I myself have been changing keyboards every second day between the Rapidfire and the Blackwidow -
    it's hard to pick a clear winner  - I love them all - one day I like clicky - the next - Rapidfire Linear -
    No matter how good the meal - variety is what makes things interesting and alleviates boredom and routine  .
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    Zenedge reacted to Enderman in Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2016 or Razer Ornata Chroma   
    The switches are fake, and so is most of the quality
    Basically you mostly pay for the marketing and green LEDs targeting kids.
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    Zenedge reacted to Enderman in Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2016 or Razer Ornata Chroma   
    How about a real keyboard instead?
    Maybe something from ducky or logitech or corsair?
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    Zenedge reacted to Hiya! in Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2016 or Razer Ornata Chroma   
    So razer keyboard is an illusion after all this time?
    I have tried ornata and it suprised me.
    Strangely its so good to type on for a mem mech but yes its way too expensive u can buy a real mech keyboard for that price.
    Dont be loyal to razer just because u own their mice.
    Deathadder is by no mean a really good mouse but that doesnt mean u'll have to become a razer fanboy and start buying their product just to match your setup
    Get  a mech keyboard from corsair their K70 LUX RGB offer a variety of cherryswitches and its a solid keyboard with tons of features.
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    Zenedge reacted to LienusLateTips in Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2016 or Razer Ornata Chroma   
    Blackwidow Ultimate.
    srsly Razer is a ripoff pls don't buy if at all possible
    bad customer service, scam warranty and uses clone switches
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    Zenedge reacted to Crunchy Dragon in Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2016 or Razer Ornata Chroma   
    I'd get the Ornata personally, I'm not a huge mechanical keyboard guy.
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    Zenedge reacted to Sylvie05 in R9 280X vs GTX 1050TI   
    280X is about %28 better, your call.
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    Zenedge reacted to 33 Vinyle in R9 280X vs GTX 1050TI   
    Between the 2 cards, just get a 1050 Ti. Newer tech, uses less power, basically performs a bit better than the 280X in games, and 4GB VRAM.  
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    Zenedge reacted to Bananasplit_00 in R9 280X vs GTX 1050TI   
    Yes the 1050TI is one of the best fps/watt cards but the 280x should be faster by quite a bit
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    Zenedge reacted to pzspah in R9 280X vs GTX 1050TI   
    According to tests the 280x would be marginally slower actually, surprised me too.
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    Zenedge reacted to Bananasplit_00 in R9 280X vs GTX 1050TI   
    Huh, got any benchmarks? That really surprises me but I guess it's worse then the R9 380 by a bit so it's not too strange 
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    Zenedge got a reaction from Sylvie05 in R9 280X vs GTX 1050TI   
    Thanks for your opinion guys..
    i got the GTX 1050TI
    really enjoying it..a huuuge upgrade from my old R7 260x
  21. Agree
    Zenedge reacted to SkilledRebuilds in R9 280X vs GTX 1050TI   
    Many videos on youtube comparing the 1050ti 4GB VS the GTX680/HD7970 (280x) based cards.
    It sure IS surprising.
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    Zenedge got a reaction from MrFriendism in Best OS for Dell Latitude 3460 (Intel i3 2 Ghz - 4GB RAM - No GPU)   
    windows 10 with 8gb ram, and you will get a smooth experience.
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    Zenedge reacted to Morgan MLGman in planning on getting rx460   
    It is a good card to pair with that CPU, a good choice.
    As for the VRAM amount, it depends, the 4GB variant is usually a little faster but if it's much more expensive then just get the 2GB one.
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    Zenedge reacted to Morgan MLGman in planning on getting rx460   
    Depends on the game:
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    Zenedge reacted to EmoChipmonk in planning on getting rx460   
    Personally if i had to get a lower end card i would bite the bullent and spend the little bit more to get the 4GB one. Seeing as how its more or less the standard