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  1. I got my ps4 fat 2nd hand for 160$ it was only the console, 2 controllers, and horizon zero dawn. it seemed fair to me
  2. Hello, i just recently got a Xbox 360 Jasper for just 10 dollars with all accessories except a power brick. the seller told me he's sure that it's working, but if i recall correctly, the xbox 360's have different motherboard revisions, such as the xenon, falcon, jasper etc. my question is.... can i use any power brick regardless of motherboard revision? such as a xenon power brick, on this jasper xbox 360? the voltages are all the same, and the difference is only the current. and i know that voltage is pushing, while current is pulling... so the jasper xbox 360 should only pull the current it needs to power it up right? i searched other forums, but never really saw a concrete answer, so i'd like to know if you guys can give me a clear answer. thank you :D
  3. Zenedge

    Xbox 360 power brick compatibility

    Thanks for the answers guys
  4. Zenedge

    Buying a new mouse

    i wouldnt know what other mouse would feel like a deathadder elite, but have you tried getting the mouse switch replaced? the right click on my deathadder broke, and a replacement switch fixed that problem.... maybe you could get a little bit more life out of your mouse.
  5. Zenedge

    Which is your favourite all time PC Game?

    i love the civilization games. i started at civ 3 all the way until civ 6 and from then on, ive lost countless hours on it. just waiting for gathering storm next year
  6. Zenedge

    Graphics card OCd crashes games

    the card clearly cant take the oc... so if you want more steady fps, you can upgrade to a better videocard. but then again. maybe you're just unlucky to get that card. because im currently using a gtx 1050ti and i managed to increase the core clock +205 and increase the mem clock +1000. and i havent gotten a single crash yet.
  7. Zenedge

    ddr2 board revival

    Are you going to overclock the athlon?
  8. Zenedge

    Razor Cynosa (2016?)

    yeas... they have similar feelings from the start until the middle... except at the end part.. when the key finally bottoms out.. they feel different.
  9. Zenedge

    Razor Cynosa (2016?)

    you were asking if anybody used this. and i have. so i just thought of giving my 2 cents about it. but i digress. and to answer your question. the red switches feel different compared to the cynosa... the cynosa still gives off that small kinda of squishy feeling that a membrane keyboard gives. but others can give a better answer than me.
  10. Zenedge

    Razor Cynosa (2016?)

    i had a razer cynosa before.. it had green/blue/cyan lights...i think it was the 2015 model, i forgot. it was trash......
  11. Zenedge

    Choose HDD or SSD

    i would go for the SSD. whenever i use a HDD computer.. it just feels too slow. id always choose speed over capacity. then just get an external hdd for your big files
  12. Zenedge

    ddr2 board revival

    well. i guess it's possible, but if you;re going for a ddr2 board. most likely you're gonna be stuck with old processors, such as the core2duo, quad, and maybe 1st gen i processors. edit i didnt see that it was an AMD board. hahaha. post your updates here too. im curious myself
  13. Here's my current setup Intel i5-4590 Gigabyte B85m-d3h 4 x 4Gb Kingston 1600 Ram Palit Gtx 1050Ti 120GB SSD 1TB HDD 500W PSU the system still works great, but i feel like the 4th gen is already old, since the 9th gen is coming soon. i was thinking if upgrading to a 4th gen i7 is worth it? or should i just go for the latest platform (i was thinking the 8th gen i5 or go for a Ryzen 5) also, just wondering if DDR3 1600 is still good for 2018 standards? The 1050ti is still doing great. im planning on upgrading to the 1160 when that comes out. id like to see your opinions on whether i can squeeze out more life out of my current rig, or should i jump to the latest generation. Thanks. btw, i only use my pc for gaming and browsing.
  14. Zenedge

    Do braces hurt

    They hurt alot the 1st week i had them, it felt so tight. after that week the pain goes away. then the pain comes back whenever my dentist would tighten them, but its easier to adjust to them. another thing to note is when the inside of your mouth rubs against the brackets, it can be really annoying, but they should give you wax or something for that. im currently on retainers. and i think they are worse than the braces
  15. Zenedge

    What do you guys think about GT520M

    I played and finished bioshock infinite on a gt 320m (20 - 25 fps). so i guess a gt 520m should just be a little better than that.
  16. Zenedge

    Air Cooler for i3 cpu

    i dont think it's worth it, but when i had an i3 4170. i still got a cooler for it. just so that it looks "Cooler" (Pun intended) jokes aside. there wont be any performance difference
  17. i was recently given a hp 11 f108tu laptop, and for some reason the touchpad doesnt work in windows 10. but using a usb mouse works fine i have tried installing linux and the trackpad works fine, with all the multitouch gestures and stuffs. installing drivers doesnt help in windows. because when i check device manager, it doesnt detect the touchpad at all. any ideas about this would be really appreciated
  18. so theres really no way to fix it? i always thought it was something on the software side, since before it was working perfectly fine in windows, the problem only happened when i put an ssd and newly installed windows. so i doubt there's anything wrong with the firmware. but its not really a big deal for me. since this isnt my main laptop, i just feel abit wasted since its not fully working. thanks for taking time to reply to my thread tho
  19. yes, it's a fresh install of windows, then i installed linux in a separate partition. i also noticed that the trackpad didnt work during the installation of windows 10
  20. Currently have a razer blackwidow tournament edition 2014. and it served me well for the last 3 years. so to start the new year. i decided to buy a new keyboard. as of now, i'm deciding between the..... Blackwidow Ultimate 2016 and Ornata Chroma both are the same price, so i'm not so sure which one to get. the blackwidow has mechanical keys, but its lighting is only green the ornata is only mecha-membrane keys (non-mechanical) but has full RGB im looking for opinions on which one i should get. And yes, it has to be razer. since my current mouse is the deathadder elite, and i want them to match . hahaha
  21. Thanks for all the opinions guys, i ended up getting the ornata chroma and i like it alot the wrist rest is a nice added touch as well. and i'm enjoying playing around with the chroma effects.
  22. Zenedge

    R9 280X vs GTX 1050TI

    im going to buy a new videocard maybe next week. but im kinda undecided about these 2 cards. theres a sale going on right now where i come from. and these 2 cards cost exactly the same. im kinda leaning for the R9 280X. but then again. the 1050ti is the latest atm. what are your opinions? thanks
  23. Zenedge

    R9 280X vs GTX 1050TI

    Thanks for your opinion guys.. i got the GTX 1050TI really enjoying it..a huuuge upgrade from my old R7 260x
  24. Zenedge

    R9 280X vs GTX 1050TI

    i also forgot to mention that my psu is only 500W atm. and this R9 280X takes up 250W id be willing to upgrade my psu tho btw.. is the 1050ti better at watts/performance ratio??? <----whatever taht was called. lol
  25. windows 10 with 8gb ram, and you will get a smooth experience.