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  1. I signed in to outlook 2016 to try it out. don't like it much, I prefer the web version. however, now I don't receive emails on the web version I can only send/receive them on outlook 2016 emails are not syncing). How can i fix this? i wanna ditch outlook 2016 and go back to web application. Help please
  2. That pfp... is it what I think it is?


  3. clever pfp... kudos to you XD

  4. Guys i got a used laptop from my uncel abroad, he forgot to remove his fingerprint. how do i remove it? i cant access windows without it. clean windows installation will fix the issue?
  5. Didnt work, i just want to remove this card and run on intel graphics. i dont know how to reconnect to motherboard. help please
  6. There is something wrong with my GTX550ti , PC crashes when its enabled, so i disabled the drivers from device manager, now i need to remove this and work on Intel Graphics, how can remove and reuse onboard graphics ? i know this is a very noob question, but im lost. any videos to help me do this ? my resolution on the scren is 800x600 .. i can barely write this post i can remove the card , but have no idea how to fall back to on board graphics.
  7. Thanks guys, Going with Seagate ST6000VN0001
  8. Im looking for Seagate guys.
  9. can you please give me a model number or a link to one please?
  10. No mate, Im looking for seagate.
  11. Im looking for 4TB or 6TB HDD drive from Seagate for my desktop, HDD drive must be reliable, i don't care about the price as long as the life time of the drive is good. Any Ideas?
  12. Not possible to have months of battery life on a keyboard? or the option to go wired when battery is depleted?
  13. What are good Wireless Keyboards & Mouse with best battery life? i hate recharging
  14. ya mine is 128kbps so, its gonna take full 3 days to download bf3
  15. 1MBPS, so i get around 128KPBS of down speed , lots of people hate this