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  1. Yeah, selling is a good option. Just wanted to know if certain CUDA aware applications can use the CUDA cores from both cards at the same time.
  2. The last components for my new build should be here today but I have a question about my current and immediately previous GPUs. I have a 2070 and a 2080, both from Gigabyte and now that I am moving from a mITX board for the first time in a long time I have space to have multiple GPUs. While I know I cannot put them in an SLI configuration, can CUDA aware applications use the CUDA cores from both cards, or are they limited to the primary? Basic introductory video rendering, Handbrake, MakeMKV, and the like. Is there any benefit having both cards in the same system?
  3. The first PC that I built was when I was stationed in Ft. Bliss in El Paso in the very early 90's. It went together fairly well being careful about all the bendable pins that the CPU and memory used. When I tried to turn it on I got nothing. All the switches were on but still nothing. Checked over all of my connections and they were all good so the last thing was to open up the PSU itself. One of the wires had come loose in the PSU. When I was buttoning up the PSU I cut my finger on the unfinished edges. Everything worked fine for years. The builds I did for myself always seemed to have one or more cuts from the metal. This became known as the blood sacrifice. ( The first build I did using a case with finished edges I did not cut myself, and the MB had a bad RAM slot. Coincidence? ) I never cut myself when working at a PC shop, just for my own builds. Back in the day, a "magazine"/catalog called computer shopper had hundred+ pages of thin 11x17 paper mostly filled with ads, many full page, but also had several articles.
  4. A fine piece of modern are that will mostly be hidden behind a monitor.
  5. Actually, eys they did and actually had 386 trademarked before it was lost in a lawsuit. They tried for 486 and 586 as well. (They got i586, with the understanding that 586 was still a valid generic mark) They swithched to Pentium because they could trademark that. https://tedium.co/2017/05/18/intel-386-486-trademark-battles/
  6. On, April 2nd, we'll see, though having had a start date of 4/1 at one of my previous employers, and it being on a Monday, this could very easily be true. And the fact that a google search shows that Intel had the position available, but now doesn't adds weight to it being true. Good luck Kyle. (Some 4/1 jokes on tech and other pages have started this early in the past.)
  7. I don't know about the others, but yeah, the itch is real. Mine usually doesn't get very strong until a year or so has passed. I've been using tricks to sooth that itch for a while though since my 6600k build. It was in a large mITX case with a GPU that, technically was too long. Replacing the GPU with a 1070, which normally would be a simple operation required a bit of research to find a card that wasn't over-tall or any longer that what I had, and the actual replacement had some interesting moments. Getting that back up was a very itch soothing moment. Next I replaced the case with something even smaller, with an AIO CPU cooler. Again, researching what was available that would fit my components. That when surprisingly smooth. (After I removed the protective film from the CPU cooler, that is.) Now, my next build is on the horizon with Ryzen 3. TL;DR Itch management is a requirement.
  8. Riding glasses are closer to your face, and some even have foam or other soft opaque material that actually closes any gaps between the frame and face. Quick check on Google has BikersRx show up first of the non-ad tagged results. I ride with "Rider Reading" glasses. (Actually bifocals with no adjustment for the most part, and a simple 1.5x magnification on the lowers so I can easily read my instruments and GPS.
  9. I build my own in various different conditions, including in socks on carpet. One of the things that I made sure to do on my first several builds is to have the power supply unboxed and plugged in, but not turned on. The PSU is now a grounding point. Before I went and touched any part, I'd touch the PSU first to discharge any static that may have built up. Now, I know what I do that can generate a spark-able charge and generally don't do those things any more. Haven't had a discharge when building for a long time. (Static, that is.) Or you could do like the Verge and put a rubber band around your wrist and say you are safe. </sarc>
  10. Or a firmware update fails ... leading to a new definition of bricking your toilet.
  11. I'm not worried too much about aesthetics, but that could now change since I have my first case with a side window. Cable management I spend a few half-arsed moments on, but mostly to get the cables out of the main chamber, if it has one, or ensure that there are as few airflow restrictions in the main chamber, and the case can be closed. I don’t run my box without side panels for two reasons. I have a cat and she’s a curious thing, and it reduces the audible fan noise. The only lighting in my current case is the stuff that included in the components, though now with the window I may add some barely there light
  12. If you look at the post from Phas3L0ck that you replied to you can tell that he (?) is talking about the current connectors, not the legacy 4 wire to wire connectors. Phas3L0ck's post was in reply to Princess Cadence who wasn't aware that molex connectors are a mainstay in modern PCs, though true, we normally reference them individually. (main power, aka 24 pin, PCIe, 4/4+4/8 pin CPU power, etc.)
  13. The mainboard power (24 pin), CPU power, (4 and 8 pin) and graphics card (PCI-E) power are all "molex" or at least in the molex style.
  14. I always like o have physical disks for both music and video, so for all of my builds in the past, and the foreseeable future I will always have at least on ODD.
  15. The 650 is a good choice, and EVGA has a SuperNOVA G3 model. (According to PCPartPicker, at least in the US markets, the EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G3 model is the same price.