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  1. Thanks! I did. One of them is a northern pike at 36" and one walleye at 30." Ive caught much larger pike since, but these mounts are like 15 years old. Believe it or not, they were both caught from shore in a wildlife park in Wisconsin.
  2. My latest set up. New desk, monitor riser and rat pad.
  3. Just for looks. If anybody says it makes their PC or HIFI for that matter, work better, they're full of it.
  4. Much cheaper than you would think. I picked it up on Amazon for $35. Its higher quality than I expected too.
  5. Ive already shown my set up, but here is my workstation with its fat new power cable.
  6. No reason to have boring wallpaper on any pc. In any case, my work machine has a samurai suit on it, not sure how that makes it gaming.
  7. My latest setup. Running two PCs in my office now, its just easier to separate work from play then.
  8. No streaming comes close to a hard copy of a movie on Blu Ray or 4kUHD. People just don't care enough anymore (for video or audio), they were poisoned by the convenience.
  9. Yeah, the response time is usually slower on TVs, than on a decent PC monitor. I wouldn't recommend a tv connected to a PC for gaming, Ive seen it done, tried it myself and PC monitors are just better.
  10. Its time to invest in a dremel or if possible you could drill out the rivets on the drive cage to remove it. But then you will need to figure out how to mount your drives. You could just buy a cheap replacement case for like $30-50 too.
  11. That cpu just doesn't have enough grunt to run BFV smoothly with your gpu. That said, it shouldn't bottle neck the gpu much. Games that lean heavy on the cpu will show its weakness. As for a new cpu mb combo, I say a 2600 and ASRock b450 would do it affordably. Be sure to get some decent cooling if you plan on overclocking. Also, as for system memory, Ryzen likes higher clocks, but they can be hard to achieve. I would stick with a dual channel 3200mhz kit. I like GSkill or Corsair.
  12. I charge $50 per hour for my mobile service with no trip charge unless its over a 20 minute drive. For smaller businesses and solo operations, that seems to be the going rate in the midwest US where I live. Big box stores charge a considerable amount more, especially when coming to your home or business.
  13. Yeah, been a DoW fan forever as it was my first foray into PC gaming. Just started doing the little figures this year and I find it very calming (unlike a hardcore skirmish in Soulstorm!).