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    Eastern US
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    Computers, Science, Aviation, Cars, Physics
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    I take flight lessons, live in the US, would love to get an interesting car or a Cessna someday (that someday would realistically be in my late 60s). Not super interesting other than that.
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    Intel i7 6700
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    Asus Z170 A
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    Corsair Vengence 8GB
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    Asus GTX 1070
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    Cooler Master HAF X
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    360GB of SSD Storage over 2 drives, TB HDD
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    EVGA Supernova 550
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    Asus 1080p 30Hz
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    Cooler Master built in Fans
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    Eagle Tec LED Backlit Multicolor Mechanical Keyboard
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    Razer Death Adder Chroma
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    Generic 3.5mm audio jack speaker
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    Windows 10

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  1. Fresh cyanotypes, hot out of the final cold water bath (😁): 20190210_145526.thumb.jpg.dc6433d65bc24e40ca33933eb3849ac9.jpg20190210_145555.thumb.jpg.5a208a2d8dbf298cd13b609238185039.jpg

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    2. OJTheAviator


      It's the same process used to make old blueprints, called cyanotyping. The chemistry bit is too complex for me to understand without a lot more research, but basically cyan blue pigment is created inside the paper based on where it was exposed to UV light.


      If you want a long winded explanation of the process:


      It begins with two chemicals (ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide) which are seperately dissolved in water. You then mix them in the right ratio (in a room with little to no UV light, so no sunlight), and paint the liquid onto a medium, such as paper or fabric. Once the paper dries (again, in a room with artificial lights only), you can expose it with UV light. To make a picture or blueprint, first you'd make a transparent negative from a digital photo and print it on a printer transparency. Then lay the transparent negative on top of the paper, and secure it so nothing shifts during exposure. Ideally, a glass pane would then be put on top and something else on bottom (a board or book or another glass pane) to make sure everything is flush and tight, no air gaps. After all this, the whole glass-paper-transparency system is left in sunlight or under a UV lamp until the paper changes color and the photo is exposed (that part was sort of trial and error for me, to try to get the right exposure). Finally, the print is developed by soaking the paper in cold water several times, changing the water until the water stays clear, and then letting the print dry and oxidize. The oxidation step can be quickened by soaking the print in a very dilute bath of hydrogen peroxide. After the print dries, everything should be good! I believe cyanotypes are pretty stable once developed, so they shouldn't be affected much by UV.

      I'm pretty happy with the results, I did those prints, one of a VR headset patent, and a couple of landscapes. The white specks need to be sorted out, thats probably due to paper bits coming off during on of the steps.


      (P.S.) The USPTO is a great source of old patent drawings, they make fantastic prints. If you need ideas for which patents to look up, inked and screened sells patent prints online and often includes the patent number. Just look that up on the USPTO website or Google patents, download the images into GIMP or Photoshop, and turn them into some pretty cool prints.


      (One last thing: The chemicals are readily avaliable online as kits, I got mine off Amazon from some company, maybe Jaquard, but you could probably find the chemicals from lots of sites and brands.)

    3. Origami Cactus

      Origami Cactus

      Yeah, that patent one would make for a great poster! It just looks so slick

    4. OJTheAviator
  2. Tom Lehrer is hilarious! I reccomend listening to any of his songs, although I've been listening to Lobachevsky a lot recently.

  3. Had an interesting bird visitor today, plus printed off more cyanotype negatives.



    Negative Image_6cc2abfd-c3fc-4b98-a0dd-a5268ceb7b4c.jpg

  4. I'm going to try making cyanotype images, and I've just printed out my first stock photo I'll use. I put the image in grayscale and made a negative on the computer, then printed it out on a transparency. To see what it might look like, I've taken a picture of it against a mostly white background and made a negative of that:


    I'm hoping that will be roughly how it will turn out in the end! Any suggestions on photos to use? I think if the original photo looks good in black and white, it should look good in cyanotype.

  5. I should have been asleep many minutes ago. However, I've used that time I'd normally be sleeping to assemble a GPS project I've been working on. Should-be-asleep-me thinks it looks pretty cool, but I might wake up and think to myself "goodness, what did I do to those components!?". Hopefully not. I'll probably post some nicer pictures at some point in the future, assuming I remember.




    Reading this post back to myself before posting makes me realize why I shouldn't stay up soldering pieces and programming an Arduino. It makes it hard to write a good status update. Ah well, I suppose it's alright. Good night/morning/afternoon/evening (time zones combined with the internet is a complex system).

  6. Wow, Firefox is being funny today: image.png.c9d032348b34491ef3ed0e4e541a1c4a.png

    1. imreloadin


      Yeah, I just had my Ublock Origin shit the bed, icon wasn't where it was in my menu bar anymore and wasn't there when I right-clicked to block things. Was still messed up after I removed it and tried to re-install it. Ended up having to remove it and then go into appdata and delete it manually from the extensions folder in Firefox and then re-install it to get it to work...

  7. OJTheAviator

    LTT Official Folding Month 2018!!!

    Awesome! Glad to participate!
  8. New profile picture design, any comments? Go for it? I went for a reccomended color scheme, hopefully it doesn't look too similar to any other logo designs. It did remind me of Half As Interesting's logo, but I think the colors are different enough.


    Logo Lower Res.png

    1. OJTheAviator


      Also, I wonder if there could be a feature where you could display a different colored picture depending on if the viewer had the dark theme or light theme?

    2. Cyberspirit


      Looks interesting. I really like the color choice.

    3. Nicnac


      looks cool but that steep angle is driving me insane lol

  9. OJTheAviator

    Can I host my own website

    You might check that your ISP won't shut you down for running a server off a residential connection. I know Verizon officially says you can't, but I've set up web servers and connected remotely (although it's just been myself connecting).
  10. I'm trying something new in terms of profile and cover pictures, I'll probably change it again at some point in the maybe near future. For now, enjoy the poor-ish quality space pictures taken by the inexperienced photographer called OJTheAviator 😄

  11. This guy is writing for musicians, but even still:


    "The best hard drives are solid-state"
    "[USB mics] also aren’t future-proof; if USB ports become obsolete, you’ll need to buy a new mic."


    Firstly, SSDs are not a special type of HDD as HDD stands for hard DISK drive. Secondly, I don't think he realizes that no technology is "future-proof" and that USB has been around for a bit over for 20 years. Even if we completely switched to type C soon, C to A adapters shouldn't be very expensive, already about $5 on Amazon.

    I'll admit, this guy did do what looks to be an otherwise good article on home music recording, and he didn't seem to be aiming for the tech enthusiast as his audience. It's still fun to analyze his terminology though :).

    1. LukeSavenije




      the only things that are the same are that they are both collecting data and that they are both drives. I honnestly don't see usb going out for a much longer time. or if it's going to be replaced, it's by something compatible to usb like thunderbolt

  12. OJTheAviator

    help with pc

    Have you checked compatibility between all your system components? Also, what do you mean by "got it working"? You built it and it worked perfectly and then all of a sudden the display and usb stopped working? Or you built it and the fans spinned and a beep came from the motherboard speaker, but the monitor and usb won't work? If it's the latter, it still sounds like bent pins, as that issue won't necessarily cause everything to stop working.
  13. OJTheAviator

    help with pc

    Were you pretty careful putting the CPU in? It sounds kind of like bent pins to me.
  14. Forza horizon should add songs to the different stations. Even add DLC music packs, adding the music from that station from previous games. I could listen to Dvorak's 9th symphony movement IV while driving through Britain!

    1. imreloadin


      Or just let you use your own music library...nobody ever does that anymore :(

  15. OJTheAviator

    LTX 2019 Suggestions!

    Hmm, now that I think about it, I bet a Pimax high res VR display would be great for a vr driving/flying experiance. From my few VR flying experiences, I've noticed that gauges are super hard to read in VR as they don't take up enough pixels at a normal distance. I gathered from the CES coverage that the Pimax headsets are improving. Regardless of individual booth designs or details, I think LTX will be awesome!