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    Eastern US
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    Computers, Science, Aviation, Cars, Physics
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    I take flight lessons, live in the US, would love to get an interesting car or a Cessna someday (that someday would realistically be in my late 60s). Not super interesting other than that.
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    Intel i7 6700
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    Asus Z170 A
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    Corsair Vengence 8GB
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    Asus GTX 1070
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    Cooler Master HAF X
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    360GB of SSD Storage over 2 drives, TB HDD
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    EVGA Supernova 550
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    Asus 1080p 30Hz
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    Cooler Master built in Fans
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    Eagle Tec LED Backlit Multicolor Mechanical Keyboard
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    Razer Death Adder Chroma
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    Generic 3.5mm audio jack speaker
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    Windows 10

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  1. I'm a little mystified by the world right now. I just overheard a group of kids about 8 years old, talking enthusiastically about Fortnite, and about how "Amazon's founder is the richest person in the world". I don't remember exactly what I talked about as an 8 year old, but I'm fairly certain it didn't include the equivalent of Fortnite and Jeff Bezos.

    1. LordOTaco


      These god damn yuppies are getting younger and younger every year reeeeee

  2. Wow, ATMs are going RGB. Is Linus going to make an anti-RGB ATM now?


    (I Just realized that gif is awful quality, but it shows the effect well enough)

  3. OJTheAviator

    LTT Official Folding Month 2018!!!

    If you are talking abour the LTT GPU giveaway, that is seperate.
  4. Wow. Steam Link is $2.50 on Steam, I'd get one asap if you were thinking about it, seeing as it's soon to be discontinued.

  5. Amazon now has a house brand gaming keyboard?


    And it has "Mechanical-feel" switches. I wonder what that means?

    1. VegetableStu


      And it has "Mechanical-feel" switches. I wonder what that means?


      ask coolermaster, LOL

    2. Jtalk4456


      design aesthetic: 9/10 

      features: 7/10 - Would have liked a better wrist rest, headphone and usb passthrough. has modes and programmable keys, along with gamer keycaps. Would love a scroll wheel for volume

      physical quality: 5/10 - Doesn't look bad per say, but does have that plastic look to it, and with only mechanical feel, not true mechanical, I feel they are losing a large group of potential buyers who will rather go with an offbrand that has cherry switches, even if the rest of the off brand is junk. 

      Overall: 21/30 - Could be better, but could be far worse, especially at that price. I might pick one up as a basic use driver that's better than my cheapo one but not too expensive

      If they bumped up to gaterons and added one or two of the missing features, this would easily be a top choice, even if they had to raise the price to 40 or 45


    3. Jtalk4456


      @LinusTech @nicklmg I would love to see a review of this, especially focusing on the base build quality and the feel of the switches

  6. While not as fun as making a Windows 98 VM and running the original Lemmings game on it, the Windows 10 Lemmings is nearly as fun.

  7. I just discovered the 'Classic' theme on my old Windows 7 laptop. Why did Microsoft get rid of that theme in 8, and not add it back in 8.1 or 10? Just for nostalgia's sake, or even for the cool look, it'd be awesome! Ah well, at least some older hardware is still around, and VM's are a thing, so I suppose it's not so bad.

  8. And... I think Youtube is down again. I was definitely less surprised this time. Oh well, here's hoping it'll be fixed quickly.

  9. OJTheAviator

    Whoosh - The Airplane and Airline Thread

    Yes to the second part. As for the whole question, well to combine 60 year old Soviet planes and North Korea together at once seems like I'd be testing my luck a bit too much.
  10. OJTheAviator

    Whoosh - The Airplane and Airline Thread

    I love seeing retro liveries on airliners:
  11. OJTheAviator

    LTT number 1!!

    Good point, but of the eight ahead of LTT, maybe 2 or 3 could be considered tech in the way LTT and Marques are.
  12. OJTheAviator

    LTT Official Folding Month 2018!!!

    Actually... do you know anybody?
  13. OJTheAviator

    LTT Official Folding Month 2018!!!

    How are the labels sorted? By rank? It's certainly impressive how many people are folding this month.
  14. OJTheAviator

    LTT Official Folding Month 2018!!!

    Man, that's terrible! Hopefully it goes well for the rest of the competition so you can catch up.
  15. OJTheAviator

    LTT Official Folding Month 2018!!!

    I've given in and spent most of the afternoon gaming... I'm going down at least a few places.