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    I take flight lessons, live in the US, would love to get an interesting car or a Cessna someday (that someday would realistically be in my late 60s). Not super interesting other than that.
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    Intel i7 6700
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    Asus Z170 A
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    2 X Corsair Vengence 8GB
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    144HZ - 2560x1080 - 34 inch - LG 34UC79G
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    Eagle Tec LED Backlit Multicolor Mechanical Keyboard
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    Razer Death Adder Chroma
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    Amazon Computer Speakers
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  1. Now that's a sight to behold! I'm surprised they repainted it, though it looks pretty sharp with the silver engines.
  2. At least the 717s will be kicking around for a little bit. I suppose the 717 is to the DC-9 what the 737 MAX or NG is to the 737 Original Series: a rather modified and stretched airplane of the same fundamental design.
  3. Welcome to the thread! I'm also a student pilot, if you'd like to know, here's a bit about where I'm at in the process: Good luck with lessons! Glad to have more activity in this thread!
  4. I'll take a few approaches. 1. I'll grant you that the MD-11 is a wonderful plane, so if no other plane will do, I'll pick a different livery. The retro livery Delta MD-11 looks particularly wonderful in my opinion, I think more beautiful than KLM: 2. The KLM livery (not the most recent wavy one) is among my favorites out there, so I'll pick another jet with that livery on, namely the 747-400: 3. I assume you meant airliner, but you did say jet, and the SR-71 was an entirely jet powered plane. Mach 3.2 (and higher), with the YF-12 variant able to launch 3 AIM-47 Falcon missiles. NASA used two as high speed high altitude test beds, and the planes were used to launch drones that looked a little like mini SR-71s. In this thread, I may not need to say any of this, but having said it, it's hard to argue with the impressive speed and altitude of the thing. 4. Okay, the SR-71 is extremely specialized, so it might not be able to be given the title "best" jet. So, I'll throw in one last contender: The Boeing 737-100/200 (Original Series). It's family has lasted over 50 years, and will probably still be flying for decades to come. The MAX series has had more than it's fair share of issues, but overall, I still have a great fondness for the family. The reason I've picked the original series has to do with it's extreme versatility. Many airlines used it for normal service, and it was used for cargo. It was used for passenger and cargo together in the Combi variant, and many Combis are even still used today with the gravel kit (the air jets together with the small engines make gravel landings possible). The plane wasn't huge, making service to smaller airports possible. It was, however, big enough to carry quite a number (up to 115) of people, plus cargo. It was used by NASA (research), the US Military (training, transport, a radar test bed), foreign governments (reconnaissance and transport), and many, many, MANY airlines (I was reading through the Wikipedia 737 operators list and stopped counting halfway down at 150 airlines having operated the original series). 58 aircraft are still used, many for their gravel capabilities. I think I've made it clear why I like the 737-100/200, so now I have to pick a livery. I love the retro United livery on it, but there are two Lufthansa liveries (Livery 1, Livery 2) that also look fantastic. Pan Am had a pretty good livery, same with KLM, though I think Delta's overshadows both. I'll have to pick just one, though I've bolded my favorites. I think it is the 737-200 from Lufthansa, polished to a shine besides the deep blue Lufthansa spelled across the side and the same deep blue tail with the golden circle/bird. That was quite a post, though a very enjoyable one to write. Change my mind that the best jet is not one described above.
  5. Just looked that one up, really funny! In my opinion only rivaled by the Kulula livery: As for retro liveries, I enjoy seeing this one occasionally:
  6. Definitely! The polished aluminum looks so good and classic. While I love the designs and liveries of the '60s, American stands out to me.
  7. Let's talk then! One topic I've been thinking about recently: favorite retro airplane liveries? I quite like the British Airways 747 retro liveries, though the US carriers have some good ones too.
  8. So... Antonov? Opinions? Is this topic too random or too Ukranian?
  9. Not tech related, music related.


    In my opinion, Take 9 of Here Comes the Sun is the best version we have. Sure, it's not as polished as the final release, but I prefer the relaxed sound.


    While I'm giving away free unsolicited opinion,  I'll put on record that I prefer the Something demo over the final release of Something.


    Also, why does Honey Pie have to be in the same album as Wild Honey Pie? The domestic honey pie is much preferred and different compared to wild, and I assumed they must be similar after listing to the untamed version.


    Finally, the instrumental string takes of Something, Golden Slumbers, and Carry That Weight are magnificent.


  10. I can't compare multiple, but I have the Thrustmaster TMX and really enjoy it. Usually play forza motorsport/horizon and occasionally dirt rally.
  11. I've got a theory! Mixed berry products (like this


    are actually whatever flavor the label machine failed on. As in, the flavor manufacturers make some flavor like strawberry, then the machine smudges all the labels saying "STRAWBERRY" into "BtDhtjTFD" before storing them in the warehouse. Then some guy comes in and has no clue as to what the flavor actually is, so just calls it "MIXED BERRY".

    1. Murasaki


      I still haven't tasted these. 

    2. Nostril Hair

      Nostril Hair

      @Murasaki It's like water poured just in the vicinity of fruit.

  12. We will know the moment veganism takes over when Arbys stops serving meat and specializes in the best sandwich bread, changing the slogan to "We have the wheats!"

    1. imreloadin


      Then all that would be left is to cater to everyone with their "gluten sensitivities" and we'd have the bland utopia we deserve!

    2. Murasaki


      Hows that gonna happen 😂

    3. OJTheAviator


      It won't (anytime soon at least), but vegans can dream, can't they? Lol

  13. I found a computer at the library that has some delightfully ancient components.



    Just look at that mousepad! And the keyboard:


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. OJTheAviator


      No HDMI, just VGA and what looks to be Display Port. Also, a couple USB-A ports and a USB-B port.

    3. AmbarChakrabarti


      ah. so its still compatible with 10 series GPUs


      Apparently you cant use any sort of VGA display on a 10 series card😅

    4. Mr.Meerkat


      Looks like all the computers we have in our Engineering building...


      The hardware there (inc computers that people have to do CAD on) is old AF 😂