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  1. Yes the 2 fan model, not sure about the 3fan model it seems more expensive
  2. Is this a good 2080? It is the cheapest here (only 640 euros) and it's the first 2080 that I can almost afford, so would this be a good decision or should I spend €100 more for something like MSI?
  3. based microsoft, pretty sure apple wouldnt do this they'd charge extra
  4. ramm

    Gtx 1660ti or wait for navi?

    Everybody always says wait because the next best thing is supposed to be right around the corner.
  5. Ok thanks. Just in case anything isn't working I could always contact microsoft with my win7 key and they might hook me up?
  6. Ah ok, i've never really understood how hardware id works. But im planning on purchasing&installing a new GPU and then formatting the PC along with that to make it run even smoother. Would I have to install win10 on a system with my old gpu first? I'd rather not obviously cause I would have to uninstall those drivers and I wanna start clean. But I dont know if I have to.
  7. It would be my expectation if you wanna get into VR you want to play more than just minecraft soon. You don't buy a monitor for just one game too right?
  8. ramm

    PNY graphics cards

    why you guys recommand 2 fans over 3 fans?
  9. ok thanks. It will be a hard decision since those prices I listed in the OP are from my local store (best one in the country) and I found the lower price of the gigabyte one through a webshop only but thats a huge risk when something could be wrong and you wanna return it or whatever
  10. How about if the cards were almost the same price?
  11. ok so the 2 fans will perform just as good as the 3 fans then? ive never had MSI hardware, always gigabyte or asus. But I think MSI is pretty good this day and age and everyone uses their afterburner software anyway so might as well try their hardware i thought
  12. MSI GeForce® RTX 2080, 8GB, Ventus €729,00 Gigabyte GeForce® RTX 2080, 8GB, WindForce €779,00 Also one says the clockspeed is 1515mhz and the other says it's 1710mhz. Is that correct or do they have the boost clock and normal clock mixed up? Or would it explain the 60€ price difference? Also the MSI one only has 2 fans and the gigabyte looks alot more solid using 3 fans.
  13. thanks, im making the USB drive right now. However i'm not sure if I have a microsoft account. Ivé never logged in on one so i'm not sure how that would go?
  14. I reinstalled Windows 7 from CD like 1 or 2 years ago and then right after windows 7 was freshly installed I upgraded to windows 10. Not sure if this is/was the best course of action.
  15. Damn, I dont have those. I upgraded for free over the internet from my windows 7. If only they didn't try to make things easier by making them more complicated. What ever happened to giving PC users control?