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  1. Oh I think it needs to show up as drive #0 instead of #1, but the question stays the same.
  2. I got an M2 and succesfully cloned my old SSD to this new drive. However it shows up as "Drive 4" I already made sure it was working, formatted the old SSD which I will use for games SSD. But how do I change the order so that the M2 shows up as drive #1?
  3. For a friend of mine we're getting cable extensions. Mostly a single 24pin extension and a 6pin extension because his current GPU only has a single 6pin connector. So i'm looking into buying stuff seperate instead of a whole pack. However the store we wanna get it from has different brands. BitFenix, Gelid Solutions and Phanteks. Unfortunately not a 6pin and 24pin that are black/white striped from the same brand thats why im looking into this. Can I just combine these brands with eachother or are they different somehow? I obviously want to get some cable combs with it but i'm not sure if they are different sizes and if the different brands of cables are going to look off. One other thing to think of is if he ever gets another GPU which would require an additional 8pin or something that it can be easily combined without looking off. Thanks
  4. A while ago I heard Corsair was gonna colab with NZXT and maybe cooler master or something to make an universal software that could control all the lighting features but I don't know if this software ever saw the light of day. Since the NZXT Hue+ software kinda sucks, i'm looking for alternatives.
  5. Yeah I figured out how to create the image.dd and load it as virtual media, it only doesn't let it open. Also as long as I try to read the sd card and not write or format it I dont think much harm can be done, right? I feel like it's too badly corrupted anyway. I tried multiple recovering programs and neither of them really succeeded in anything. The one with the most 'succes' wasy RecoverIt and it only found the files with the correct times/dates/sizes but the files wouldn't play. A recovery specialist is costly and doesn't have a guarantee either so I dont think that would add anything.
  6. It says "image created succesfully" but I cannot find it anywhere. It should be on the C drive because there is almost no space left but where is it located i looked for it everywhere EDIT: Oh I finally found it. A 127gb size file called "image.dd" I managed to download a program called "OSFmount" which turns the image.dd into a virtual drive but I cannot open the drive it says "wrong parameter" in my language. Does that mean it failed or am I doing something wrong?
  7. Thanks ill try. What does "lower level" mean though? EDIT: I have absolutely no idea how the program works. It opens the windows command prompt and I can browse between options but where should I go to actually start the recovering process? EDIT2: I managed to make it run somehow, it's on 50%. I see it filling up my hard drive because the space gets less and less but I have no idea where the actual output of the files are stored?
  8. I managed to recover the .mov files using "RecoverIt" with the what appears to be correct filesizes. Got them all on the disc. Filenames seem to be correct and add up. However when I double click any .mov file that has been "recovered" nothing happens they dont play. Any tips how to go from here?
  9. I just tried but I cant even start it. Not even with "Deep scan" activated. It says "Failed to scan drive - unable to determine file system type" right away
  10. A friend of mine is a professional photographer but unfortunately has a corrupt SD card. Besides the point that he isn't getting paid for the photographs there is also the "emotional" damage because it had important pictures of an customer event. We obviously tried already to connect it to different systems but it all says it's corrupt and if we want to format it. After some googling I found "iCare Data Recovery Software" and we've been running that for the past hours. It found 48 files but 10 of those are 0kb in size. They are all .swf files. After some googling I found these are flash files, so I installed "Adobe Flash Player" etc but nothing gets opened. It just shows black. Also i tried a program called "SWF Player" but it doesn't do anything either. Does anyone here have any idea what we could try next to recover at least a portion of the photographs? Also the original were .mov files.
  11. I got 2.0 monitor speakers on my desk which I use most of the time. My television on the opposite side of the livingroom has a 5.1 surround set I use for watching movies that I play off my computer. However one thing that bothers me is that everytime I make the switch I have to switch the audio settings from 2.0 to 5.1. Also when i'm done watching a movie I should turn it back off again which is something I forget alot resulting in my 2.0 speakers not playing voices etc. Is there any easy solution for this? Like maybe a button in the task bar that does this in an instant? Thanks alot.
  12. Isn't GTA 18+ anyway? So shooting people is fine, picking up hookers, using them and murdering to get your money back is fine, but as soon as gambling or a hot coffee mod comes everyone loses their shit?
  13. Thanks I mostly just need an extra hard top pad for on the sofa, dont care about the brand, just preferably something black of color
  14. Ah thanks that looks like what I was looking for. A bit expensive here in my country though (35€) Are there hard mouse pads like this but cheaper? Even my hard RGB one was less than that.