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  1. Pre order cancelation

    Canceled 2080 ti after seeing real world data - and picked up a 2080 for 10% off thanks to best buy birthday program. Feel like going with a 1080ti > 2080 for same price (compared to strix 1080ti) is a step in the wrong direction. When DLSS is released then 2080 delta on 1080ti will become greater.
  2. Buying 2080 TI or buying 1080 TI SLI Back...

    2080 NVILink. I may regret the choice, but I canceled my 2080ti after seeing everything and picked up a 2080 to run in NVI link... just cant get away from sli personally. 1080ti SLI even with bad scaling should beat a 2080ti. The 2080ti will only start to shine with DLSS comes out
  3. gtx 1070 SLI or "trash" 1 for gtx 1080TI

    Most SLI USERS will defend it. Most non SLI users will call it trash because they have not tried it recently, or did not devote the time to learn it. SLI Is a beast but with limitations. You may have to tweak your nvidia profiles to get some games to work, you may deal with higher temps rising quicker. Screen stuttering may be a real issue. Having said that, my 1070 SLI system beats out a 1080ti in most of my situations. There are some instances that it wont, i.e. poorly optimized. etc. In those cases a 1080ti would win. Having said this, I am waiting for my 2080 ti to arrive (estimate friday) to replace my 1070 strix SLI combo, and when prices become reasonable, add a second 2080 ti If needed later on.
  4. 2080ti Pre order, MSI available

    Of course, I pre-ordered my 2080ti in line for the elevator on the Eiffel Tower in paris while on vacation, hah!
  5. 2080ti Pre order, MSI available

    2080 availability is because they have ample cards available. The 2080ti was not the case and was a very limited release. The official release date push back is evident that they did not meet the production needs that they had anticipated. Many are speculating that the surge in presale on the 2080ti was not evidence of incredible demand, but more the restriction on the supply side. Whether Nvidia is doing this to create a false demand due to the inability to acquire it, or they really have sold as many as the 2080 in terms of availability is not known at this time. A lot of folks are probably holding pre-orders at this time as well, waiting for the real world testing to bail on the cards at the last second. Seeing this as the case, we should expect to see almost immediate availability of these cards. Having said that, many may try and flip them for profit on eBay if they aren't living up to expectations, and sell the cards to someone who fails to care, or just wants the best. IMO
  6. 2080ti Pre order, MSI available

    Current retail
  7. 2080ti Pre order, MSI available

    https://www.bestbuy.com/site/msi-geforce-rtx-2080-ti-gaming-x-trio-11gb-gddr6-pci-express-3-0-graphics-card/6290652.p?skuId=6290652 Best buy showing pre orders for this if anyone is looking
  8. https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/1071605/geforce-rtx-20-series/geforce-rtx-2080-ti-availability-update/?ncid=so-twi-rx20tdl-58775
  9. Let's note - not sure its' been said yet - Nvidia just delayed the RTX2080 ti to the 27th general public release. Pre-orders are now slated to arrive betwen the 21-27th, with no mention of release day delivery available. I have mine ordered with overnight, and it's showing delivery is scheduled for the 24th.
  10. Upgrading NVME SSD (Smaller to larger)

    Drive is fixed. Installed windows fresh. Put the other drive in the enclosure. Cant view any of the files. . . Beginning to hate dell
  11. Upgrading the nVME SSD that is currently in my XPS 9575 from a 256 Sky drive to a 1tb Samsung 960. The issues I face is the samsung does not want to do a clean install when installed directly onto the motherboard, so I can't do a windows fresh install on it. I'm using a M key nVME external enclosure (one of only 2 on the market) via usb C interface, I can see the samsung drive when I place it in the enclosure, I can partition it, I can format it, but of course I can't clone the internal 256 drive due to partition size differences. I can't use the samsung magician software that handles this flawlessly because when the drive is in the external enclosure it reads it as a generic drive instead of a samsung drive so magician will not work. Do I need to instal drivers for the samsung drive to help it see it so the magician software will work? Do I need to do a cmd clean on the ssd in order to wipe any and all partitians on the drive that may have been created by putting it in the external enclosure for me to just do a clean windows instal, THEN use samsung to do the clone? Issue here is when I put my internal nVME into the external box, nothing recognizes it - at all. Not my desktop via usb c, or the laptop, it wont boot from the usb drive because it just does not recognize it. Put the drive back in the laptop, and boots just fine. Do I need to use my main desktop rig with 2 nVME slots, to put both drives in and then use samsung magician to clone them ignoring any driver issues that will be present since I'd have to pull my actual desktop boot drive sine its nVME as well. I have to be missing something, this is an incredibly simple task, or is dell blocking it somehow?
  12. E-GPU HELP

    AMD does not like adobe premiere. This is a known thing and may be at least part to why you are seeing this error?
  13. Mining ETH with RTX 20 Series

    These cards will draw twice the power of 1080ti IMO making them very poor for mining in terms of return on investment. Not to mention upfront cost. Mining with 2 1080ti for some initial investment, and close to similar power draw, you will have a higher hash rate IMO. However, with ETH current value, the best thing to do now is power down your miners, sell the cards on ebay, or use AMD cards to mine ETC - my 0.02 for little that it is worth.