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  1. The limitation, in my opinion, is total frame rate output. I was able to game on my 1440p monitor last night through the box and push up to 90 fps in PUBG at 3440x1440 in ultra settings. It had some falls into the 35-45 range thanks to the nature of everything, but by in large it stayed above 60. Even with dialing things down, your particular CPU might cause the most bottleneck when it comes to getting those frames the highest. Any specific game you're trying?
  2. https://www.3dmark.com/compare/fs/15923658/fs/15929641/fs/15927220# Getting ready to do a review on this topic. I am ditching the heavy gaming laptop (MSI GE73VR 1070) for a 2 in 1 from Dell (XPS 15 9575) with the Vega hybrid chip i7 8705G with an Aorus gaming box. It was a scary investment because I bought the gaming box used from a reviewer so the only option out would be to do the same and resell at a loss, and simply return the 9575 to dell. . . I am very happy to report my results are decent at 4k. And great at 1080p when using an external monitor. The above shows what I experienced in benchmarks. The highest score was when I ran the eGpu to an external monitor. The second highest score was running it back to my laptop panel at 4k resolution. The lowest run is my overclocked MSI gaming laptop. . . To be fair, at 1080p, the MSI wins with a typical firestrike score around 14500, where the best I've done yet through an external monitor is around 13800. It seems the 1080 gaming box is going to show its best results with either external displays, or gaming above 1080p. YMMV CPU got toasty, but fans were barely pushing thanks to low noise profile. No thermal throttling, but did see power throttling. This was playing Destiny 2 in 4k medium / high settings Shows the OC that I have stable right now. Core is not effecting much. Memory clock is. Again, the historic graphing was during Destiny 2 4k on internal monitor.
  3. I mean... my setup came in yesterday, and I'm happy to say that it beats my GE73VR
  4. Gigabyte Aorus 1070 Review

    Did you have to downgrade the TB3 firmware before installing all the updates then reupdate the T3 firmware in order for it to work out of the box?
  5. I did this game last year. Went with the MSI GE73VR for just under 2k with a full 1070 and liquid metal applied from Gentech on CPU / GPU. Also upgraded ram to 2 x 16gb DDR4 2400 mhz. I traveled with it for work. A lot. Hotel hopping was a normal thing, and I packed it and brought a keyboard and mouse and enjoyed full gaming experience that literally could replace my gaming desktop aside from screen size / resolution. Fast forward to a couple international trips, and I could no longer feel comfortable hauling this thing across the world due to its size and weight (17" model). So I've now started to pursue more compact, travel friendly, IPS 4k geared options with pen entry for photography editing. As one of the folks above, I went with the new XPS (15 2 in 1, 9575 with Vega graphics) and opted for a aorus gaming box 1080. It all arrives next week, so I'm not sure this will be my "perfect" setup, but its feeling close to it. . . For me the asus color accuracy turned me away from the Zephyrus even though, it was the one I loved the most in your list. The GS65 was on my considerations, screen should be the same amazing display thats on my raider, but in the end wanted touch as an option, and the laptop build just didnt feel as "premium" as the cost I dont think there is a perfect laptop for everyone, but there are definitely perfect solutions for each persons needs. Once your assign your own priority and learn where you will give, that will help you a lot. As others have said, avoid the headache of razor.
  6. This Laptop Does EVERYTHING! Sorta. - Dell XPS 2-in-1 2018

    Right now its 170 off, upgrade the ram for 100 and the display to the 4k and it will change to the 1999 spec but still give the 170 savings on the upper build. Then use promo 200off1699 and it brings the price to a modest 1629 for the i7 model with 4k screen (100% Adobe rgb), 16gb Ram and 256gb ssd (easy to swap yourself with a 1tb for 200). That was enough for me to take the plunge to have a dedicated travel laptop for photography and videography work, and leave the gaming laptop at home for work trips.
  7. FAST 12TB Steam Drive for CHEAP!!

    I have a 960 pro as my cache currently but if I can get away from that to use it for other tasks, that would be ideal
  8. FAST 12TB Steam Drive for CHEAP!!

    But can I get the same effect running things like after effects, photoshop, etc.?
  9. EVGA 1080 Ti SC Black for $749.99!!!

    B&H Photo also has it for 749 in stock free expedited shipping, no tax except NY
  10. Bad SoundBlasterX Katana Massdrop

    Yep G560 is a clean sounding setup once you dial in your EQ This is my current preference for most things:
  11. Show off your setup!

    Added the new logitech G560 speakers to replace my sound stick II by HK. Amazing lighting effects in supported games like battlefield 1. Fire scenes where they cast orange all around is crazy nice. Screen sampling is decent. Sets a nice mood light with everything when editing jobs in photoshop. Sound quality is nice and crisp as I expected. But too much bass... and highs must be adjusted immediately.
  12. yep. No issues at all aside from the wifi being crap.
  13. Pubg Mobile

    So do you need to leave a VPN on for china to connect in game? Managed to get the game installed and QQ Messenger (horrible terms and conditions FYI), but It just sticks on loading when I try to get in any match.
  14. Gsync- worth the upgrade?

    Yeah, unless you plan on straming, youre CPU will carry fine for right now. But only you tell. Go to micro center perhaps and try it out and see. For me, I upgraded to a 34 ultra wide 120hz IPS g-sync monitor from the one I posted above, and I have been extremely happy.