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  1. yep, ive master reset both units, and made dam sure each one is on the latest firmware. did that twice forgot to mention that, and after a day its come back with the same issue.
  2. Hi guys, I recently purchased 2x Asus AX92U routers. Im on 900 megabit/s internet. I plug one router directly into the ONT, works perfectly fine for some time, but after a day maybe wifi speeds across all devices will drop to 0.01mbps on speedtest, and websites wont even load, nor will a youtube video. Ethernet however, works perfectly fine and has had zero issues. Since I have 2 of them, I used the other one for AI Mesh to make one large coverage of network. Doesnt matter which unit a device on wifi is connected to (you can check if your device is connected to router or ai mesh node) sometimes itll be fine on 5ghz getting 200-300mbps, and in time itll drop to 0.01, then maybe itll fix itself again if we leave the internet alone for a few hours. Sometimes, it even drops wan after speedtesting at 0.01mbps. I've also tried to connect the 2 routers by ethernet, still the same issue. My household has no significant devices using 2.4ghz, only smart home units like bulbs and whatnot are on that band. Every phone/computer/tablet/ipad is on the 5ghz and i've checked on every device. Ive tried a few troubleshooting steps, both units are on the latest firmware from asus website, ive tried using only 1 router, and both routers too, but have the same issue. Switch both out between router and ai mesh node, still randomly drops to 0.01mbps. Now my solution is to use the stock router that my ISP gave me to plug into the ONT, and then im using one of my asus routers as an AP to my room where my main rig is connected. This setup is stable, but my download speeds arent as great as compared to using the asus routers. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this might happen? The router into the ONT is in a well ventilated spot, where ambient usually ranges between 18-25c, its on a slotted metal plate shelf thing, and not burning to the touch. Any ideas to help me fix this issue? 2 story house, people usually use the wifi in the same room as the router. Im so confused, dont know where to go from here. Thanks for reading if you did.
  3. Hi guys, so I bought 2x Asus RT-AX92U recently, and its set up as a mesh system. Im now wondering what is the best option to get the highest possible speed. 1. Wifi 6 pcie adapter? 2. The 2nd asus node is in the same room as my main pc, which is not close to the fibre ONT and main router, do I use ethernet from the node to my pc? (Main router is about 10m away and one wall away from my room, I cannot run a long ethernet cable from router into my room.) Im currently paying for 900Mbps, but through ethernet backhaul, im only getting around 330-400Mbps. Usng my asus motherboards stock wifi 802.11ac only, i get around 300-330Mbps. I dont have a wifi 6 capable pcie adapter yet. Pc (has gigabit ethernet port using cat6 cables) plugged directly into the main router only gets around 600Mbps. Router settings ive done some research on and shouldnt be restricting speeds in any way. I dont know where to carry on to try and find the issue. Could it be the ISP's ends problem? Adaptive QOS is off, my pc and my phone are the only devices connected at time of speed recording, reset, turned on and off everything. 5ghz band is wifi 6 enabled, i can see the little 6 icon on my phone. Firmware is up to date, pc is up to date as well. Motherboard ethernet and wifi drivers installed, tested 2 different cat6 cables where applicable. Any advice or suggestions are appreciated cuz 300 is only 1/3 of what im paying for and its annoying me. 2nd question: If I did buy a wifi 6 pcie adapter, should my download speed theoretically should my download speed increase past whatever my stock wifi 5 can get? right now if my wifi card only allows me to get whatever im getting now at 300-350Mbps, then will i benefit from getting a wifi 6 adapter?
  4. Do I have to screw in the screw as hard as I possibly can? Because clearly screwing till there’s a resistance where I can’t screw lightly anymore isn’t working, something is preventing the block from fully being on the gpu. Not thermal pads, basically just wasted 2 hours trying to remove thermal pads that weren’t supposed to be there and it make negative difference increasing temps. I don’t understand anymore is it just my gpu is incompatible. It was only visually inspected for comparability. Sufficient thermal paste is used that is not a factor. Or is this just a trash product and I’ve been scammed? Every time I remove the block the thermal paste there’s always a noticeable amount of paste thickness, not like when I remove the block off the gpu and the pasteboard left is ultra thin.
  5. it doesnt matter if u put too much paste this isnt a factor
  6. you cant put too less thermal paste, i did it exactly like urs, a very generous amount. enough to cover it all, thermal paste is sufficient 10000%. contact is not as good as urs where it fully squishes it out to the point where half the gpu is visible when u remove the block. i did it in cross pattern.
  7. i really dont understand anymore, did i put too much thermal paste this time on my cpu? gpu temps are ffar worse than before what is going on... 40c over ambient on gpu...
  8. yep i did that, when i first put it on the block didnt even go to that part of the pcb lol. going to leave witcher 3 overnight on and see how temps equalize, then will recalculate c over ambient. hoping for an improvement
  9. Heres the updated pad placement. removed quite a few
  10. Ok so update I removed all thermal pads that weren’t on that document. Gpu is still bent why is this???
  11. This is with hand tight screwed in.
  12. You’ll have to zoom in very close to see the bend. It’s very subtle but it’s there.
  13. so i just untightened the screws and screwed them back in until i feel a little bit of resistance. the pcb is now slightly less bent, minimal bend left. temperatures are worse already. its not like i overtighten them, i initially screwed them in until light turning of the screw no longer will move. is this too much?
  14. taking another closer look at your gpu block, the contact doesnt seem to be as good as it looks where it presses so hard against the gpu that it squishes out all the paste. will reseat it again, take off some thermal pads that according to the same pcb diagram of a different gpu that uses the same block that shouldnt be there, and check thermal paste coverage again.
  15. well what a waste of money. all the reviews have way better temps. i still cant believe the temps are so atrocious. these temps are actually disgusting and if its "normal" ek is basically scamming people... can spend 200 more and get a real kit which apparently will yield 20c difference under load which also doesnt sound right, should be a few c max... im staring at my gpu pcb right now and the section where the block flow ports are the pcb is slightly bent upwards. is this normal? perhaps ive put thermal pads where i shouldnt have and causing this issue? i still have hope