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  1. Thanks guys the xbox thing worked. Weird considering I have never used it or have ever owned an xbox
  2. Windows 10 just went back before the update. Good specs 970, i7 4790k etc. I don't believe vsync is on I never turned it on. Before this update and restoring I would get like 400fps
  3. This new windows 10 update has really messed with my pc I updated to the newest version and had a bunch of problems with microsoft c++ so I deleted it and reinstalled it. Thinking everything was fine I launched csgo and my fps is capped at 60 now. So besides this and other issues I restored my pc to an earlier version, thinking it would fix all the new problems well now my fps is capped at 120. Yes, I did set the fps to unlimited does anyone know what to do?
  4. I'm sure this is an easy fix, but recently for some reason my Ipod hasn't been sorting by song name. Instead it sorts it by artists; for example the name of the artist starts with P and the song starts with B, it will place the song under P instead of B. How can I fix this?
  5. My desktop automatically updated itself and now it is stuck on 100% I tried to restart it and it just jumps back to 100% and stays there. What do I do?
  6. Care to share? I saw a video how but that didn't work for me.
  7. I got a new mobo and cpu today and I wanted to change the colour of the logo to match but on the software it does not show anything how can I fix this? i7 4790k Asus maximus VII hero Asus strix 970
  8. How long did that usually take? I ordered it online and proved the links to Canada Computers.
  9. Does it price match with Canada computers?