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  1. Any idea/way of getting this for retail cost? I'm not interested in the "Giveaway" but would like to get one for my office in one of the meeting rooms to replace an old Mac Mini. We will use this for meetings when a presentation is needed or to view animatic content.
  2. Hey Linus. What an awesome video and as an IT admin myself I was totally salivating over your rack and cable management. That is a butt load of storage and the 10GbE will surely allow blazing fast file transfers. Working for a children's television production company myself I am always looking to see what cool and new ways to improve my company's network needs. I do have one particular question regarding your network. What do you do about backup and disaster recovery? In the event of a fire or flood (or whatever) which completely compromises the server room (building); how are you backing up all that precious data? I have to deal with this questions and find it hard just being able to cover 7-8TB of data with a small budget. I still use LTO4 tapes to backup large video files and store them offsite and even have copies of ProRes video files on external hard drives stored offsite. Currently I use Box.com to try and store as much of the smaller data as I can on their servers in the cloud and transfer over VPN to our London office. I can't imagine how you're handling all your data and thought it would be cool if you showed a video about backing up all your data. Anyhow, tl;dr. Great video!!