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    LukeS got a reaction from cazetofamo in Is this even upgradable?   
    I actually don't mind running and HDD on my laptop; I spill enough chemicals and get bodily fluids on it from school and such (highschool student and EMT. Not weird at all). I'm a pretty big miser when it comes to computers, so I don't want to spend the extra money to get another SSD when I have half a thousand Laptop Harddrives lying around.
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    LukeS reacted to Aereldor in Is this even upgradable?   
    A GTX 1050 Ti is the best value and will run on anything. If you're on a really tight budget, I can't recommend anything over that. RX 470s go on sale, but your power supply may be insufficient. Check on the model and wattage and get back to us; there's a small chance it may not even run a 1050 Ti properly.
    As for the motherboard, check the colours on the main cable. Here's the standard- see if it matches up. They're the same plug, except the 24-pin variant has four extra pins. If the wires match up, your power supply is upgradable and you can get an RX 470 or better.

    Yeah, that's more than enough RAM for gaming.
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    LukeS got a reaction from bcguru9384 in Why do you not use https://?   
    All my impulses say to report this thread for being spam...
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    LukeS reacted to wkdpaul in Wierd noise, help please   
    Thread moved to Troubleshooting section
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    LukeS reacted to knightslugger in Fire   
    i would not trust anything that was on fire moments ago...
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    LukeS reacted to minibois in Need help removing nova.rambler.ru   
    Maybe Hitman Pro can help you.
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    LukeS reacted to Syntaxvgm in Anyone intrested in being an Overwatch commentator? (Note, there is a catch)   
    If I played overwatch or spoke Swedish and didn't live in Indiana I would be interested. 
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    LukeS reacted to dan357 in More RAM   
    Yeah i was considering buying one but my Motherboard is shit  only 1333 MHz of Ram will be used
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    LukeS reacted to Bouzoo in [update2]Razer laptop prototypes stolen at CES   
    You know, it's gonna be so surprising/weird when we see the new MBP next year with 3 screens Apple saying they invented it.
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    LukeS got a reaction from Zoooom in Help Me Reduce The Price?   
    Everyone does, right?
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    LukeS got a reaction from Axeonelite in Minors playing M rated games. How do you feel?   
    I did this poll at a local public area for a debate on violent video games:
    First question was as follows:
    Are you a parent or older sibling? (yes)
    Does your children/child/siblings play video games? (yes)
    Would you be okay if they played a video game which was violent? (yes)
    Okay, here's some footage of a game called GTA5. Would you be okay with me playing this on my own? (yes)
    Okay, would you be okay with your child/sibling playing this? (<40% said yes, >50% said no)
    What if I told you that violent video games can induce anger and stimulate a lack of patience and increase violent outbursts (scientifically proven)? (ALL Said no, they would not want someone they loved playing this game)
    Are you aware of the ratings on video games like there are movies? (no)
    If you saw your sibling/child buying a game which was marked out of their age range, would you stop them? (most likely, yes)
    Would you buy tobacco for your child/sibling? (no)
    Would you buy this game for your child/sibling, if the rating was out of their age range? (no)
    here's a list of video games that are marked "M" or "T" this indicates that they are for a mature audience or strictly for Teens. Does your child/sibling own or play one of these? (yes)
    Knowing the statistics, are you okay with them playing the game? (no)
    Will you change what you're doing? (this answer was varied)
    Some of the elderly people we interviewed basically said the same thing: violent video games are like violent movies. You just need to use your brain for reality.
    The public is aware of the dangers of video games. Yet it is ignored.
    Overall, I think there's yet to be good evidence that the benefits of first person shooters out weigh the negativities. Yet I shall keep on playing them. It's like smoking, y'know?
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    LukeS got a reaction from Axeonelite in Minors playing M rated games. How do you feel?   
    Yup. I know. We had WAY more questions, but I was on the directed answer team. We just wanted numbers for statistics, not facts. I could care less either way for the argument. Just do you.
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    LukeS reacted to bugs399 in Can I install Windows 7 with a different licence key, and then use my Windows 10 key if I want to go back to 10   
    No it's not. I want to put 7 on the same PC, and still be able to use my 10 key on the same PC. Thanks for trying to help out though.
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    LukeS reacted to fpo in Can I install Windows 7 with a different licence key, and then use my Windows 10 key if I want to go back to 10   
    Okay so you want to dual boot. 
    The term is called dual booting when you have 2 OS on one hdd. 
    i don't think you can use 1 key for 2 copies of windows, unless you find some workaround or a potentially illegal crack, but I don't think that's something I can help you with. 
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    LukeS got a reaction from fpo in Can I install Windows 7 with a different licence key, and then use my Windows 10 key if I want to go back to 10   
    And this is why I said use 2 HDDs...
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    LukeS reacted to 2Buck in Do you guys actually buy things based on ads?   
    I've never bought anything based on an ad. Reviews are the only way to go.
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    LukeS reacted to Lethal Seraph in How to remove thermal paste?   
    90%+ Isophropyl Alcohol on coffee filter. I think you can use paper towel but watch out for loose fibers. You can use less alcohol % but give it more time to dry.
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    LukeS reacted to Herman Mcpootis in 630is PC build help   
    i'd recommend an i5 for $630, the 8350 is too old, the performance isn't good anymore. can you get the parts from other websites?
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    LukeS reacted to Bajantechnician in First PC build for my son   
    only thing i would change is from 2x4gb to 1x8gb
    also the m.2 brand is one i have never heard of. Get a hdd, as an ssd isnt essential for this build and budget. However, if you can, get a pny or sandisk ssd and a hdd(wd/seagate)
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    LukeS got a reaction from Herman Mcpootis in 630is PC build help   
    Haha yeah, my bad, just looked it up, I was thinking the wrong price. Oops! Still, SSD Masterrace amirite.
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    LukeS reacted to DocSwag in I wanna make PCPartPickers for people   
    Lazy ftw.
    Thanks btw
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    LukeS reacted to done12many2 in First PC build for my son   
    I'll by him a 1080p screen in the area of 24 to 28 inches.
    I think we're going to keep it at where it's at for now.  I still need to get him a bunch of other Christmas presents along with the other kids.    I'll use the two free slots if it becomes an issue in the future.
    He's going to be tied into the NAS.  If he needs more local storage, I have tons of SSDs.  I can easily hook him up if I find that he's actually using it that much.
    I've got a Logitech G710 keyboard in a box somewhere along with some Logitech speakers.  I just need to grab him a mouse and a monitor and he should be set.
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    LukeS reacted to colonel_mortis in ctrl + enter to post stuff   
    Coming in the next update, which should be in the next couple of weeks. 
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    LukeS reacted to paradigm249 in Anyone farmliar with the domain/email "@uu.net"?   
    never heard of it. so i would say just block it
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    LukeS reacted to abazigal in Which tech product have you bought that was worth every penny   
    Every Apple product I have ever owned. ?