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    Tooling Engineer


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    I7-6850K 4.1@1.22
  • Motherboard
    Asus X99 Deluxe II
  • RAM
    32GB Dominator Platinum (3333/2666)
  • GPU
    Quadro P4000
  • Case
    Thermaltake Urban T81
  • Storage
    Samsung 950 Pro
  • PSU
    EVGA 750 Supernova Platinum
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    Samsung 28" 4K
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    Predator 360 AIO
  • Keyboard
    Cherry MX
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    Corsair Vengeance m^%
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  1. JCBiggs

    Lets talk Certificates

    But if Im using my Own certs, that I make, then I inherently know they are safe to trust. I dont have to work about some angry Ex CA employ running some scheme or something. I like the idea of issue Certs as a group policy object. thats the direction Im heading in.
  2. JCBiggs

    Lets talk Certificates

    Im a little bit confused. So when you visit a website, you get their certificate which has a path back to the root. Surely the Root server doesnt verify every certificate transaction on the web?
  3. JCBiggs

    Lets talk Certificates

    o.. i thought the private key was only used to generate the root and then not used anymore. (and also to sign the certificates that I would generate.)
  4. JCBiggs

    Lets talk Certificates

    that was a very informative couple of sentences. so as long as I keep this private key safe and secure (or really even just delete it) then I should never have to worry about someone executing a mitm.
  5. JCBiggs

    What does a good mouse really feel like?

    buy a g502 and youll have an idea
  6. JCBiggs

    Lets talk Certificates

    anybody ? somebody? ...linus?
  7. JCBiggs

    Lets talk Certificates

    (these would make for a good in depth video btw) I am running the unifi Controller on a local server at home. I have a vpn setup to access it securely, but I want to access it directly with the IP address of my server. (using nginx to proxy since I have multiple vm's and wan facing servers) The problem of course, is that Im not connected to my home IP via HTTPS. Making credential transmission a bit sketchy. So this got me thinking about how to secure everything im doing, and not just my network controller. From what I gather, I would need to get a lets encrypt cert (since its free) and install it my server. However, since this is windows based, I have no idea how to automate the renewal process. making its a pita to renew the cert every 90 days. So that brings my to what I would like to do. Which is just make my own certs, and become my own CA. I don't know if there is a a security flaw in doing this, so please point it out if so. My understanding is that I would generate the root certificate, and then make all the intermediate certificates from that. Then I would install the root certificate on my phones and computers that I use to access the server(s) So if I control the root, then technically, it shouldn't be possible to spoof one of certs without the private key, and since I am the only one using it, I don't really "need" to use a public root cert from a CA. is my logic correct so far or am I missing something? I would much rather just create a single trusted root certificate that's Mine, and have it be valid forever. ultimately, this would also be the private authentication mechanism for all the business machines I am putting in place to connect to my server.
  8. JCBiggs


    fug it.. ill just cut it off
  9. JCBiggs

    DSP chip for PCI slot???

    NVenc isnt an option. the video stream is 264 for the camera. Id have to convert it twice to use Nvenc.
  10. JCBiggs

    DSP chip for PCI slot???

    its all h264 and 265. And yes you are right about using dedicated hardware, but Im still limited on what I can actually use the CPU for because the video feed is taking up all the CPU resources. I just want to offload it. I know im not using hardly any of my actual general purpose cpu but its constantly sitting on 90%+ I can offload to cuda, but its power hungry.
  11. JCBiggs

    DSP chip for PCI slot???

    Does anyone know if there is a DSP chip on a PCIe card, similar to what is found in security Camera NVRs? DSPs are much more efficient than CUDA. Intel quicksync is ok, but looking to offload the work from the CPU.
  12. someone should get this and make a macro that searches for every bestiality site on the web..... taking bets on how long before it shows up in facebook ads LOL
  13. JCBiggs

    Powerful router for gigabit ISP + IDS/IPS

    I would just use V lan Tags, and send v lan 1 through router 0 without being filtered. that way router 0 only checks vlan 0 traffic, and forwards the rest.
  14. JCBiggs

    Powerful router for gigabit ISP + IDS/IPS

    You know i think it would probably be cheaper to buy another USG and split the traffic. What would you think abou that? I could just use router 0 for vlan 0 and send the rest of the traffic, unchecked to the second router. That would get me up to about 700 which .i'm good with. I think that would work and I can get another pro for 250.
  15. JCBiggs

    Powerful router for gigabit ISP + IDS/IPS

    Sounds like PF Sense/Snort it is then! Thanks for the reply