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  1. Well an R7 265 is essentially a HD 7850 rebrand. So the difference is that it's higher end and is therefore better.
  2. It depends on how much more (or sometimes less) voltage is being run through the CPU as well as the temperature that the CPU is being run at. Sometimes at auto the CPU might use more voltage than you'd have it use were you to set it to offset or manual even with a mild overclock; this being the case the cpu would run cooler and would have less voltage run through it under load, thus making it last longer. However if you're running the CPU at 5ghz and 1.5V, with some $30-$40 heatsink that won't keep the cpu cooler than say 85-90C then it would severely shorten the life span of the CPU and you could expect it to last for at most 1-2 years.
  3. I wonder if they would have accepted a male cross-dresser entry. Some guy in a bikini takes a picture of himself in a bikini or female cheerleading uniform with the 1+ symbol on his cheek . Now we'll never know.
  4. lol. I understand that it stands for cache, and it's a clever way to abbreviate it, but why would you write it that way on a slide that will be shown at some type of conference? Also interested to see how it "breaks down instructions" as well as how effective breaking down instructions is in speeding up mobile devices.
  5. SE isn't abandoning PC, they've always been more console centered. Only a small handful of their games have been for pc.
  6. That's where I looked, and the GPU Boost feature is missing from everything prior to the GTX line.
  7. Where did you look? I'm looking at Features and nothing prior to the GTX line has it.
  8. I suggested that there be one thread that could be maintained and updated, I just don't want a new post every time the same exact thing happens to different people when the "Comcast-ic service" handbook already tells us that it As for getting away with it? They already got away with it, and are going to continue getting away with it until there is a significant shift of Comcast customers from Comcast to another service. The problem however is that in many locations other services aren't competitive, aren't present, or are even less compelling than Comcast.
  9. I edited it in while you were posting that, LTT editor keeps messing up for me.
  10. The Seasonic SS-760XP2 is on sale, from it's usual price of ~$170, for the current price of $119.99, with the promo code found below, EMCPBWW222 and an additional $20 after MIR. Power supply is as mentioned above 80+ platinum efficiency, fully modular, includes all ribbon cables (with the exception of the all black 24 pin), and it comes with a 7 year warranty. Really great power supply for a price that's just as good.
  11. So we should post every single of the thousand times they screw over a customer in a new thread? We already saw, screwing over customers is in their employee handbook, it's not news anymore. If you want to keep a single news thread about every individual time that a Comcast rep follows their training go for it, but no need to post about the exact same thing happening to different people in a new thread every time. It's like "Oh I saw the Assassins Creed Unity game-play," "I saw it too," "Hey, me too, I saw it too," "OMG, I saw it happen too." We don't need a post every time Comcast customer service does something, especially if we know that they do it constantly. I mean honestly do you care to know about every single smart phone that's ever caught fire? Or do you want to know that it has happened several times and may or may not continue happening because of defect X? Well we know defect X, we saw the handbook that was uploaded, so from that we can gather that it will happen again and has happened before.
  12. I think that because the last time Comcast did something wrong every tech journalism/news site posted it, so now every time Comcast does anything wrong it'll be posted as news.
  13. Just binned better. In the same way that an i5 4690K is better binned than an i5 4670K but binned worse than an i7 4770K. If you have a better chip it means that you got a more perfect piece of silicone from the wafer, if you have a worse one then a less perfect piece.
  14. If you didn't change the voltage, and the voltage isn't automatically adjusting itself to go higher (in other words, the voltage isn't staying at the max allowed voltage more often than it was with the previous clock), then it won't affect the life span of the card at all.
  15. I've never seen one of those ads on the forum.
  16. A.That's a guide, under the Guides and Tutorials subsection of the forum, for installing Silverlight via Pipelight on Linux. B.This is a post, in the Tech News and Reviews subsection of the forum, that details a new Netflix feature that works through a new release of Chrome allowing Netflix to stream video natively through HTML5 on Linux without the need for proprietary software like Microsoft's Silverlight framework which has no official Linux release and no plans for a Linux release. I've actually been searching for updates for the past few days on HTML5 based streaming on Netflix, because they announced it a while back and then didn't say anything for a while.
  17. You could remove the top two, one from each tower, metal fins and plastidip them. Or you could insert a paper or some other material between the first and second fins from the top on both, and paint the top fin that way. http://www.overclock.net/t/1325525/so-i-painted-my-heatsink That way from above it looks better, but you also won't lose any performance. Or as said above the Dark Rock Pro 3 and Dark Rock 3 both have a nice black finish and perform on par with the NH-D15/D14
  18. http://download.blender.org/durian/movies/Sintel.2010.4k.mkv
  19. So Linus didn't comment negatively on the stand of the ?You know the quote I have in my signature.
  20. The pro has significantly more surface area, and includes two fans. As far as performance goes however you'll probably not notice any difference unless you do one or both of two things: -Run the fans at low constantly *the pro will perform better due to it's larger surface area and two fans* -Have an overclock on your processor with the voltage raised relatively high.
  21. No idea what happened but the post is missing one of the lines of text I'm sure I had before posting. Anyway I edited it. The missing line said to download handbrake, and then the text in the spoiler was to help you convert it so that you didn't have any issues. Sorry for the confusion OP.
  22. First off recording at 30fps will make it seem more choppy than if you were to record at 60fps, fact of life. Have you tried converting the video to a different format after recording it? Playback of lossless or uncompressed video can be choppy. Try downloading HandBrake and converting the lossless video.
  23. The onboard CS4398 DAC chip is already in itself a great DAC chip.
  24. Have you tried disassembling the pc outside of the case? If you've tried a soundcard, which essentially means that you tried a different internal dac, and it still had hiss it might be some problem with the grounding of the case or some weird interference caused by the case. As such it might be solved by building the pc on a box or something as a sort of open-air test bench.