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  1. @Lethal Seraph Might want to add to the post that the same sale is currently available on Amazon. @Kana Seems like both Amazon and Newegg have been putting it on sale over and over again slowly chipping away at the price.
  2. Much more interested in FreeSync low framerate compensation. Because the DirectX 12 spec has been finalized, which basically means it exists, while the Vulkan spec has yet to be finalized. I'm sure once Vulkan has its spec finalized that there will be just as much talk of it if not more.
  3. G-Sync approaches low refresh rates in a very different way which allows it to have an effective range of 0 Hz - X Hz, X being the monitor's max refresh rate. Source
  4. It doesn't "come with McAfee," McAfee is the the requirement for it being this cheap. Other examples of the same deal. The reason people don't like it is because the submission of the rebate entails that you accept the ToS and are legally obligated to install mcafee, sign up for auto renewal with a credit card, and stay opted in to it for at least 10 months, after which you can opt out. The problem is that after 10 months it's not unlikely you'll forget and if you do forget to cancel it within those last 2 months of the year it'll end up charging you for the next year.
  5. I assume it means thrown/tossed onto their bed,sofa,etc; I highly doubt it means that they chucked it at the wall because they were bored.
  6. Same deal on Newegg, you should add it to the post. Promo code: EMCAXKX22 And it's only redeemable through tomorrow.
  7. @Bouzoo unless the game is pc exclusive the target machine will most likely be one of the consoles.
  8. I have no idea what tech talk is, and the channel that came up when I googled it had it's most recent video 3 years ago.....so I'd assume it's not that. I do know however that I've watched at least 4-5 different channels stream on youtube multiple times and it was always in HTML5
  9. What? There's hitbox, and it can stream in 1080p60 just like twitch via html5 perfectly fine. Not to mention Youtube does HTML5 streaming.
  10. I had the same issue with Diablo 3, I've played 50 or so different games since then and haven't had any issues in them, tried diablo 3 again few weeks back and same thing happens. Sometimes it'd crash leaving sound working, other times it'd crash graphics driver, other times yet it would BSOD the computer, and occasionally it would just freeze the game entirely forcing me to alt-tab out and close it in task manager. After a couple weeks and reading through hundreds of pages of diablo 3 issues on forums I just gave up on playing it on PC.
  11. That's exactly what I thought. I just imagined the person who bought the 6700K for their first water cooled system, and they have to put the loop together outside of the case to test it somehow.....either that or buy a heatsink that they'll never actually use. This'll have very little if any impact on the price in all likelihood, I mean you can buy the tray/oem 4790K (no heatsink and only a 30 day warranty directly from superbiiz) for $10 less than the boxed one (heatsink and 3YR intel warranty). Even with the warranty taken out of the equation along with the heatsink it still only costs $10 less; Intel might surprise us, and I hope they do, but I doubt we'll see a decrease in the cost for the end user.
  12. No, according to SlickDeals tons of people bought it and nobody has posted that amazon won't honor that price. It was a father's day sale that ended a couple hours ago.
  13. @SirNumbers did it end? I don't see any alternate sellers listed for it and the price on this listing is $163.
  14. IIRC they said something vague like "some time this summer."
  15. Ummmmm,no? The R9 290X is some 10% slower than the GTX 980 on average and more memory won't do anything about that.
  16. The idea is similar to a baby monitor, you're not supposed to spend your whole day staring at it, it's intended to let you glance at your baby to make sure nothing is wrong without having to run around your house or stay in one room all day. I think it's closer to an oven than a microwave.
  17. GPU performance has just about quadrupled.
  18. @MEC-777 second time that it's been demo'd
  19. If anyone wants to make a news post AMD marketing made an official response to Witcher 3 Hairworks http://www.twitch.tv/amd/v/5335751

  20. I looked around and I can't find a solid source to tell you one way or the other, I'm inclined to stick with my gut feeling and say that GCN will support tier 3 features and maxwell will support tier 2 features.
  21. I found description of each tier in a doc But can't find the source for which tier GCN supports and whether it's all GCN or only the more recently released ones. Also can't find confirmation of Maxwell tier.
  22. On second thought I'm not too sure if it's limited to GCN 1.2 or if all GCN are tier 3 and I'm having trouble finding a source.....wouldn't make much sense with their age though.
  23. IIRC Microsoft has tiers of support for features and while Maxwell & Kepler have tier 2 DX12 support GCN has Tier 3 support. (Tier 3 being better)